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Official: No connection between Holocaust & Iran's nuclear case

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency
Tehran, Feb 19, IRNA

Iran - Holocaust - Ramin

Secretary General of the Global Foundation of Holocaust Survey Mohammad-Ali Ramin said on Monday that the international conference on holocaust, dubbed `Holocaust: A Global Vision' (December 11-12) had not had the slightest effect on Iran's nuclear case.

Ramin told IRNA that the conference had been held to inform the world public opinion on the subject and Iran does not side with any group.

"The West's opposition to Iran has always been in effect and one can not build any connection between the UN Security Council resolution and a research conference," said Ramin.

Asked to comment on claims that such issues as Holocaust had diverted Iran's nuclear case from its main path and raised the possibility of issuance of an anti-Iran resolution, Ramin said whatever was raised during the conference was aimed at informing the audience about different points of view and attitudes of experts and researchers.

"The UN Charter does not ban acquaintance with intellectual, cultural and historical issues. Research and study of all subjects are among the most basic rights of human beings," he added.

"What mistake has Iran committed by holding an unbiased research conference, attended by many world experts, that it can serve as a pretext for the UN Security Council resolution?" questioned Ramin.

"These are empty claims; the conference aimed at illuminating the world public opinion on a historical claim and is not a sin in any culture and law," he added.

The official stressed, "I do not go with the claim that Holocaust had had an impact on Iran's nuclear case."

He added that any such claims are invalid and illogical, lacking any evidence.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ramin said many people around the world had provided his Foundation with valuable and interesting proof and evidence on Holocaust which would be investigated by the independent international fact-finding committee of the Foundation.

He said that jurors and experts have also announced readiness to be members of the fact-finding committee to undertake judicial and penal investigation into the case.

Furthermore, he said, scholars and experts from four corners of the global have announced readiness to take part in the upcoming Holocaust meetings and present articles to review the event.

He noted that timing of the next Holocaust meeting will be announced later.

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