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Fotheringham's Folly

March 17, 1996

Ottawa Sun

Dear Sir:

Is there a Freudian explanation for Dr. Foth's infatuation with Colen Powell (Sun, March 17, 1996) and equally intense antagonism towards Pat Buchanan, or is it just a case of the Foth not being able to resist a uniform?

Buchanan obviously is the man of the hour in US politics and represents the opinions and interests of the frustrated Mainstream Majority, especially on uncontrolled immigration, crime, profligate social spending and foreign aid, including aid to Israel. The only reason he will not be the next President is that he is solidly opposed by both Right- and Left-wing establishments who control the media, have unlimited resources and will do everything within their power to prevent a genuine patriot capturing the White House. Since Buchanan did well in the primaries despite the formidable opposition, clearly he would have won in a landslide, had the media supported him.

Discarding the popular Buchanan in favor of the Dole/Powell combo might preserve the Republican Party but it will accelerate the decline of the nation, no matter which party wins the Presidency. Buchanan was America's last hope.

Thanks to the traitors in its midst, America blew it. Don't laugh, Canada could be next if the Reform Party follows the Republican example and tries to out-liberal the Liberals, as two prominent party members recently proposed.


Ian Macdonald