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Commentary by Anonymous

It's good that you brought up Operation Keelhaul and gave the link in your piece:

I think you should have emphasized that Operation Keelhaul was a Communist program of genocide conducted by the American army on behalf of Stalin, just as Operation Eastwind was the same thing conducted by the British army, both on the orders of Dwight Eisenhower (and Franklin Roosevelt).

These vicious and sadistic mass round-ups weren't some afterthought and mopping up operation - they were the whole point of our war to save and spread Communism and to destroy all who resisted Communism. The US Army forced refugees from Communism into boxcars and sent them East to be slaughtered by our Communist allies, despite promises and agreements never to do such a thing, never to look beyond the uniform.

All this sickening American war crime was going on during the Nuremberg War Crimes tribunals. Your Wikipedia link has the decency to mention that the Americans couldn't look the SS guys in the eye on their return to the emptied camps. Time has revealed that the SS acted with honor in practically all matters while the Americans and British were the slimy betrayers of humanity.

FDR wasn't a fascist - he was an American Communist. We shouldn't shrink from calling a Red a Red. Even you fail to mention the depths of his treachery and sadism, Pearl Harbor being the easiest to demonstrate. His refusal to accept Japanese surrender terms for years. The Morgenthau Plan for Germany. Yalta.

Hitler, in his declaration of war against the US, asked FDR to compare their lives during WWI. He said, (paraphrased) "I was a simple soldier on the Western Front for four years, being shot at and gassed. What were you doing? You were a speculator on Wall Street, profiting from the misery. We came to power in the same month of 1933. Within two years I put Germany on the road to recovery, but you kept the mighty US in the Depression until now, years later. And I also had the Versailles diktat to deal with."

It is very difficult for Americans to come to terms with our own evil and cowardly nature, which is based on our arrogance, our total ignorance of and contempt for others, matched only by the British. It was in us from the beginning, in the methods of the totalitarian Christian crack-pots from England and Europe who thought they were licensed by God to slaughter the inhabitants of the "New World" and to import slaves from Europe and Africa to do the hard work for them.

These greedy fanatics became Yankees. They failed to read their own insane Bible and learn about their future masters, the Jews. The Christians are afraid to read Deuteronomy and be confronted by pure evil, because the way their savior dealt with it got millions killed, starting with himself.