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How Argentina evaluates the Holocaust Industry

Seldom do we get a Holocaust-related response from Argentina.  This one came to me as a surprise, especially from a man who apparently heads an important Argentine political party.  Since I lived in Argentina for four years in my last teenage years and experienced the demise of the nationalist Peron regime in a revolt that was at the time blamed on Jewish interference and behind-the scenes machinations, this assessment of the Holocaust in relation to the Western countries was of special interest to me.  I hope you will find it solid food for thought:

Historical Lies as an instrument of domination

by Adrian Salbuchi

 "Who controls the past, controls the present;
  who controls the present, controls the future"

George Orwell  -  "1984"

"History is not merely the 'past'. It is usually the shape of the torments and struggles of the present   That is why with history there are  -  and there  must be  -  different historical interpretations ... The task of an independently minded person lies in analyzing  the connections that exist among historical and social processes.   This needs to be protected from the criticism  of those person who always want to confront "absolute evil" with "absolute good". 

Norberto R. Ceresole - "La falsificaci�n de la realidad"

 "Reality is the sole Truth that there is"

Juan D. Per�n

To know its own past  -  its History  -  is as important for a Nation, as it is important for an individual to know who he is, where he comes from and where his roots lie.  A person suffering from amnesia is defenseless and risks being fooled and taken advantage of by any rogue who makes believe that he is a "friend", or a "brother", or a "relative".  

What happens to such people can also occur to entire nations should they forget, confuse or become unacquainted with their own past.  Today, considering the modern technologies available, this can even happen on a worldwide scale.  

At present, there are immensely powerful and select groups of people who wield the necessary resources to literally control our vision of the past  -  i.e., mankind's History - and the present, thus derailing Reality, which can then be suitably substituted by a sort of "virtual reality", fully aligned with their own - often shameful - objectives and interests.


With this insinuating title, American historian Norman Finkelstein, professor of Political Theory at City University of New York at Hunter College, published in 2000 a very thought-provoking book: "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering", in which he criticizes the powerful financial and geopolitical interests behind certain groups promoting, in an exaggerated manner, the so-called Jewish "Holocaust".  Their aim being, amongst many others, to extract huge sums of money for the State of Israel from groups of "wealthy victims": i.e., Swiss banks, the US and German governments, major German corporations and other present and future victims.  

Finkelstein defines Israel as a "terrorist State", i.e., an invading and highly dangerous country, not just for peace in the Middle East but for the peace of the world as a whole, particularly considering its huge nuclear capabilities thanks to the atomic Weapons of Mass Destruction it possesses which were submissively and obediently ceded to them by the United States of America over the last couple of decades.

Norman Finkelstein is a friend and close colleague of Noam Chomsky whom he recognizes as his mentor, both men being prestigious Anti-Zionist Jewish intellectuals living in the US.  Finkelstein won for himself the rage of super-powerful international Zionist interests by describing the main Zionist organizations and operators as "gangsters" and "delinquents"; additionally, he described Holocaust mastermind Elie Wiesel [1] as their "resident clown". He also claimed that Zionist demands for enormous monetary reparations from Germany were a form of shameless "blackmail".

The interesting point is that Finkelstein is part of a growing breed of historians, journalists, intellectuals and large sectors of international public opinion which do not meekly accept the Holocaust Dogma propagated by the private power centres of the New World Order based in the cities of New York, London, Paris and Jerusalem. This large sector of intellectually independent people believe that the "Holocaust Industry" - as Finkelstein aptly describes it - is shamelessly used not only to steal public and private moneys around the world for the benefit of the State of Israel, but also to justify the constant acts of genocide and aggression perpetrated by Israel against the captive Palestinian people to this very day.  It can also be inferred that this is being used right now to prepare future attacks in various parts of the world which are becoming hit spots in the global geopolitical arena: Iran, Syria, the Triple Border in South America (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay), and elsewhere.


In today's so-called free and "developed" world, there exists certain gross intellectual terrorism aimed at forbidding  -  in some countries even punishing with imprisonment  -  any research and publication of opinions or investigations questioning the Holocaust Dogma.  Thus, over the years we have seen the persecution and incarceration of prestigious historians, such as French-born Robert Faurisson, physical attacks on investigation centres like the Institute of Historical Review of California, the imprisonment of German researcher Ernst Zündel and, more recently, the arrest of English historian David Irving in Austria based on old charges dating back to 1989 when he dared to give a conference questioning the official history of 6 million Jews killed in German concentration camps during World War II.  David Irving asserts  -  and many researchers agree  -  that irrespective of the fact that Jews were persecuted by National Socialist Germany, there is no verifiable evidence to support the tremendous figure of 6 million killed. [2]

Today, this rather emblematic and cabalistic figure - Six Million - is accepted as bona fide by global public opinion, not because it is supported by any solid historical research and evidence, but rather because it has been systematically repeated, dramatized and practically drilled into the collective psyche of humanity.  This has been achieved thanks to the hundreds of billions of dollars which over the past sixty years have been poured into financing gruesome propaganda films, documentaries, books, novels, interviews, memoires, public events, monuments, memorials, Political Action Groups, and many other collective psychological actions bent on imposing the "6 million Holocaust" figure as real, irrespective of the fact that that figure lacks rigorous documentary support.  

