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Sponsored Immigrant Defaults

There is an obvious solution to the problem of failed immigrant sponsorships. It is "zero-tolerance". Zero-tolerance is now applied to the entry of illegal substances.

Why not illegal persons? Instead of standing around wringing our hands when yet another immigration scam is (belatedly) discovered, we should enforce the rules for people who enter the country under false pretenses, no matter what guise the false pretenses might take.

Zero-tolerance would mean no admission of unassimilable or unqualified persons and instant deportation for any immigrant caught breaking the rules even after legal admission. Phony sponsorships thus would carry the risk of removal of both the sponsor and the beneficiary, a strong deterrent to both parties.

Funny that no one in immigration has thought of it. On second thought, it is not funny. "Politically correct" reluctance to bring Third World immigration under control is costing us billions (1,000,000 offenders X average of $20,000 per person per year equals 20 billion dollars). In the long run, the cost in both financial and spiritual terms will be unbearably higher and will precipitate the demise of the nation, if it has not already done so.


Ian Macdonald

December 3, 1993