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Ernst Zundel commenting on media coverage

In a letter to a friend in France, Ernst Zundel comments on the media tsunami in the wake of his Holocaust Heresy Trial. I would only like to add that here is a 66-year old human rights activist who has spend almost half a century demolishing the Holocaust Hoax - and now, in so-called "democratic" Germany, he is forbidden from mentioning the very word, "Holocaust"? He has to circumvent the dreaded term by speaking of "the topic"?

Does not that rotten system, a colony of Israel, camouflaged as a "Democracy" advertise its abject fear that way - or what ?!

Here is Ernst's letter, edited by me:

8. March 06

I am preparing for another court appearance in the morning. Since the scheduled witnesses, who were to appear tomorrow, have apparently been canceled, it can only mean that only procedural topics will be dealt with at tomorrow's session. You will be informed via spectators and lawyers, no doubt, what will transpire in the courtroom. It may well be a dramatic day, because the judge in the case had mentioned that although there is no legal mechanism in law currently in Germany to remove a lawyer because of conduct, he would "contemplate" removing my young lady lawyer Sylvia Stolz! So I will see what will happen.

Yvonne, I am no prophet and certainly not an expert in German legal proceedings. They are totally different from Anglo-Saxon proceedings and, therefore, alien to me. They may as well be from Planet Mars, as far as I am concerned!

But! And this "But" may well go down in postwar German legal history. If my instinct does not deceive me completely, we will make and re-write legal history.

In Canada, I had some older Anglo-Saxon judges - one of them Judge Heald, another one by the name Howland, and a few others - who came down with startlingly independent judgements. Some were over-ruled on appeal, but the principle is this: one judge alone, especially of an older generation, a few years away from retirement, [might] turn recalcitrant or rebellious against the political correctness crowd! But this Paragraph 130 does not give the judges much leeway, short of risking a career-suicide, and I don't think it would be realistic to expect that three judges collectively would decide on a form of judicial harakiri, were they to decide to ignore the restrictions established by this "unique" Paragraph. This will not happen in a troika !

There were at one time two such judges here in Mannheim, called Orlett and M�ller, who came down with just such an unusual and courageous, startling judgment in the case of a German educator, G�nter Deckert. A tsunami of media vilification set in against these two judges, [of such force] that even I heard about it in Canada on the national news! This will not happen in this case, not before this court, not at this time. The political situation has not yet deteriorated enough in Germany - not yet. Timing is everything!

Things are eroding. There is great nervousness and dissatisfaction amongst lawyers. Some prosecutors and even retired judges have written about this abnormal state of affairs in this area of German law. But such evolutions are painfully slow and usually need political, external impetus to actually take effect - and this judicial/societal ferment is not yet vocal enough to initiate a change.

The Irving case has kick-started such a ferment in the Austrian media, in parts of the political elite, and even in the judiciary. Irving's fate has had a similar reaction in England and America, where even Deborah Lipstadt has come out in his defence. Major newspapers in England have joined in this chorus. Some of my English contacts have written me about it.

Let me mention just a few you may not be aware of yet :

"The Independent" wrote on 29. Nov. 05: "Freedom of speech has to be there for everybody - including Irving."

"The Daily Express" wrote on 30. Nov. 05, in an article quoting a British lady MP called Ann Widdecombe : "Irving should not be in prison."

"The Times" wrote on 20. January 06 : "Irving's rights are to be defended The actions of Austria in arresting Irving are offensive and against freedom of speech"

"The Financial Times" on 18-19 February 06 wrote in a large article headlined "Historical Truth Speaks for Itself" quoting the eminent British legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin that these statutes [like Paragraph 130] - I have to be careful! This is a censored letter, after all! - should be challenged by the European Convention on Human Rights, to negate them. By the way, Dr. Dworkin condemned my treatment by Canadian courts and the system there, vociferously and repeatedly, over the years. He is Jewish, of course.

"The Times" of 21. Feb. 06, carried a large headline on the front page : "Intense Reaction to the Prison Term for Irving!"

The coverage of the stop-start-abort-stop-start-postpone jo-jo of my case has repeatedly created attention and resulted in startlingly frank and surprisingly detailed coverage of the case, some of it actually irreverent. The "Frankfurter Allgemeine", a large, serious circulation paper, on 21. February 06, Nr. 44, page 3, had an article about my case, and an entire column about Irving. The articles about my case were written by a writer named Volker Zastrow who had another [article] on 27. Feb. 06, Nr. 49, page 3, in the "Politik" section of the paper, read by the business and political elite in Germany. This one was hilarious as well as serious and had a color picture of Sylvia Stolz. The other one had a very sinister picture [of me], but interesting from a photographic layout and perspective point of view! I look like the twin brother of Michael Gorbachev of all things! Weird !

There were numerous articles in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" of a smaller size on the 10.2.06 ; a larger one in the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung" (Heidelberg) of 10.2.06 with a picture of me saluting, headlined : "Seine Anh�nger sehen Zündel als K�mpfer für die Freiheit"/His supporters see Zundel as a fighter for freedom. Die "Stuttgart Zeitung" also had [a write-up] on the same day.

There was one in "S�ddeutsche Zeitung" on 17. Feb. 06. Actually that paper carried surprisingly detailed coverage about the Irving case and mine - over and over again! Amazing !

The two news magazines, "Focus" and "Der Spiegel", which have a huge, Germany-wide circulation, devoted in one issue four pages to Irving's case, including color photos.

Die semi-pornographic "Bild Zeitung", a working class, mass circulation [tabloid] - 4 million readers - carried a huge color photo reportage with pictures of Dr. Meinerzhagen, the legal team, and me saluting. It filled over half a page. Since it was surrounded by naked women in suggestive, crude poses, those German readers cannot have missed the story! Sex sells obviously in democratic Germany! Disgusting!

Ingrid reported that the search engine had 480,000 websites mentioning the Zündel case before it slowly fell to just below 250,000 websites, [due to Google censoring certain content]. Ingrid said she did a Google search by typing in "Zundel plus Meinerzhagen" and she came up with 451 websites mentioning the two names in stories together. Some were on important professional websites like "Jurist/Legal News and Research". Last November, after the court appearance, she typed in Zundel or Ernst Zündel and got 211,000 websites responding as having articles about the case. A friend in Texas typed in my name misspelled "Zundle" and got over 10,000 mentions even with the name misspelled!

That's what I mean by the erosion of the monolith of media control!

So you can certainly see from just these very few examples that at least in the Anglo-Saxon world there is a groundswell - and I am sure the ferment and the erosion of the once almost monolithic spin-doctor power block is in full swing overseas !

Not in the same way YET in Germany! Not yet! But we are on the right track. Patience is needed.

And, of course, we should not forget that the whole Moslem Crescent from Tangier to Malaysia is aflame with a raging debate about the forbidden topic - the results of which we cannot fathom! For the first time whole nations, presidents, spiritual leaders, parliaments like in Iran and Egypt, are passing resolutions and are taking sides and a determined stand! This was never the case!

Iran has 27 % of the world's natural gas, has contracts of $100 billion with China alone about energy development. Thus geopolitical, geostrategic considerations are for the first time entering the debate! 1.6 billion Moslems are catching on to the topic - what are 30 million Canadians and 82 million Germans, compared to those numbers ? A drop in the bucket!

This is a new phenomenon of the Global Village of instant communication. Thus, by my sacrifice, and of course those of the others, the forces of intellectual freedom are slowly pushing back the curtain of censorship - a new age is dawning!

We need only to keep the flame of intellectual freedom alive - and victory will be ours - IN TIME !

Ernst Zundel

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