One of the many instruments of psychological warfare used in this process is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL  - based in New York City, one of the more militant attack organizations in charge of attacking by all imaginable means, anyone who questions the Holocaust Myth, anywhere in the world. Using very well financed aggressive methods, and counting with extensive media coverage from the international multimedia monopolies, the ADL exerts what can only be described as intellectual terrorism tactics with the intent of suppressing all criticism of Zionism, its worldwide objectives and its key players and operators.  When such criticism arises anywhere in the world, the ADL will normally immediately strike back  -  often in hysterical tones  -  with accusations of "anti-semitism!" against anyone promoting serious historical investigation of these fundamental matters, or if Israeli State policies are criticized.  Amongst their many tactics, they improperly and hypocritically equate "anti-semitism" with "anti-zionism" [3].  Not surprisingly, the ADL operates closely with the most influential and exclusive of Jewish Masonic Lodges: the powerful B�Nai B�Rith.


It is within this frame of thought that we should approach the strong statements recently made by Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, when he expressed doubts about the veracity of the "Official History" surrounding the Jewish Holocaust, and suggested that the State of Israel should be moved to Europe.

Those statements naturally generated immediate rejection from powerful Zionist organizations the world over, and from governments and multimedia under their control, notably the present Administrations in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and, of course, Israel itself.  However, and in spite the bad press which Iran and its present government have in the "Western" media, Mr Ahmadinejad's rationale is historically very correct. Amongst other concepts, Iran's president stated that "some countries insist in saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in a boiler, and they insist on this to such an extent that anyone contradicting what they condemn is immediately sent to prison" (for example, historian David Irving is today in an Austrian prison for this very reason).  "Although we do not accept this statement (i.e., the scope and extension of the "Holocaust"), if we were to assume that it is, in fact, true then our question to the Europeans is: "Is the killing of innocent Jewish people by Hitler the reason why you back the occupiers of Jerusalem?"  "Now that you admit that Jews were persecuted, why should Muslim Palestinians pay the price of those crimes? Since you (the Europeans) were the ones who persecuted them, you should offer a piece of land to the Zionist regime so that it can establish the most suitable government for its needs", said Ahmadinejad.  "Let Germany and Austria give two or three of their provinces to the Zionist regime and the problem will be resolved right then and there" [4].

Undoubtedly, Mr Ahmadinejad is hitting the nail on the head with these statements and this was reflected by the myriad of noisy hysterical reactions from the "Western democracies", starting with the newly-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who described as "totally unacceptable" the Iranian president's statements, reminding the world's public opinion that "considering our own historical responsibility, I can only say that we reject those statements in the harshest of terms".

This easily begs the question: Why does the new German Chancellor "reject" Mr. Ahmadinejad�s proposal? If today's German Government is so convinced as to the truthfulness of the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust by the German Reich, and if the German government accepts what millions of people inside and outside of that once great Nation believe to be a historical lie, then let Germany and Austria (officially, the perpetrators of the "Holocaust") cede to Zionist interests in compensation, one of their beautiful L�nder; say, Schlesswig, or Westphalia, or Brandenburg, or  -  why not?  - , even historical Bavaria...  That seems to make a lot of sense.

Having thrown the problem on the Palestinians, robbing them of their Nation may be very comforting for today's bourgeois and decadent Germans and Austrians, but the cost this has had for the Palestinians is one of genocide, bloodshed, torture, and immense suffering, misery and humiliation.  Why should Palestinians pay for the past actions of Germans and Austrians? All the more when Israel's intrusion into the Muslim world has been the cause of almost sixty years of uninterrupted wars, invasions, and crimes against practically every Islamic people in the Middle East by the military forces of the State of  Israel, the United States of America, and  Britain.

Ursula Plassnik, Austria's minister of foreign relations, in turn, stated that "there can be no doubts about the right of Israel to exist", alluding not only to these statements by president Ahmadinejad, but also to those he made not long ago saying that "Israel should be erased from the map".  In turn, Raanan Gissin, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, expressed his concern about "existing consensus amongst many circles in the Arab world that Jews do not have a right to establish a democratic Jewish State in their ancestral homeland".

