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4th Leuchter Report


Delousing gas chamber and other disinfestation installations.

10.000 Chapter 1. Foreword on Zyklon B. This chapter is straightforward and informative except for Pressac injecting his erroneous opinions. He says that concentrations of gas in the alleged gas chambers were insufficient to cause an explosion. he is wrong. Although an air/gas mixture of 6% is needed to cause an explosion, it should be remembered that the concentration at the source is almost 100%. This concentration is highly explosive and, because of this, explosion proof equipment is used and the executee is restrained in the United States.

10.001 Carbon monoxide was not utilized at Treblinka (or anywhere else) as an execution gas. It will not work unless introduced into a pressurized vessel at approximately 2.5 atmospheres (40 psia) or better.

10.002 The facilities at Kremas II and III could not have operated with hydrogen cyanide gas since they were not heated, were not gas-proof, had common ventilation and sewers and had no means for introduction of the gas.

10.003 Pressac further says that in a room heated only by body heat, it took only five to ten minutes for the Zyklon B pellets, contained in a column of mesh (with a minimum surface area exposure), to sublimate their gas and complete the execution. A further twenty minute wait occurred, to ensure all were dead, and the fans were turned on and the bodies removed, immediately. this is stated by alleged witnesses (who saw nothing), unsupported by fact and contrary to the physics that govern the operation of gas execution chambers. This would have killed the operators, as well. It, clearly, never happened.

10.004 A photo of a funnel and a valve appears on page # 115. It was allegedly used for the introduction of water to gas crystals in an alleged gas chamber at Struthof. Please note the direction of flow on the gate valve as designated by the arrow. The flow is backwards, the valve would leak and the operator would die.

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