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August 6, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

When I first met Ernst and wanted to know how his mind and heart worked, I asked: "Who is your very best friend on earth?" and he said: "If I had to keep only one and lose all others, I would choose to keep Dr. Faurisson."

At various times since, I have heard Ernst say: "You'd never know it, but Dr. Faurisson is tough as nails . . . " and ". . . without Dr. Faurisson's work, there would not be Revisionism as we know it."

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Faurisson almost two years ago, and I remember vividly how very funny he was as he described how he walked right into the Lion's Den, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, to lay his own immortal line on Dr. Berenbaum, the Director of the Museum: "Show me a gas chamber. Don't show me hair. Don't show me teeth. Don't show me glasses . . ." (This video is available from the Institute for Historical Review.) Ever since, I have adopted Dr. Faurisson myself as one belonging to my "inner family."

About a week ago, I received an e-mail from Yvonne, his sister. Here's what Yvonne wrote:

"I have now an awkward thing to tell you and I hope it will not upset you, because it shouldn't. But I feel my duty is to put the records straight about a piece of you ZGram dated July 25. If I didn't, I would feel guilty.

You wrote that 'Ernst Zündel was the first man EVER in almost fifty years who said: "It's well and good to CLAIM the Holocaust occurred. But where is the scientific evidence?'

Well, I think Ernst himself will tell you that this is not quite exact. Robert Faurisson was the first man, EVER, to have asked (for) the scientific evidence of the Holocaust and he precisely used the word "murder weapon" about gas chambers.

That's why he went to Baltimore and other places in 1976 in order to study the gas chamber weapon and see if it could have been used in the German concentration camps.

Right since that time he said, and wrote, that the use of the gas chamber weapon was SCIENTIFICALLY impossible (see, for instance, his interview of 1979 published in S. Thion's .

If you ask Ernst, he will tell you himself that it was because Robert had said that someone should go and make a forensic study on the spot that, much later, when Ernst learned about Robert's work, he asked him (for) his files about the American gas chambers and decided that he, Ernst, would initiate such a forensic study.

And that's where he was great!

I tell you what happened next: Ernst asked Robert to go and see Leuchter. Robert was the one who went to meet Leuchter first.

And, believe me, Fred, the biggest specialist in gas chambers, had never questioned the German gas chambers! He really thought they had existed and he had never wondered what they had been made of, even though he should have been interested in those gas chambers as being related to his daily job!

It is only when Robert showed him the Auschwitz drawings that he said, right away: No, gas chambers couldn't have been used in such places!

Neither Robert, nor anyone will ever forget that it (was) Ernst who was the one who made the Leuchter Report possible!"

Yvonne is absolutely right, and I should have been more detailed and specific. I knew this story myself because I heard it exactly from Ernst the way Yvonne described it. I should have said that had it not been for Dr. Faurisson and his ground-breaking forensic work, Ernst would not have THOUGHT of underwriting and publicizing the actual ABSENCE of the "murder weapon."

In my mind, it was Ernst who was instrumental in flushing out the lie to the tune of some $60,000 in 1988 in the middle of the Great Holocaust Trial # 2 - only to have the judge PREVENT this evidence from being seen and analyzed by the jury! Some judge, huh? These things DO happen in our enemy-infested judicial system.

The story of that Leuchter trip to Auschwitz has been immortalized in one of the IHR pamphlets entitled "Inside the Auschwitz Gas Chambers" by Fred Leuchter and posted on the Zundelsite at:

But to come back to Dr. Faurisson: He WAS the first who started heaving physical and chemical arguments against the Hoax - and did he ever do it, at great cost to himself!

How steep the price?

See for yourself. Scroll down a screen and be sure to click on the graphic for impact!


Thought for the Day:

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."

(Thomas Jefferson - 1743 - 1826)

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