We would add that not only the Arab world questions Jewish rights to usurp other people�s land as Israel did with Palestine, but also in our own South American continent and in Argentina, in particular, many people share precisely that very same point of view. Mr. Gissin even reminded President Ahmadinejad that "we Jews have been here long before your ancestors", adding that "thank God we have that capability to disuade and prevent such statements from becoming reality".

Israel's position is really strikingly interesting.  Imagine if all the peoples and ethnic groups around the world were to start claiming back those lands which according to their own Sacred Books and cultural, religious and ethnic-racial traditions belonged to them because "their ancestors were there before".  No doubt, we would then see very dramatic changes in the political map of the world.

Suffice it to say that practically all people living in North America, for example, would have to vacate all of that territory forceably occupied by their ancestors, and give it back to the Sioux, Chinook, Tonkawa, Wichita, Ute, Apache, Delaware, Algonquin, Iowa, Cheyenne, Mojave, Mohawk, Chocktaw, Iroqu�, Miami and Omaha nations, and the many other native tribes whose lands were stolen from them by the government of the United States during almost four centuries of invasions and genocide. There can be no doubt that these native tribes "were there long before" the English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and German conquerors, and even before Jewish immigrants established themselves in North America founding one of the most voracious and aggressive Empires the world has ever known: the United States of America.

Similarly, in our South American latitudes we Argentineans for example  -  at least those of us who are of Italian, Spanish and Saxon stock together with members of our large Jewish community  -  should all start packing our bags too, vacating these lands that were usurped only a couple of centuries ago by our forefathers, and giving them back to the tribal communities of the Ranquels, Pampas, Mapuches, Comechingones, Guaran�s, Tobas, Selcnam, Aymaras,  Quilmes and Guayaqu�s, amongst many other native Nations.

Lastly, regarding Isarael's "capacity to disuade and prevent" mentioned by President Ariel Sharon's spokesman, there can be no doubt that Israel does in fact have such capabilities, since today the forces of Israeli Zionism have managed to hijack the Government of the United States of America itself, which today serves as a docile instrument subordinated to worldwide Zionist geo-political interests and its clearly messianic and racist objectives. This unusual, highly complex and dangerous process whereby the Government of the United States was hijacked by International Zionism can be verified in the so-called "Project for a New American Century" (<>, regarding which we provide details in Chapter V. of our essay "Bienvenidos a la Jungla...:" [5]


Every time that Argentina's naive press talks about these matters, it always does so out of proper context; with often incomplete information, and almost always in a distorted manner.  This is a consequence of our local medias forced alignment to the global vision imposed by the Establishment which today "owns" and controls the New World Order. In short, they are obediently aligned to International Zionist interests and aims.  

Thus, we read in our morning Buenos Aires daily newspaper "Clar�n" of December 10, 2005, that the statements made by the Iranian President "express an anti-Semitic, intolerant, belligerent and anti-democratic sentiment", as declared in a joint press release representatives of AMIA, DAIA and the Argentine Zionist Organization, who demanded that President N�stor Kirchner join them in condemning the Iranian President for his statements". Surely, Mr. Kirchner will promptly oblige, whilst that same newspaper article again unleashed accusations regarding the "nuclear danger" posed by Iran, ignoring the fact that today�s real nuclear threat against world peace comes from the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom [6].  "Clar�n" even voices the hardly veiled threat regarding an imminent Israeli military attack on Iran, reminding us that "Israel wants a firmer attitude from the international community on the nuclear program being developed by Tehran.  In 1981, the Israeli Air Force bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak, some 17 kilometres south of Baghdad."  This Buenos Aires newspaper forgets to mention that back then, the United Nations did not even bother to sanction Israel for that premeditated attack against Iraq's territory, even though today's obedient UN Secretary General Koffi Annan has just said that he was "horrorified" at president Ahmadinejad's declarations whereby he question if there was truth behind the Holocaust Myth.

Turning to Argentina, Zionist pressure on our country dates back a long time, ever since the founder of the International Zionist Movement, the Austrian-born Theodor Herzl proposed in 1896  -  over a century ago now  -  that an Israeli State be founded on Argentine territory, "in exchange for some sort of financial compensation".   This leads us to ask whether the artificially generated and fraudulent Foreign Debt of Argentina may not be part of some long-term plan geared on imposing upon our country some sort of "Debt for Territory Swap" in some future carefully engineered "foreign debt crisis".   Even "The New York Times" insinuated something of this sort during Argentina's 2001/2 IMF-induced financial meltdown which generated huge profits for major international private banks, when they published an article with the eloquent title "Some in Argentina See Secession as the Answer to Economic Peril" [7]

Today, external pressure on Argentina over the as yet unresolved cases of the terrorist bombings in Buenos Aires of the Israeli Embassy (March 1992) and the AMIA Israeli Mutual Building (July 1994), are geared on falsely blaming Iran for both attacks, which has resulted in tremendous damage to diplomatic relations between Argentina and Iran.  Over the past decade, this has also generated huge economic loss for our country to the tune of billions of dollars in lost trade with Iran and  -  far more serious  -  it dangerously drags Argentina to becoming directly involved in the war of aggression which the United States, Israel and Britain are presently promoting and preparing against Iran. At an ethical level, successive Argentine governments over the past thirteen years have behaved despicably by attacking and insulting the noble and proud people of Iran for no justifiable reason aside from playing into Zionist interests.  

