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4th Leuchter Report

7.000 PROOFS.

Part Two, Chapter 8 " 'One proof...one single proof': Thirty-nine criminal traces". Part of this title is a quotation from Dr. Robert Faurisson, of whom he is unduly critical. After some unsupported statements, Mr. Pressac proceeds to the evidence (?).

7.001 Mr. Pressac lists the criminal traces, and since #17 has three parts, I make the count 36. He has apparently lost three criminal traces since no more are listed, or simply cannot count.

7.002 Krema II is credited with Traces #1 through #9, and #30 through #34 (in common with Krema III). Krema III is credited with #10 through #16, and #30 through #34 (in common with Krema I). Kremas IV and V are credited with #17 through #29, #17 having three parts.

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