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"Jewish soap" and "lampshade" lies

In Nitro, West Virgina, the "Jewish soap" and "lampshade" rackets are still prospering


In France, they still have not heard that the soap story is a lie

Here it is...:

RIF = Reich Industrie Fett (Reich Industrial Fat)
However read by the Holocaust Liars as "Reines Juden Fett" ("Pure Jewish Fat")

Adult books also make money off the soap lie.

Have none of these people read the news?


Even Holocaust promoter Deborah Lipstadt admits the soap story is a lie!

Even after the truth is out there, newspapers still carry the lie and report as truth peoples fantasies about "Jewish soap".

In Canada, a man tries to pon off a "bar of Jewish soap" for a cool million bucks


The soap lie has also been published in many books




How the Lie started!

International Military Tribunal at Nüremburg transcripts.

February 19, 1946 - (IMT Vol. 7 Blue Series) Russian Prosecutor: Rudenko

Nuremberg exhibit - USSR-393

Document 196 - USSR
International Military Tribunal, Vol 39 Page 463 & 464

More Lies from the Nüremberg IMT witch-hunts

British Prosecutor Sir Hartley Shawcross
July 27, 1946 - IMT Vol 19, (Blue Series)

Nuremberg "Jewish soap" and "lampshade" lies becomes "true" by mere repetition

Shirer - Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - Page 971