The potentially catastrophic consequences for our country of tolerating such manoeuvres on the part of the intelligence services of certain foreign States can hardly be emphasized. Today,  Argentina faces serious danger by being in the hands of a government made up of people totally ignorant in such international matters like President N�stor Kirchner, who entrusted our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a weak and incapable person like Rafael Bielsa who could not even make up his mind whether to become a national deputy or Ambassador to France, thus generating a very embarrassing diplomatic crisis with France. [8]


The very fact that a country sets up sovereign Nation-State structures, implies that it must interact with other sovereign Nation-States and with other external players on the global geopolitical arena. This is a fact of life, whether we want it or not, and whether we like it or not.

To be able to approach today's complex and highly dangerous global environment over which Argentina has little or no control, nor power, we first need to begin by understanding the global political, financial, ideological and social arena.  We need to know how it works; identifying which are the threats and opportunities that we face in it in order to then be able to design suitable policies and action plans, promoting our objectives and strengthening our interests.

A viable Nation has specific instruments to deal with this: a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Ministry of Defence and  -  hopefully  -  a President who is minimally capable, psychologically balanced and intellectually awake to these huge challenges.

Real Politics are waged in the global arena and take the form of what is called Foreign Policy. This is so, irrespective of how much this may bother our local "political leadership" who only seem to thrive in their petty sewer-like wheelings and dealings, whether in Congress, in the Courts or in the Presidential Palace and its ministries.

Real Politics are waged through a Nation's Foreign Policy.  That is where a Nation measures itself against other States and players, many of which are vastly more powerful.  That is where true statesmen shine, whilst clownlike fools fall. 

A fundamental truism of a successful Foreign Policy is that you begin by identifying friendly States and players, differentiating them from those States and players which are explicit or implicit enemies; or at least adversaries.  Only then can a Nation forge alliances with the former and take preventive defensive measures against the latter.  

States and players identified as "enemies" are not so labled because they are "bad" in any moral sense, but rather because they pursue other interests and objectives which do not coincide with our own, and by thus promoting them, they might  -  and often do - come into direct or indirect conflict with our country.  

Now, when these external States and players identified as enemies or adversaries are vastly more powerful than ourselves and, on top of that, are clearly aggressive then we really do have a problem.  And when a nation is confronted with a challenge of this sort, it has no choice but to do something about it because, if left alone, that challenge will definitely not disappear.  On the contrary, it will increase its levels of danger, pressure and threat. In our case, that will be the case until such time as the Argentine Nation-State can do nothing about this growing pressure, other than meekly and systematically giving way in the face of foreign interests and objectives.  The results so far have been that the legitimate objectives and interests of the Argentine People geared on securing its welfare and "pursuing its happiness" have been frustrated and damaged.

As mentioned above, management of this complex scenario is done by a Nation's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its Armed Forces, its Economy Ministry; in other words, these are the reasons why any sovereign country has a Nation-State to begin with.  The political structures of the Nation-State are thus entrusted to a group of citizens forming what we call "The Government", which administers  -  for better or for worse  -  the destinies of the country and its people.

We can only stress that putting in office a Government made up of incompetent individuals, to command the sovereign power structures of the State can clearly lead to a fatal outcome for our Nation.   This is why today Argentina needs to approach the complex international arena from a different angle, clearly aligned with:

(a)    a balanced outlook regarding contemporary history (in order to better understand the origins of the worldwide and national problems);

(b)    a balanced outlook regarding the titanic forces that today drive, form and distort world politics (in order to better understand the threats that we face) and , above all, 

(c)    a balanced outlook aligned with Argentina's own National Interest; in other words, with the Common Good and Well Being of the vast majority of our 39 million citizens and not just the interests of any one of its social, economic or ethnic minorities (in order to preserve the whole Nation and not just a part).

Firstly then, it seems rather suspicious the way in which our local multimedia and opinion-setters are systematically aligned with the views and interests promoted by "Official History" originating in the most powerful and violent nations of the world. Nations that, both in the past as well as today, are the real and concrete enemies of Argentina  -  or at least our adversaries  - : i.e., the United Kingdom and the United States of America; and which since many decades have uninterruptedly attacked us on the economic, financial, political, moral, and military fronts, be it directly or through their agents and operators in private and public sectors inside our country. 

