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August 30, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Ernst has asked for some private time to take care of a family matter; I have no way of reaching him to double-check my thoughts and make sure my hot pen doesn't get him in trouble.

Therefore, this column does not have a theme; it's just a bit of a news update, along with some items that might make you pause, guess and ponder.

The news across the land is good, bad and ugly. The good up-front:

  • Don't forget the upcoming David Irving lecture tour at the beginning of September. For further information, please check with Greg Raven.

  • A student website up north in the State of Washington now has an official Revisionist section. One of the Renaissance Kids wrote:

  • "I do not know if you have had a chance to view the revisionist site, but it is coming along better than what we have expected. We will try to fix it so students from all over the world will be able to listen to Irving speeches via the Internet, even people in Germany. We will be working on it this weekend. I have a good feeling about this." I checked it last night; it looks very nice and clean. Please visit and write those kids a note of support and give them some ideas and suggestions. They are really working against great odds because the hostility against them on their respective campuses is palpable.

  • I would like for someone to study the possibility of a "Revisionist webring." This sensible Net idea comes from a student group that is sponsoring a topical grouping of websites - a kind of drawing the wagons around the tents, so to speak, as they did in the old Wild West Days.

  • I have felt for some time that we needed something like that, but for legal reasons, Ernst won't permit me to link with anyone except the most solid and traditional Revisionist webpages. I think that a well-thought-out "webring" would cut down on duplication and would help us to specialize and focus better on our respective thematic turfs.

  • Anyone?

  • Another Politically Incorrect website has been axed, this one in the US. I don't want to mention it by name because it was not one that made most of us too comfortable. I never visited it, but its e-mail bulletins were aggressive in language and hostile against other races - an attitude that I personally felt was not attributing to a genuinely constructive global nationalist spirit, although stylistically these missives were exceptionally good.

  • Still, it is sad to see a website fall victim to insidious censorship.

  • Again, we are having e-mail interference - this time with ZGrams shipped to Europe. Hand-mailed, the letters will go through. My server thinks that it is a technical problem. Who knows?

  • This item, reported by the Aryan News Agency, is two weeks old but still of interest to us here in the West who are attuned to politically expedient phrases used by the opposition - such as "inciting racial hatred." Its title: "Georgian Arrested and Fined for Criticizing Jews."

  • Givi Alaznishpireli, editor of the small Georgian newspaper _Noi_, was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred yesterday (8/15/96) for writing an article in which he called Jews "vampires" and blamed them for causing problems in Georgia.

  • A district court fined Alaznishpireli and suspended publication of the newspaper, which has a circulation of about 500.

  • The deputy chief prosecutor of Tbilisi, Valery Iosava, said it was the first time anyone was charged under the law, which carries a maximum punishment of three years in prison.

  • Meanwhile, here in America it is constructive to watch how more and more journalists are "bucking from within," even those whom no one would associate with us. For instance, Louis Farrakhan told the National Association of Black Journalists at a meeting on August 21 that they are slaves to White newspaper owners.

  • Farrakhan said, as reported by the ANA:

  • ". . . White folk did not hire you to really represent what black people are really thinking and you don't really tell them what you think because you are too afraid.

  • This does not protect democracy. . .The people who own the newspapers from which you work, they have an opinion, they have a philosophy, they have a guiding principle that they skew the news.

  • A scared-to-death Negro is a slave, you slave writers, slave media people. The masses are being fed filth, ignorance, stupidity in the name of news, in the name of media. . ."

  • It is telling that hundreds of people in the audience gave Farrakhan several standing ovations during his speech.

  • Doug Collins, that feisty and thoroughly Politically Incorrect British Columbia columnist, had this to say in one of last week's North Shore News column:

  • "I am not religious, but it's odd when education authorities can remove the Bible from schools, replace it with condoms, encourage sodomy with preachments about 'safe sex,' yet deny teaching employment to a deeply Christian person."
  • Meanwhile, one of the Censorship Busters, that group of cyber journalists that originally came to our rescue when the Zundelsite was besieged by the Powers-that-be, wrote recently:

"Forget international connectivity - most governments are trying to erect a checkpoint at every virtual border. I have this horrible fear that in 2005 or so world leaders are going to say something like:

"We had to destroy the global village in order to save it."

Sorry, folks, that this column is such a mishmash of unconnected items, but when Ernst is not available to check my work against his frame of reference of what is good or not-so-good to say, I feel like a cat without whiskers.


Thought for the Day:

What makes one heroic?
- To confront simultaneously one's greatest sorrow and one's greatest hope.
What do you believe in?
- I believe that the weight of all things must be determined anew.
What does your conscience tell you?
- You must become who you are.
Where is your greatest danger?
- In pity.
What do you love in others?
- My hopes.
Whom do you call bad?
- He who always desires to make one ashamed.
What is for you the humane thing?
- To spare someone shame.
What is the seal of freedom attained?
- No longer to be ashamed of oneself.

(Friedrich Nietzsche in "The Joyful Wisdom.")

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