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September 7, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Here is an updated itinerary of David Irving's lecture tour. Please note that some of these dates, such as those in the Bay area, are less than firm. David Irving speaking dates in the United States, September 1996

September 7 Los Angeles IHR (714) 631-1490 September 9 Sacramento -- pending -- -- TBA -- September 10 San Francisco Aftab (510) 845-9200 September 11 Tulsa Larry (817) 790-7363 September 12 Atlanta Lawrence (404) 814-9279 September 13 Washington, DC Andrew (202) 986-6628 September 26 Cleveland Eric (216) 888-4598 September 27-29 Pittsburgh MAX Show Expomart

· And speaking of Irving, I have to make a correction. The tape I mentioned several days ago that had the excellent speech students use to introduce Revisionism to their professors is not sold by those Washington State students. That tape was given to them as a courtesy to use for public use. If you want to purchase a copy, please e-mail ralphj@eskimo.com. This gentleman has other Irving tapes for sale - of lectures in Portland, 1993, and Seattle and Vancouver, 1995. · Several readers have forwarded e-mail on an interesting (and telling) item one of them described as ". . . the OSI and other hate groups. . . running out of elderly Eastern Europeans to harass and deport on charges of having allegedly assisted the Third Reich in the armed forces some fifty-odd years ago . . . " and now turning their attention on other victims to parasitize. The latest is someone described as a Hungarian-American, named Ferenc Koreh, age 86. It seems that this old gentleman was a Radio Free Europe broadcaster and producer in the early 1950s, helping fight against Communism. Janet Reno is reported as having instituted deportation proceedings against Mr. Koreh - NOT because he was a Hitler soldier or an SS man or a policeman, or because he worked as a guard at a wartime concentration camp, but because he allegedly edited a newspaper in Hungary! Some people call that chutzpah - for no moot reason either. Reportedly this paper was pro-German, a terrible crime more than 40 years later in another country, it turns out. The exact charge against Mr. Koreh, so one reader reports, is that he ". . . fostered a climate of hate" in Hungary. Sounds familiar? For this, writes my source, this man must now lose his citizenship and leave the land where he has lived the better part of his adult life. - not just for Thoughtcrimes in our times, but for Thoughtcrimes committed decades years ago! Can it get more bizarre than that? Yes, it can. It already has. In Canada, for instance, it has already happened that people have been deported in handcuffs - not for what they HAVE done, but for what they MIGHT do. David Irving, for instance, who had been invited to lecture there several years ago, was deported - not even for what he might DO, but for what he might SAY! And, of course, the whole controversy around Ernst Zundel's citizenship application is of that nature - enormous legislative and judicial forces worth millions and millions of dollars out of taxpayers koffers will be unleashed recrafting laws that will affect Canada adversely for years and years to come, if the Dark Forces have their way. Al this to silence one sole man who is politically inconvenient - not for what he HAS done in 38 years of peaceful living and working in a perfectly legal capacity in his publishing and broadcasting empire, but for what he MIGHT do in the future? Is that called fear, or what? Facts are stubborn things. Ingrid

Thought for the Day: "When Satan captures a position, he seldom bothers to change the flag." (William Sheldon)

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