Thus, for example, and with respect to the complex events surrounding World War II  -  a cataclysmic war that decided who would own the planet for decades to come  -  and its outcome, our leadership has adopted the irrational position of considering as our "enemy" a Germany defeated in that war of over sixty years ago and since then permanently satanized.  However, the truth is that Germany and its then main ally Japan, never attacked Argentina nor our continent in any way whatsoever, nor did they ever attack or harm our vital national interests, which is something that the United States and Britain have systematically done to this very day.   

We should also not forget that the Soviet Union (then an ally of the United States and England during WWII), launched in the sixties a gruesome guerrilla war against Argentina triggering a veritable civil war in our country. In that way, we fell under a carefully synchronized two-pronged attack whereby the Argentine people suffered aggressions, on the one hand from the USSR through the treacherous guerrilla warfare perpetrated by "young idealist" fighters as president Kirchner now calls them, and on the other hand from the repression and outright treason perpetrated by a military-civilian government which, with the help of the United States, took over the Argentine State by force and then became stupidly aligned with the geopolitical interests of the US and its allies [9].

Thus, we arrived at the irrational attitude of considering the United States, Britain and Israel as our "friends", when they are clearly not friends of ours (at least, they certainly do not behave as such); whilst we consider the forces opposing the Anglo-American-Israeli empire to be our "enemies": starting with Germany and Japan as historical players in the greatest war of the Twentieth Century, to today's Iran and the Islamic liberation organizations in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Argentina has thus become a cultural and intellectual colony.  Observing the way our political leadership and mass media operate, one would even think that a large part of our population enjoys drinking the huge amounts of poison with which government and media  force-fed us every day. 


The State of Israel is a foreign country and an ally of the United States and Britain. If we were to think with our own minds instead of doing so with our enemies' and adversaries' minds, within our country and abroad, then we would surely at least maintain a decent, neutral and objective stance regarding the catastrophy unleashed on the Middle East over a century ago by the so-called "Western" powers. As a show of intellectual self-respect, we should not lightly accept the Official History regarding world events which is self-interestedly promoted and imposed by the US, Britain and Israel, at a time when we know practically nothing about that same history from the point-of-view of the nations that were catastrophically defeated in World War II.  Naturally, we are not referring to the puppet governments that today exercise political power in Germany and Austria "by the grace of a tribal god" sitting in New York, London and Jerusalem, among other cosmopolitan cities.

Since 1945, world public opinion has been informed about the terrible murders, concentration camps and persecutions perpetrated by National Socialist Germany. However, this has been done within an unprecedented and unique framework in the history of mankind, in which one State (the German Third Reich) totally succumbed on the military front, and was left unarmed before its irreconcilable enemies (the United States, Britain, the Soviet Union and France), who then stole from Germany its territory, State structures and tried its political leadership (the illegal, obscene and fundamentally flawed Nuremberg Trials are an example of this).  They robbed Germany of hundreds of thousands of patents, inventions, industrial processes and intellectual rights of all kinds, and  -  most importantly  -  they took from Germans all of their official State documentation, including top-secret papers; all as wartime booty.

That documentation was taken back to New York, London, Paris and Moscow from where, over the years, an "official history" was written reflecting the interests of the victorious allied forces. Among those future objectives and plans was the creation, financing and powerful militarization ad eternum of the State of Israel.

Let the reader imagine for a moment, what would happen if the world were to be able to access and study all the secret documents and files of, for example, the Unites States, Britain and Israel, because they fell completely into the hands of their enemies, who could then choose extracts from those documents and write their own "Official History" aimed at satanizing the US, Britain and Israel and promoting their own political agenda?  Can the reader imagine the things that we would discover if we could thoroughly research the darkest, bloodiest, most perverse, pathological and destructive chapters hidden in the secret files of, say, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the National Security Agency of the United States? Or MI6 and the British Foreign Office?  Or of the Mossad, Shin Beth and Israeli Defence Forces?  

Today, in spite of all its power the Unites States cannot seem to manage maintaining a decent image with global public opinion, eben though they count with enormous instruments of control over global information and the media. Let us imagine for a second what Americans, Britons and Israelis would look like to global public opinion if they were to be thus shown naked to the world, as they have done with Germany since 1945 ...  How many "Nuremberg Tribunals" would we have to set up to judge all the Kissingers, Trumans, Eisenhowers, Roosevelts, Bushs, Johnsons, McNamaras, Bundies, Kennans, Rusks, Baruchs, McBundys, Cheney, Perles, Wolfowitzs, Feiths, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Clintons, Eisenhowers, Albrights, Carluccis, Reagans, Hoovers, Westmorelands, Schwartzkopfs, Franks, Powells, Bradens, Rhodes, Kagans, Podhoretzs, Brzezinskis, Abrams, Negropontes, Boltons, Dulles, Rices, Rumsfelds, Bakers, Caseys, Bergers, Norths, Armitages, Lehmans, Albrights, Kaplans, Helms, Solardzs, Sokolskis, Thatchers, Churchills, D�Amatos, Nixons, Fords, Carters, Edens, Linowitzs, Carringtons, Notts, Harris, Shamirs, Meirs, Sharons, Netanyahus, Baraks, Peres, Gores, Beghins, Gurions, and many, so many more?? No doubt, the world would hold its breath in awe and shame, having never seen so many big fish being tried for war crimes and genocide causing so many millions upon millions of deaths.

