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Solving the Palestine Problem

The forthcoming visit of Mr. Chaim Herzog, President of Israel, to Canada offers an excellent opportunity to impress upon the Government of Israel the need to consider seriously the return of Palestinian lands to their rightful owners.

This could be accomplished through logical argument and friendly persuasion, or, should this fail, the threat of comprehensive sanctions for which there is a conspicuous precendent in the case of South Africa.

Since the confrontation in the Middle East is much more urgent and much more authentic than the "apartheid" issue in South Africa, it would be advisable for the Canadian Government, in consultation with other members of the International Community, to ensure that they engendered compliance. This could be accomplished by incorporating in the proposed sanctions program the following measures and impressing upon the President that they would be rigorously enforced:

1. Revocation of Canadian passports held by Israeli citizens 2. Cessation of trade except for essential food & medicines 3. Moratorium on monetary transfers 4. Dismissal of Israelis from Canadian public institutions 5. Cessation of all military, scientific and cultural contacts 6. Prohibition of Israeli political intervention in Canada 7. Investigation of Israeli subversion of the political process and media in Canada and publication of the findings 8. Establishment of an international judicial inqiry based on the Nuremberg model to examine allegations of Israeli war crimes and human rights violations since 1948.

Imposition of these proposed sanctions would upset politicians and media moguls with a vested interest in the Israeli connection, but this would be a very small price to pay to resolve the Palestinian problem and thus eliminate a serious threat to world peace.


Ian Macdonald

June 10, 1989