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May 4, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

First, about Ernst Zündel:

I like what I hear coming out of Canada regarding Ernst's moves to dish out as good as he gets once the Intelligence hearings begin. That is all I can say at this time. The next hearing will be on May 13th.

Canada has lots and lots of problems that have nothing to do with Ernst Zündel, and it is utter foolishness on the part of his enemies to haul him once again before the public eye, given that the same gangsters that are responsible for other miserable shenanigans that have so injured that once-beautiful country are doing it to him.

But the writing is already on the wall; it is clear that the opposition is putting out brush fires wherever they can, and I guess by trying to criminalize Ernst in these secretive "investigations" they have started something that has now taken on a life of its own.

Yesterday, I finally received the badly needed information in somewhat halting English on the mystery of the ". . . Holocaust denier released from prison in Austria."

Here is what my contact wrote:

"His name is Neuwirth and he lives in Reichenfeld, in Kärnten. He was acquitted; he is now a free man. He was jailed for one year, denying the gas-chambers.

We don't know the reason or the wording from the Oberste Gerichtshof yet . . . Everything is very strange because Neuwirth is a close friend of the Russian Schirinowski.

Another man in Körnten again has written a book called "Neuordnung der Politik," a philosophical book and they put him just for that into jail. They all got the cow-madness here.

And another man near Vienna. I forgot his name; he was aquitted too. He denied thr holocaust as well. I wonder what will happen to Honsik now. Did you know that the court has revoked the defense license of his lawyer Dr. Schaller - retroactive for 42 Years (!)"

Regarding the Garaudy book that has caused so much controversy in France, another reader wrote:

". . . I printed out and am now reading a "samisdat" book they posted by author Roger Garaudy. 128 pages, powerfully written, courageous and penetrating, the scholarship is evident (never thought I'd say that, one day, about the work of a _Marxist_!). "

Finally, in a hundred different ways, daily we receive messages like this one:

". . . I wish you well. I read everything I could find about the Holocaust after a friend's father said it was a lie. As a self-righteous Christian I was astounded and offended that someone would say something so horrible about God's Chosen People.

Young children do not want to be told that there is no Santa Clause. Christians do not want to think of the Jews in any light less than that of the Chosen Race.

If there was no Holocaust, what next?

So painful to know the truth, to be removed from the womb that shields us from the need to think difficult thoughts; to be forced to question our beliefs, our leaders, and most importantly, OUR TV.

Learning about the Holocaust has been the start of questioning everything in my life. It has made my religious faith stronger because certain blinding elements have been lifted from my eyes.

You will have resistance from those who will most benefit from the history books. The grass roots are growing. People are now whispering thoughts that were unthinkable just a short while ago . . . "

One must ask over and over again: "What kind of "truth" is it that needs protection from the government through "Hate Laws"? This man has put his finger on the sore by asking: "If there was no Holocaust, what next?"

We KNOW what's next. A re-assessment of the real cause of World War II - WHY it was fought by Germany, WHY it was lost by Germany, and at WHAT PRICE, AMERICA!


Thought for the Day:

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves."

(Thomas Jefferson)

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