This is why the cowardly systematic alignment of Argentina's foreign and domestic policies over the past thirty years with the objectives, interests and plans of the owners of the New World Order led by the United States, Britain and Israel must stop.

This vulgar decadence intensified under President Carlos Menem's treacherous administration during the nineties on all aspects of our national life and international relations, symbolized by the so-called "carnal relations" which Menem bonded with the Anglo-US-Israeli Empire, and which today continues unchanged under president Kirchner's Administration, in spite of his left-wing and more vociferous style. 

In the specific case of our relations with Iran, Argentina has wrongly accused Iran of being involved in the terrorist attacks against the AMIA and, implicitly, against the Israeli Embassy.  Only false evidence to support that accusation was ever forthcoming; evidence obviously planted by Israeli and US forces who took over the on-site investigations at our two "Ground Zeros" (i.e., the Israeli Embassy and AMIA HQ) in Buenos Aires.

Thus, they worked hard for over a decade to invent a, by now obviously inexistent, "Iranian connection" to those terrorist attacks. This included such grotesque episodes as the one involving a pro-government federal judge giving a u$s 400.000 bribe to a prisoner so that he would give false testimony (i.e., suspended judge Eduardo Galeano) and, only a few weeks ago, we all saw on television a hysterical Argentine state prosecuter (Mr. Nissman) waving the photograph of the alleged suicide bomber in the AMIA explosion, but this too was quickly discarded when it was shown to be a vulgar and clumsy forgery.  Naturally, all of the above occurred with high power media coverage by local newspapers, radios and television, as well as the international press (CNN, notably) all of them trying to show these maneouvers in as positive a way for Zionist interests as possible.

Today, they are still working hard to "find proof" supporting an alleged "Iranian connection" - and thus an "Iranian Trail" -, which is so much needed by US president George W. Bush and prime minister Ariel Sharon so that they can have yet a further excuse to attack Iran.  What we really need, however, is a thorough investigation into the far more credible "Israeli Trail" regarding those two terrorist attacks (see Chap. VI of our essay "Bienvenidos a la Jungla...", "Welcome to the Jungle"), reflecting the internal power struggle which is taking place inside Israel.


In order to better understand how the mystification mechanisms regarding the six million actually works, let us share with our readers a similar action perpetrated on a much smaller scale and environment, and on a more recent case affecting our own country.  We have here a similar process with the Myth of the "30.000 Disappeared" in Argentina, which is not only an inconsistent and unsupported figure, but the CONADEP  -  National Commission of Disappeared Persons created by the government of president Ra�l Alfons�n in 1984 - in its report "Nunca M�s" ("Nevermore") [10] published twenty years ago, describes the existence of not more than 8.700 reported cases of people who allegedly "disappeared" during the military-civilian regime, whilst it only gathered concrete proof enabling the trial of responsible military personnel, on just a couple of hundred specific cases.  

Even among this much smaller number of "disappeared" persons described by the CONADEP, we find notable cases of "disappeared" people who ended up appearing after all.  Many of them were just exiled abroad, whilst others even ended turning up in high level Government posts, as is the case of Carmen Argibay, listed on the "Nunca Mas" report, who was recently appointed Supreme Court Judge by president Kirchner.

The important thing to point out is that here in Argentina, a propaganda machine was set in motion, powered by huge media and political interests repeating the Myth of 30.000 Disappeared Persons over and over and over again; drilling it into the brains of our citizens, until it became forceably integrated into Argentina's collective psyche.  

We mark this point as a way of emphasizing the importance of not allowing the "falsifying of reality"  -  to use Norberto Ceresole's words quoted at the beginning of this article -, to prevail, which in NO way means justifying the barbarity, stupidity and treachery of the civilian-military regime which usurped power in our country between 1976 and 1983.   All persons who committed crimes in that despicable and illegal government should pay, irrespective of whether they were Army Generals, Navy Admirals or Police Commissioners.

