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Zundel "Plane spotter" information - still incomplete but useful

To all -

this should be of special interest to Canadian media who have bemoaned the reported costs - $50,000 - of the Zundel deportation in a private charter plane at taxpayers' expense from Canada to Germany. As a matter of conjecture, a great deal more seems to have been involved.

My offer of $1,000 to anybody who can reliably connect this plane to extrajudicial renditions and/or black torture sites has, so far, yielded four incomplete but interesting responses:

Response # 1: Note that the Challenger 604 5465 - airplane does NOT have an assigned owner. Please note - this airplane apparently has NEVER had an owner - it remains unmarked. If Skyservice rented this plane out to Canada to transport Ernst, it cost the Canadian taxpayer - assuming it was held overnight and rented for 48 hours, at least $264.000.

Response # 2: If you are confident that the tail number is correct and the aircraft does not appear in the Canadian registry data base, then there are only two possibilities:

1. The aircraft in question is stolen and the tail number has been altered.
2. It was never registered in the first place and is being used for a black operation by a government agency.

All aircraft are subject to occasional Air Worthiness Directives (A/Ds) once they have been put into operation. These A/Ds are enforced by the gov't agency that originally certified the aircraft as being airworthy. The reason for the issuance of an A/D is usually to correct a design flaw which could compromise air safety. For this reason the FAA or Transport Canada must have the names and addresses of owners and operators in a registry which allows them to issue an A/D to the appropriate party.

Response # 3: I am glad we are getting some more specifics as to that plane. That there doesn't appear to be any registered owner is telling and of course we can imagine the scenario there. The US govt has a number of companies it deals with that have their own aircraft. One of those is in Oregon, Evergreen Aviation. When the gov't needs to carry out a secret mission that requires flying, they do it through one of these companies. The connections between the two of course are purposely disconnected through dummy companies, etc. so it is very hard to establish a link between them, a given mission and the US gov't. So, it will be hard to tie this down for the gov't has been carrying out clandestine aircraft missions for very many years (it all started to build up during the Vietnam era, when companies like Evergreen were contracted to fly missions into Laos and other places the US wasn't supposed to be in). Today, it is very easy for the US to silently and invisibly contract with such companies to carry out flying missions, and the "dots" are very hard to connect for they have had a lot of practice in disconnecting them.

Response # 4

The latest information received about this plane came just an hour ago:

As of May 11, 2006, it belonged to Lyn Shinn, Director of Skyservice in Mississauga, ON, Canada. Fees to rent this plane are as follows:

1 hour costs appr. $6,000 (CAD)
1 hour fuel $550 CAD
Overnight charge $680 CAD plus 2x Crew Pilot und Copilot � $9885 (depending on agreement)
Landing charge $550 CAD
Costs for a trip to Germany, as per 1-1-07 a 24 hour minimum $144.000 CAD round trip, including stops -
Fuel Surcharge $ 9.350 CAD
Overnight charge $ 680 CAD
Fees per country ( 2 x ) $ 1.100 CAD
plus 2 times $9885 $ 19.770 CAD
$ 174.900 CAD
+ TAXes $ 26.235 CAD
Total $ 201.135 CAD

In addition to possible fees and taxes for police and security personnel in the respective countries ....?

All this to get rid of a simple 'VISA OVERSTAY' ???

What we now need to find out from our European "plane spotters" is if this plane was sighted anywhere in connection with "black sites" or "extrajudicial renditions" ! There exist listserves and websites that deal with all this from a European perspective. Perhaps some of you would like to get involved?

Perhaps let the Canadian media know so they can do their duty and inform the Canadian people?

Thank you in advance.

Ingrid Zundel

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