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56. Is the Anne Frank Diary genuine?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 56:

I, too, have been chagrined and horrified by some of the sarcastic cartoons Ditlieb Felderer has circulated. I don't approve of this tactic. I pointed out to Ditlieb the negative repercussions this would have - on his work specifically and on Revisionism generally.

Ditlieb Felderer is not a man to whom one can dictate or who is easily deterred, by friend or by foe. He simply claims that Germans don't have a sense of humor.

My answer to Nizkor is simply this:

I acknowledge human frailties and strange characteristics. After all, who keeps rabbit pictures on his website and refers to them as "Jamie's buns"? Some people draw conclusions.

Who claims that "Nazis" tickled Jews to death as Nizkor has done? Some people have odd tastes.

Regarding Revisionism, Felderer did superb investigative work. He found out many facts and details that poked the Holocaust story as full of holes as a Swiss cheese.

He found the Auschwitz swimming pool for inmates. He found the musical scores for the Auschwitz Waltz and other compositions, composed and performed by inmates. He photographed the large theater building. He found the records of the sculpture classes. He researched documents and forced the Jehovah's Witnesses sect leadership to drastically revise downward the inflated number of victims falsely claimed by the sect. He exposed the duplicitous role of the Jehovah Witnesses' sect's collaboration with the camp administrators. Felderer's list of Revisionist achievements is endless. I am not embarrassed by his work, even though I am embarrassed by his silly and immature cartoons.

I agree with Nizkor that some of his cartoons and writings are offensive. Some of Elie Wiesel's lies are also offensive.

alt.revisionism posts by zealous Nizkorite aficionados, where practically every third post deals with human excrement or sexual perversion, are extremely offensive.

I have tried to have Felderer stop the distribution of these cartoons. I think his pranks are way beyond humor - German or Swedish. I am, however, not his parent - or his baby sitter. I repeat: His Revisionist work is first-class.

Now to the real question: Is the Diary of Anne Frank genuine?

In my opinion, it is not. In spite of Nizkor's obfuscation and trying to baffle brains with dazzling verbiage and elegant footwork, I have my serious doubts about this young girl's having been the author.

I believe - along with Ditlieb Felderer, Dr. Robert Faurisson, and the experts at the German forensic lab of the Bundeskriminalamt, as reported in Der Spiegel and in the US press - that someone other than Anne Frank wrote that final diary.

Otto Frank, her father, knew who wrote, compiled and edited it. The cagey old man refused to talk. Dr. Faurisson spent two days with him trying to get him to give him a handwriting sample. It was a futile endeavor.

Now Otto Frank is dead. The memory of Anne Frank is today exploited by unscrupulous people championing their own causes and agendas the world over - for blatant political and financial profit. The spectacle is disgusting! The only German word that comes to mind is "Leichenfledderei" - loosely translated, shredding a coropse. There is no precise English translation for that term that I can think of.