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*** Zundel Demonstration in front of the German Embassy in Washington, DC, May 7 ***

Important Reminder:

We are planning a protest demonstration on the eve of the 62nd anniversary of Germany's World War II surrender in front of the German Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The date will be Monday, May 7, 2007, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The place where we will meet beforehand will be announced to serious participants. Anybody who is genuinely concerned about self-serving, rampant, abominable censorship of history is welcome.

This demonstration will only be the first of many such demonstrations in front of German Embassies and Consulates world-wide. Anybody who can marshall a handful of demonstrators willing to hold up some big vinyl banners and take some photographs and video footage should contact me. I will provide the banners as long as my "war chest" allows it.

The purpose of this demonstration will be to make known to the world that Germany is not, in fact, a "democracy" - it is a vassal state to Israel, still surreptitiously controlled by the Allies, still cravenly doing the Holocaust Lobby's bidding.

It is time for Germans world-wide to get off their knees, take off their blinkers, and look REAL history straight in the eye!

Specifically, we will make known to the world that three high profile Holocaust Revisionists, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, and Siegfried Verbeke, were arrested - we call it KIDNAPPED - illegally in other countries at the behest of well-known beneficiaries of a historical lie of gargantuan proportions that calls itself the "Holocaust". These three men are in prison in Germany for "thought crimes" - sentenced for years behind bars! - so as to keep from the people what they have discovered and carefully documented at Auschwitz and elsewhere.

Anybody who can organize a car pool to come to this important demonstration on May 7, please email me at

Ingrid Rimland-Zundel, Ed.D.

Please write to Ernst Zündel, let him know that he is not alone:

Ernst Zündel 
Justizvollzugsanstalt Mannheim 
Herzogenrieder Strasse 111 
D 68169 Mannheim 

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