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Source: North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)

NACAZAI today confronted the German Embassy to the United States with regards to various anti-democratic measures used to prop up the Jewish "Holocaust" myth and that regime's support for the Zionist entity's crimes against the Palestinian people. In particular, it was noted to a Mr. Kruger that the world is watching the brutal assault on the academic freedom of Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf, despite whatever differences we may have with those individuals.

Forensic evidence and historical documentation clearly prove that this settler colonialist narrative for the rape and enslavement of Palestine is clearly false. In fact, the Nazi regime never attempted the systematic extermination of the Jews, 5-6 million is an exaggerated account by at least 500%, and no homicidal "gassings" of the Jews ever took place.

It was requested from the German Embassy, and will continue to be requested, an autopsy report showing even a single Jew was gassed with Zyklon B during WW II, and feedback on this matter is anxiously awaited.

NACAZAI firmly rejects the general line of the Zionist-controlled liberal-left which suggests debunking this atrocious swindle amounts to racism or promotion of Nazism, and call for the defeat of Zionism and Imperialism through confronting its historical narrative.

     John Paul Cupp, Public Relations Officer

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