However, it is one thing to punish the individuals responsible for such crimes  -  especially since many of them were high-ranking military officers  -  and a very different thing to blame the entire institutions of Argentina's Armed and Security Forces, vital for the defence, security and well-being of Argentina. Thus, a group of local and foreign characters have taken advantage of the terrible pain inflicted upon us during those years of turmoil to promote other inconfessable interests, aimed at achieving the step-by-step dissolution and destruction of Argentina.  Seeing the sorrty state of our country today, one can only say that they have had a high degree of success, so much so that they have even planted one of their own as president of Argentina. 

In moral terms, any human being unjustly imprisoned or killed deserves the fullest Justice, whether he was persecuted by the Argentine, German, US, Iraqi, Soviet or Israeli military, or by Chinese, Zionist, French or British fanatics. Justice, however, must be fair and for all, and not just for some. And if we are to try top Argentine military officers and German political leaders, then we should also judge Israeli and English torturers, as well as American invaders.  

In short, the time has come to put things in their proper perspective: 6.000.000 dead Jews in the Holocaust? 30.000 Disappeared Persons in Argentina?  Such unwarranted exagerations not only  bring us no closer to Truth and Justice but, quite the contrary, they draw us away from Truth and away from Justice.  They insult the very memory of those who were real victims of these complex conflicts and wars.

Let us therefore first generate an objective and balanced environment, allowing us to know the truth regarding these painful events and processes, so that we can later determine how many victims really perished and thus honor their memories, as we should honor the memory of all innocent victims of modern wars and strife. Today, it seems that this process works exactly backwards: first, false or unsubstantiated fantasy numbers and dramatizations are thrown on the media table with the view of creating a suitable Myth aligned to specific hidden agendas, and then pressure is brought on the world to force everyone to believe in them.  The result of this is that we then have one further key victim: Truth itself.

We have said it many times before: if the Argentine people are to ever overcome the woes that afflict us, then the first thing we must do is to "understand and know what is actually happening" [11], which above all means "thinking with our own minds, instead of with our enemies� minds".

Adrian Salbuchi
is researcher, author and speaker; host of the Buenos Aires talk-show "El Traductor Radial" and founder of the Second Argentine Republic Movement (Movimiento por la Segunda Rep�blica Argentina)  He is author of various books in Spanish on international politics, notably, "El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la Globalizaci�n" (C�rdoba, Argentina, 4th Edition, 2003, 472 pages  -  translates as "The World's Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization") and "Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial" (Ediciones An�basis, C�rdoba, Argentina, 2005, 252 pags  -  translates as "Welcome to the Jungle: Domination and Survival in the New World Order)".   This article is a translation of the original in Spanish, "La Falsificaci�n de la Historia como Instrumento de Dominio".  Please direct all inquiries to

[1]  Nobel Peace Prize of 1986, member of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations, Inc., of New York, and Grand Master of the Holocaust Myth on a universal level.  In 1980, Wiesel was appointed president of the American Council of the Holocaust Memorial by then US president Jimmy Carter (who in turn, is also member of the Council on Foreign Relations and David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission together with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and Maurice Greenberg, amongst many other powerful members of the Establishment).  His web site is:

[2]  In 1935, Germany passed legislation which severely limited the civil liberties of Jews in that country, forbidding them to occupy public office and to practise various professions, even though they were allowed to continue with their business activities (only then can we explain the fact that over three years later, in October 1938, the Nazi Party could carry out the so-called "Cristal Night" when the windows of thousands of shops belonging to Jews in many German cities were smashed in protest over the assassination of the Attach� to the German Embassy in Paris at the hands of a Jew).

It is a remarkable fact that this legislation  -  the well known "Nuremberg Laws" of September 1935  -  were based, amongst other things, on the legislation and racist state constitutions of the US States of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and Arkansas, as well as on racist Apartheid legislation in force in British South Africa, which had many decades before stripped their own black people of all civil liberties, practically leaving them in a state of slavery that would last for decades more after National Socialist Germany was defeated by the democratic forces of the United States and Britain.   History has its funny turns sometimes...

[3]  For more on this, please see the author's book "Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial" (Ediciones An�basis, C�rdoba, Argentina, 2005, 252 pags), particularly Chap. VI, dealing with Zionism.  This book's title translates as "Welcome to the Jungle: Domination and Survival in the New World Order".   Suffice it to say that people tend to use both terms  -  Antisemitism and Antizionism  -  interchangeably without really understanding what they mean, for which reason the following should be kept in mind:

