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*** Important Revisionist News ***

* Contrary to expectations, Ernst Zundel's trial did not conclude at the end of September as announced and expected. Four additional hearing dates have scheduled - a brief 2-hour one today, and regular hearing sessions, starting at 9:00 A.M., as follows:

  • October 19
  • October 20
  • November 10

* There has been some progress in ferreting out who was behind the Zundel political kidnapping in February 2003 that was preceded by multiple investigations by the Tennessee FBI and local law enforcement agencies.

You will remember that these investigations - seven in all - yielded absolutely nothing except reports that Ernst was NOT a "White Supremacist" and was not doing anything illegal - and it was recommended that the case be closed administratively.

Hence, since no "dirt" could be unearthed on Ernst - not even a parking meter ticket! - the fake "visa waiver overstay" claim was launched by unseen hands, by stealing or destroying documents that proved that Ernst was in the US LEGALLY. Without warning and without a warrant, Ernst was arrested in what amounted to an extrajudicial rendition - in other words, a political kidnapping! - and whisked to Canada and then to Germany.

Now German government sources have revealed that "a third country" was involved in the requested FBI investigations. Since one may assume that Country 1 and Country 2 are the United States and Canada, respectively, and since it is unlikely that the German government would refer to itself as "a third country" - it is not far-fetched to conclude that the mysterious "third country" was, not too surprisingly, the State of Israel.

Ernst's comment? "We will get to the bottom of this - soon. So we are one step further! There should be answers in the next few weeks - and all that will be like Ariadne's famous threat. We will follow it, and we will find the culprit - guaranteed!" (Letter to Ingrid, September 25, 2006)

* PARIS (EJP)--- Retired literature professor Robert Faurisson has been convicted [of] Holocaust denial by a Paris court on Tuesday over remarks he made on Iranian television.

Faurisson, 77, well known for his revisionist views, was given a three month suspended prison term and also fined 7,500 euros.

Speaking on the Sahar 1 Iranian satellite channel in February 2005, Faurisson said "there was never a single execution gas chamber under the Germans". So all those millions of tourists who visit Auschwitz are seeing a lie, a falsification?

Faurisson was found guilty of "complicity in contesting the existence of a crime against humanity."

It is the fifth time that Faurisson is condemned for the same offence. Patrick Gaubert, president of LICRA, the French league against racism and anti-Semitism, welcomed the court decision.

"This gives proof that he says lies. But I am not satisfied with the three months suspended prison term as he is a recidivist," he added.

* Message from Dr Butz of Oct. 3, as relayed by Dr. Faurisson's sister, Yvonne:

Robert Faurisson stood trial his past July 11 for an interview he gave on Iranian TV early in 2005.

The court's judgment/sentence came today. Faurisson was sentenced to three months imprisonment, suspended, and a fine of E7500 (1E = $1.27). In addition he must pay E1 in damages to each of the three organizations that brought charges against him, and E1500 in legal expenses to each.

Faurisson considers this a light sentence but he will appeal nevertheless. He wishes that numerous supporters attend the hearings next year, at which he will stand even more firm and uncompromising than earlier.

Yvonne added in a previous message in French, translated here:

"To one of our correspondents who was surprised that the professor said that the sentence was a 'light' sentence, the latter explained:

'This is derisory [?] if you compare it to what was inflicted on my wife, my children and myself during those past 25 years. But it is all the more derisory when you compare it to what is inflicted on Zündel, Reynouard and quite a number of other French or foreign revisionists.'"

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