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June 20, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

From our beloved Dr. Faurisson comes this:

"Never ever have we seen in the French newspapers so many articles about historical revisionism.

The defenders of the "Holocaust" are becoming so nervous that a kind neurosis is developing in our country day after day. Following the Garaudy/abbé Pierre scandal, all sorts of disputes, accusations, polemics are agitating the world of sports (!), the world of colleges, the world of intellectuals of the left (anarchists, libertarians, communists, socialists).

Just to give you an example, France-Soir (France-Evening), which is a popular daily, published, in its June 6 issue, not less than nine different articles related to revisionism in its four first pages, all of them being, of course, hostile to revisionism.

In its June 8 issue, Le Monde has published six articles in an entire page (p.6) entitled: "The quarrel (the debate) over negationism gets moving to the ultra left". It relates disputes among antifascists over the fact that some of them were or were not, are or are not, revisionists.

In French, I would say that we, revisionists, "we are drinking whey". In English, I guess you say: "We lap it up."

Anyway, considering those six articles in Le Monde, it will be more impudent than ever to maintain that historical revisionism is only a rightist or Nazi phenomenon."

Short and sweet, no? Brought to you gleefully by


Thought for the Day:

"When a man has pity on all living creatures only then is he noble."

Buddha (563-483?)

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