Antisemitism -  Today, this term is used and abused to basically describe any form of criticism or attack whatsoever on Jewish activities anywhere in the world.  This is both dangerouse and false.  Dangerous, because when used as a weapon of intellectual terrorism, it acts as a buffer whereby nothing about Jewish activities can ever be criticized.  This tends to place the Jews and their activities above the law of every land, especially in the powerful industrialized countries.  False, because if the "Semites" are the descedents of the Biblical Shem, then only a part of the Jewish Peoples (the Sephardic communities) are themselves Semites, since the vast majority of Central European Ashkenazi Jews have no semitic blood in their veins at all.  It is, in fact, the Arab peoples who are true descendents of Shem and who are therefore also "Semites": Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraquis, Egyptians, Lybians, Turks and Arab nations.  Considering that such powerful Zionist Jews like Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, Elie Wiesel, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Ehud Barak are clearly of European stock  -  even Aryan if we use such outmoded 19th Century concepts as "Semitic" and "Aryan" to describe ethnic groups  -  and that millions of Palestinians who are prisoners in their own country are of "Semitic" stock, then today's real "anti-Semitism", if such is to be condemned by world public opinion, is the gross Antisemitism committed by the Israeli Defense Forces when they repress and torture the Palestinians.  The assassination of tens  -  probably hundreds  -  of thousands of Iraquis by US and UK forces are yet a further pesent-day display of blatant Antisemitism practised by "Aryan" Israelis, Americans and Brits against the truly Semitic Iraqui people.

Antizionism is, however another story.  Zionism is a nationalistic, messianic, racist, fundamentalist and highly aggressive and powerful political movement founded in the 19th Century by such Jewish intellectuals as Theodore Herzl and Leo Pinsker, with clear aims and objectives not just in the Middle East, but in many other parts of the world as well.

Confusing both concepts as the friends of Israel nowadays do, represents a real travesty because not all Jews are Zionists (e.g.  Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are Antizionists) and not all Zionists are Jews (e.g., George W Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Jos� Luis Aznar and Donald Rumsfeld to name but a few, are  non Jewish fundamentalist Zionists). 

[4]  Quoted in the Buenos Aires daily newspaper "La Naci�n", 09-Dec-05, article "Iran unleashes a new polemic by proposing that Israel be moved to Europe".   Also, the Madrid daily newspaper, "El Pa�s" of the same date: see article "Iran's president suggests that Germany and Austria should house Israel".

[5]  Pages 105 to 113.

[6]  In the specific case of Argentina, recent information from former French President Francois Mitterrand's close entourage when he was Chief of State during the 1982 South Atlantic War over the Malvina-Falkland Islands between Argentina and the United Kingdom, indicates that then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher considered the option of launching a nuclear bomb over the Argentine city of C�rdoba (second largest city in our country with a population of around 1.5 million people), in the event that UK forces were to be defeated in their battle with Argentine forces which was taking place at that time in the cold waters of the South Atlantic.

Clearly, from the point of view of Argentine interests, we should not worry so much about Iran's potential nuclear weapons, but rather we should be very much more concerned about real British nuclear bombs which are today deployed in their military bases in the Malvinas Islands, just a couple of hundred kilometres from our coasts. 

[7]  See "The New York Times", 27th August 2002  -  Article was written by journalist Larry Rohter

[8]  Rafael Bielsa was president N�stor Kirchner's Minister of Foreign Affairs until he forced him into running for Deputy of Buenos Aires City in October 2005's Congressional Elections, knowing that that was a very tough constituency. Mr. Bielsa came in third in the elections so, at the eleventh hour, Mr. Kirchner offered him to resign as Deputy to become Argentina's Ambassador to France, which Mr. Bielsa promptly accepted only to change his mind 48 hours later after the public criticized him for this, and he finally accepted his post as Deputy.  Mr. Kirchner then immediately named as new Ambassador to France a very young yet inexperienced left-wing intellectual, Eric Calcagno, without even asking for the French Government's prior agreement...

[9]  A group of military officers and civilians staged a Coup D'Etat on 24th March 1976 and their regime lasted until December 1983.  They defeated the left-wing guerrillas using unacceptable means, and devastated the economy triggering the complex financial engineering leading to today's huge Foreign Debt (the fact that Argentina's foreign debt originated during that illegal military regime is of great consequence as it can be technically declared as "Odious Debt" under legislation in the US and the UK, even following the recent example set by the US condoning Iraq's foreign debt originating in the Saddam Hussein regime as "Odious Debt").

Argentina's military were, in turn, seriously weakened following their defeat in the Malvinas-Falkland War in 1982 against the UK and the US, and they quickly handed power over to left-wing politicians who promptly arrested and tried them.  Today, the very guerrilla leaders whom the armed forces defeated over twenty years ago, now sit in the Presidential Palace and in Congress in Buenos Aires, warmly described as "idealistic youths" by president Kirchner himself.

[10]  Not surprisingly, the slogan "Nunca M�s" is the literal translation of the same slogan  -  "Nevermore" - used at the start of the Holocaust Myth machine right after World War II

[11]  "The people want to know what is happening"  -  El pueblo quiere saber de qu� se trata - was one of the popular revolutionary cries during Argentina's declaration of independence from Spain at the beginning of the 19th Century.


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