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Ethnic Germans

With Canada's pressing need for skilled, productive and self-sufficient immigrants, it seems strange that you should publish a lengthy article on the plight of ethnic Germans in the Soviet Union without mentioning the prospects for their resettlement in Canada ("Soviet Germans hear call of ancestral home," May 28, 1990).

Despite the anti-German hate propaganda which still pervades the media, most traditional Canadians would welcome an influx of ethnic Germans, as they welcomed Vietnamese and Ugandans etc. only more so, since they would be seen as more readily assimilable.

Unfortunately for both Canada and the Germans, the Immigration Department has made no attempt to attract these valuable workers who continue to be rejected in favor of Third World "refugees" many of whom are less qualified. If there is an explanation for this perverse policy it is probably that the Government sees the grateful Third World immigrant as more politically pliable than his European counterpart.

If so, there are indications that the Government may be in for a rude awakening.


Ian Macdonald

May 30, 1990