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Dr. Alexander Jacob - disqualified by Tribunal ruling!
Dr. Robert Countess - disqualified by Tribunal ruling!

Last week, Zündel defense attorney, Doug Christie, stated that the CHRT hearings were "trial by objection." This week it looks like it will be "conviction by rejection"!

The Zündel expert witnesses are being knocked out of the judicial ring faster than the Zündel defense team can fly them in or bus them in!

Today word reached the Zündel-Haus that Dr. Robert Countess has been disqualified as an expert witness for the defense because the Tribunal members did not like his bias in favor of the Revisionist viewpoint - and because he could not help them in telling them how the words on the Zundelsite supposedly "hurt" the feelings of Jews, a protected group in Canada.

Prosecution witness, Dr. Schweitzer's, obvious bias in favor of all things Jewish - and his anti-Christian bias - did not disqualify him.

So we are back to ". . . he who defines, decides and rules!"

Be sure not to miss tomorrow's ZGram for further detail.

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