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James Sanchez: Some Holocausts are more equal than others

James Sanchez: Some Holocausts are more equal than others


Some Holocausts are more equal than others

By James Joseph Sanchez, PhD

The United States is part of a vast civilization of European, Indo- European-speaking, Christianate peoples. It is an embattled society, discredited and hated for the "Holocaust" even as it has suffered from a score of Holocausts that have torn it to pieces in the last century. Those Holocausts are meaningless, of course.

Christian believers in many countries are imprisoned and ordered silenced for life (Canada, Germany, United States, Australia, France, etc.) because of prosecutions attacking "anti-semites", "Holocaust deniers", "homophobes" and any of a hundred culture-war constructs. In the current racial-political milieu, there is no possible defense to these tactics.

At present, European civilization from Russia to Canada, Australia to Belgium, Serbia to the United States faces a massive demographic challenge (no European country recovered from the second world war, and few recovered from the first world war) of immigration by hostile people from other civilizations, many of whom are open about their desire to displace us, and in some instances to exterminate us. Because of the Holocaust (the one that counts), an unprecedented campaign of hatred has silenced our people everywhere, many go to prison for their ideas, and bookburning is routine from London, to Canada to Israel. (Lots of good pictures of Yeshiva students burning New Testaments in the last few weeks.)

This is a time of great flux, worldwide. Several abortive civilizations are struggling to establish territorial presences on the world stage: Jewish civilization, Sikh civilization and Tamil civilization. Tamils are the largest population of high IQ people with no state. Jewish civilization is described by its advocates as necessarily built on the ruins of Christian and Islamic civilization. An emergent Tamil civilization or Sikh civilization would require at least a partition of Brahmin-ruled, nuclear-armed India. There is no trace of tolerance by the Muslim mass migrants into the European civilization. They pursue a relentless program of cultural imperialism. There is no trace of tolerance by Tamils in Canada (and Canada my end up as the Tamil homeland). There is no trace of tolerance by Jews inside European civilization or in Palestine. They have relentlessly pursued a program of culture war for perhaps 400 years within the Christian world.

The same tools used by Jews who seized control of the Russian Empire under the banner of Marxism, concentration camps, mass graves, torture, hate propaganda, book burning, propaganda, etc., which left a death toll of 50-60 million in the former USSR, are now used in Israel against the Palestinians, both Christians and Muslims. Notably, many of the most abusive parts of the Patriot Act and the deeds of the Department of Homeland Security mirror the tools used by the Israelis to control the Palestinians. (It is almost as if Chertoff is an Israeli and sees us as Palestinans...)

Note that the long term consequences of Jewish rule in the early Bolshevik empire was sustained Jewish out-migration and the revival of White-Christian nationalism in Russia. If our civilization is to survive, Pan-European nationalism must supercede the ideology that all European peoples are sub-human. Jared Diamond (a Jew) writes that White people never created anything in their entire existence ... the old canard about White people are rich in America because they stole all the wealth created by Black slaves. Diamond's book and its claim were repeatedly aired by PBS and his books are standard textbooks in high schools and colleges. In Seattle, the teachers union, the president of the Seattle Education Association openly argues that White children deserve an inferior education. In Holocaust week in Seattle schools, the week before Christmas, one middle school reading by a Jew argued that Nazism is the highest form of Christianity and that Nazism must be eradicated from the Earth. (Can you connect those dots?)

Israel, with a nuclear arsenal of 400+ nuclear weapons, is here to stay. Israel claims the unique "right to exist" and denies it to everyone else. Israel directs American armies to wage wars that advantage only Israel, with American patriots dying (in the words of Iraqis) as "the slaves of the Jews". But if the United States is destroyed as an economic and military power in the present series of wars it is fighting for Israel, the only question the Jews will have is whether Israel will be the destination of Jewish migrants. But a better question would be the one Jews jokingly ask each other a hundred times a day, even when asking for someone to pass them the salt at the dinnertable: "Is it good for Israel".

And the truth is that the destruction of the United States as a power inevitably leads to the destruction of Israel, then merely a very specialized parasite without a host. But their hatred for us as a people, culture and civilization is so intense, they would doom themselves as long as they can destroy us. But of course, most Americans are wrong to think that their identity arises from the federal government, which long ago abandoned European- Americans. And after the empire, we will still be here.

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