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CSIS - Canadian Security Intelligence Service calls itself the "Political Police" and states that the Marxist terrorist group 'Anti-Racist Action' (ARA) torched Zündels house!

In February of 1996, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada electronics businessman Michael Rothe was interviewed by two CSIS agents, who identified themselves to him as such and showed identification badges. Their names were given as Angela and Peter.

Rothe had organized several lectures by David Cole, an American Jewish Revisionist, and British Historian David Irving in the Kitchener area.

The interview was taped on a security camera in his store on February 7, 1996. Many have doubted the existence of such a tape.

For all those unbelievers, we are proudly posting here on the Zündelsite the revealing video and audio excerpts of that revealing tape.

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  • CSIS VideoAVI Video Clip of the CSIS video

    2.7 Megabytes - 54 second AVI Format

    [Click here to watch AVI video]


    Shortened version of the shocking M. Rothe tape. This cuts out the rest and just has 2 CSIS agents saying, "We are the Political Police", "We know the ARA firebombed Zundel's" and "The ARA has caused Zundel alot of problems"

    Short Version - [227k] Time: 1:59

    The Full version of the shocking M. Rothe tape where CSIS agents say "We are the Political Police" and "We know the ARA firebombed Zundel's" Will this rock the Canadian Security Intelligence Service? Recorded Feb 7, 1996

    Long Version - [3.37 Megabytes] Time: 29:34