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Avoiding the Trap

Avoiding the Trap


Avoiding the Trap

by Paul Meyer


Here is an excerpt from the (to me) intellectually interesting and challenging newsgroup called :

Paul Meyer calls upon us to avoid the trap of demonisation.

It is time to wade into the discourse, partly to help us keep focused on the real enemy, which is no person, or even ideology, but a mind set-of insiders and outsiders, just and unjust, "crazy" and "sane". Mr. Duke falls into this trap, stating of his enemies "They are insane people [...].they are not normal people. - they are absolute evil". He sounds just like a settler describing the Palestinians! It seems we "need" demons in order to externalize our own evil!

The West, with the collusion of all the surviving parties of WWII, has successfully labeled the Nazis as such demons, and anyone seeing humanity in these enemies is also "an enemy". The same is true for anyone seeing humanity in so-called "terrorists"; such a view is "too far out of the mainstream" for rational consideration.

Moreover, a small group of Zionists and/or power-lusting folk have used corporate guilt to extort monies and political power from the Western powers, especially the United States. The actual history of the Jewish Holocaust is almost irrelevant today (notwithstanding revisionists who hope that reality can dissolve the religious myth), for the Holocaust religion is the only religion in the West with the social (and in some nations the legal) power to command ascent. Even the intellectuals who "know better" will not often speak up, for the consequences in terms of respectability and tenure are grave.

It is no wonder the Eastern states have not fallen prey to this myth, they have not been subjected to all the propaganda which has passed for information in the last sixty years!

Joh Domingo rightly states that "now all we need is an empathy with those whose views we hate. Understanding their fears, and foibles, is the key to influencing them to the greater good." He also "reject[s] the notion of contamination by association".

Unfortunately, most of the American press and Americans will accept the notion of contamination by association, and that is part of our problem with educating them!! My point is that by demonizing those whom we oppose, we destroy the possibility of winning them, leaving a zero-sum game where there are only winners and losers. At the end of the day, Jews and Palestinians will have to learn to live with each other in Palestine (except for those who choose to leave because they cannot have the state they wanted!).

European Americans committed genocide upon Native Americans, and subjected African-Americans to slavery and subsequent economic servitude, and STILL struggle to escape this legacy; Mr. Duke may be a vestigial remnant of this phenomenon and will pass with other declining species.

Israel Shamir thinks "the Jews" want to exercise control over the entire world (not merely Palestine), but Israel also recognizes that "Jews" and "the Jews" are different entities; the former are members of the human race, and consider themselves members of a Jewish group by choice or accident of birth. Atzmon rightly describes a third category, who see themselves as Jewish as the irreducible essence of their being, before their humanity and even of greater significance than their humanity. For Israel, these are "The Jews". Their goals are reflected in the Protocols of Zion, regardless of the authenticity of that text. Gentiles "recognize" some Jews in this text (they err in not seeing other dominators also in this category!).

Both Israelis and Americans live in a delusion-Lawrence Davidson has well documented the self-reinforcing world in which Israelis live, and the prominence of Fox network speaks for the closed world in which most Americans live.

I believe our goal must be to find ways to challenge these delusions in a way that enables the deluded to see reality, rather than see us as demons. The South Africans abandoned apartheid, the British left India, and (reluctantly and incompletely) white America has ending the oppression of black America (New Orleans is but another chapter in exposing the crime of classism/racism). These successes were not achieved with the destruction of the foe, but with their liberation, usually in spite of themselves.

In the meantime, let us work to prevent WWIII being fomented by the neocons and Zionists who want to pit the West against Islam and have not yet been stopped in this project. The Christisons are right - the project for the New American Century is still the agenda.

Please write to Ernst Zündel, let him know that he is not alone:

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