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The Simon Wiesenthal Center loses a key case in Argentina

A leader of an Argentinian opposition party, Adrian Salbuchi, sent this to me a few days ago with the words: "I thought Ernst [Zundel] might like this."

A good friend of mine, H�ctor Buela, living in San Luis, Argentina, runs a video shop selling historical tapes, many of which are from the thirties and forties and render a revisionist view on many aspects of modern history. A few years ago, this attracted the ires and "fire and brimstone" from the local Simon Wiesenthal Center who conspired with a local television program to frame Mr. Buela and his wife, and had them arrested and indicted.

The local judge, however, felt very differently about the matter and has now had the case thrown out. This could very well serve as a precedent for other cases where "crimes of opinion" are punished.

If you could relay this to friends and colleagues, that would no doubt serve a good cause.

Kind regards to all,
Adrian Salbuchi
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The following press release contains up-dated news which I wish to share with comrades and friends all over, prior to the mass media receiving it. The importance of this Argentine court verdict will become clear to you, and you may very well imagine the future actions that we will be taking and pursuing on this matter.

I understand that this is the first time ever and anywhere, that the SWC (Simon Wiesenthal Center) has lost a court case and must therefore pay an indemnity and undergo further legal proceedings. As far as we know, there is no precedent of this in any place.

I hope that all those who are being persucuted - and at times convicted - the world over for their "opinion crimes", shall not only be comforted by this verdict, but that it will serve as a legal weapon for their own battles against those who wish to obliterate personal liberties and freedom of opinion.

We wish to reach as many people as possible with this press release. It is therefore very important that you kindly help us by retransmitting this message extensively, and also have it translated this into as many languages as possible so that people the world over will know about this. This is particularly important in the Arab and Muslim countries. Your assistance would be very much appreciated, as there is only so much that we can do in this respect.

Thank you very much.


In a faultless verdict supported by a 21 page writ served by the Federal Court of San Luis Province in the Republic of Argentina, our country's Federal Justice dictated the definitive stay of proceedings against Mr. Hector Buela and his wife Mrs. Erika Dago, who had been both falsely indicted by the SWC - Simon Wiesenthal Center - in Argentina, accused of conspiring to act against the Jewish Community, within the terms of Argentine Law No. 23.592 which condemns discrimination on account of race, religion, natrionality or gender.

In spite of the SWC's success in so many parts of the world, in this instance their local representation failed to achieve their goal, in spite of having carefully and thoroughly prepared their false indictment proceedings. It did not serve their purpose to exert undue pressure and aggression as they did at the beginning of this case when they had the local police arrest Mrs. Erika Dago in her kitchen whilst she was cooking lunch for her young children who had just arrived from school on a very cold day.

They had her arrested and her underaged sons were left under the care of virtual strangers, part of their personal belongings were stolen and Mrs. Dago was taken by force to Buenos Aires City, the federal capital of Argentina, where she was indicted based on false testimony and slanders assembled with the specific intent of intimidating her, her husband and her family, as the acting Judge clearly states in his verdict throwing this case out:

"...I must render priority to the fact that the criminal character of the accusation brought against the accused can in no case be proven, so that the actions and punishment thus elicited are totally untenable and uncalled for."

And in order to set a precedent regarding any future legal actions of this sort:

"Our public institutions shall not be shaken on account of a Judge expressing clear doubts regarding the bases for a lawsuit, so that he consequently issue a mere statement of probability regarding it. Citizens should, however, have grave cause for concern were a Judge to consider any such probability to constitute a certainty, as that would purport the collapse of the vital institutions of our Republican system." (Federal Criminal Court of Buenos Aires, Courthouse V, C7, 11.341).

Once again, Attorney Miguel Kayat's brilliant defense resulted in concrete results, far removed from the uncertain verdicts which local courts often serve in this country, thus thwarting genuine Justice. We have in this case a modest couple incriminated of running an "organization" devoted to carrying out business activities conforming acts of discrimination with the intent of inciting hate and discrimination against the powerful interests of the Jewish community. However, in this instance the SWC could not achieve their goal of silencing and generating fear among those who oppose their tactics, pressure and harrassment.

As victims of their unjust rage and vengefulness, this Argentine couple suffered house searches, imprisonment in common jails, had their business and livelihood seriously hampered (and, for a while, destroyed), their community and public image discredited, the well-being of their underage children placed in grave jeopardy as they had to leave them in the hands of strangers during the time their mother, Mrs. Dago, was unjustly arrested, and had to suffer personal psychological abuse and harrassment.

Mr. and Mrs. Buela are now clearly in a position to sue the Simon Wiesenthal Center and all those who assisted them in bringing about their false actions, such as the television program "TELENOCHE INVESTIGA" produced and aired by Television Channel 13 in Buenos Aires, which will now be sued under a Civil Court of Law to pay due and legitimate compensation, and be convicted under Criminal Law for the crimes committed through their judicial and other acts, based on actions made and leveraged by an international organization - The Simon Wiesenthal Center - whose prime goal and obvious purpose is to persecute and harrass individuals and organizations not accepting nor submissively abiding by their ideas and thinking, which they insist be accepted as dogma and revealed truth.

In these troubling times in which powerful interests unhesitantly unleash murder and genocide upon selected targets the world over, whether through personal attack or "preventive wars", in spite of the overwhelming condemnation of world public opinion, we see world militarist genocide unleashed against defenseless people by the world's sole superpower (the United States) and one nation in the Middle East (the State of Israel), which have a virtual monopoly of military force over the entire planet. We thus feel that this case can and should be used as a legal precedent to initiate other such legal proceedings all over the world to revert and neutralize the discrimination, persecution and harrassment by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. This should also encompass those interests promoting, financing and assisting the SWC from different sources in their endeavours to use various countries' legal systems and courts to silence and punish those who do not agree with their ideas, goals and objectives.

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