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Bizarro Heresy Zundel Trial: Judge orders five (!) policemen to prevent eight-year-old from shaking Ernst's hand!

Part of the following is from our December Power Letter, delayed due to unforeseen "mishaps" of our volunteer letter stuffers.  More about that in our January Report.
Here goes:


November saw three additional Zundel hearings, on the 10th, on the 17th., and on the 29th.  There is nothing meaningful to be reported - it was simply "more of the same."  Repeatedly, the judge evoked the mantra of the "obviousness" of the traditional Holocaust tale, directly and indirectly, and refused to allow either expert witnesses or documentary evidence to the contrary.  He is now complaining that the Internet calls it a "Ketzerprozeß" - a Heresy Trial - what else is one to call it?

Just to give you a flavor of what was going on on the 10th - a female witness appeared out of the woodworks who testified she had received a letter out of Canada some years ago - she wasn't sure just when.  She did not recall the name "Zundel."  She thought it came from Ottawa - Ernst Zundel lived in Toronto.  She did not recall any specifics about the contents of this letter - only that it appeared to her to have come from the "extreme right" of which she disapproved.  She was afraid that if the government found out that she was on a forbidden list, there might be a raid on her home.  Therefore she took that letter to the authorities to emphasize her innocence in even having received it.  She testified there was a second letter, which she returned unopened.

That's it.  That is the "quality" of evidence for which the Bundesrepublic has wasted millions Deutschmark and Euros.

To that, Ernst added his human touch of Zundelism in a letter dated 20 Nov 2006:

"Even if the media cannot know what our submissions are like in detail, something does get through, because at the end, after the court has announced and read their Beschl�sse/Orders, the lawyers get a chance to respond with a Gegendarstellung/our point of view- a kind of response which is written and read out loud.  Thus the media, and our old friends who attend faithfully, get at least some idea of what was not allowed them to be privy to with the [original motions to be read only by the prosecutor and judges].

"Ingrid, I am looking forward to see how the highest court in Germany is going to rule about this Kafkaesque, contorted situation.  That's about the best way I can explain to you how all this takes place.  I just sit there and let this surreality wash all over me - and wonder if this is really to be my life from now on?  Just so these mixed-up people can hang on to their lollypop of guilt?  Somehow, Ingrid, the longer I am exposed to what's going on, and what dark demons these people collectively want to wallow in to "feel good" - [all I can say is this] - it's pathological!

"I am not allowed to stay in the room [during recess], but am taken down to the holding cell in the basement, and am not allowed to speak to people or wave to them. 

"There was a couple there today with a boy about [eight] years old.  The parents apparently must have spoken about the trial at home because it was the boy's ardent wish to shake my hand.  The court policeman, a very nice, helpful fellow, said that he and the other police present were there to prevent me from having any contact with the public.  The boy stood there, very serious and very intently, deeply looking at me from about 5 meter's distance.  Very still, unmoving, alert eyes, expressive face.  So [Defense Attorney] J�rgen Rieger asked Dr. Meinerzhagen aloud if he would permit me to shake the boy's hand.  The answer was a very indignant NEIN.  I felt embarrassed for the boy.  What kind of an impression did he take home with him, and how will the parents have explained that to that youngster?  Ingrid, it was an uncanny, eerie feeling, a scene that will be very powerful in the movie about this trial.  I penetrated deeply into that boy's psyche - you know about that ability - and I can tell you, it was a meeting out of which will come something in the future.  I simply know it.  What a strange life I live! 

"In the bus on the way back home the inmate next to me knew me because two days ago there was a TV news program about Germar being on trial in Mannheim now - and, interestingly, somehow my name and images from my court cases in Canada always are shown to frame these stories.  It's eerie, because the prisoners come running from all kinds of floors and cells out in the hall, and also during our one-hour walks in the yard, respectfully tug at my sleeve, tell me what scenes they saw on TV, describing the bobbing helmets, the screaming mobs etc.  And then - many are foreigners - they want to know what this is all about.  Since I listen to and watch mainly English, French, and Spanish stations, I usually miss these German broadcasts.  That, too, is odd.  It's like having my own media monitors in the form of foreigners, of all things."

Can't you just see it in my screen play I have begun to write for a feature movie?  I know that some of you were a bit angry at me that I walked out of the original Hollywood deal and produced my documentary myself.  Believe me, I had very good reasons.  Things were going on that were not ethical, and had I relinquished to them the money that I raised, without having any control over either the budget or the slant of the film, we would have lost it all. (*) As you can see from the above, clips of my documentary are now even playing on German television, because the scenes that Ernst describes, the bobbing helmets, the screaming mobs - those are clips from our footage!  And no telling what will come of our Arab contacts, now that I have three sub-documentaries produced in addition to the original, 4 1/2 hour version.  Additionally, I have published a little booklet called "Five Stony Tears for Audre" that gives a human glimpse of life and death of Audre Pinque, known on the Internet as MacKenzie Paine, who was a Revisionist activist for the beleaguered Palestinians before she died in 2002.  It is a slim, saddle-stitched booklet, only 32 pages long, that I intend to be a bridge between Revisionists and those who have a false image of us - who we are, what we believe in, and that we aren't those grotesque, low-brow, wild-eyed "white supremacist racists" our enemies would like the world to believe. 


There is a postscript to that story of the eight-year-old who was "protected" by the judge from catching something politically incorrect from Ernst Zundel.  His parents and some Zundelists in the courtroom contacted me and told me that Judge Meinerzhagen actually ordered five (!!!) policemen to surround the boy to prevent a dash and a handshake!  One of the young policeman is said to have answered:  "Dies ist mir doch zuviel!" which, loosely translated, means "This really takes the cake!"

Bizarro Germany!

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