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September 11, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I meant to be truly poetic this morning and really craft something beautiful for you, but there are several items of relative urgency needing your input and involvement, so here I am, prosaically:

* Over the weekend, Ernst was unceremoniously kicked off the air at KXEL in Waterloo, Iowa, from where he had broadcast an exceedingly popular four-times-a-week, one-half-hour program, "Another Voice of Freedom", that covered 18 US states and 6 Canadian provinces.

Ernst had run this program for years, and his approval rating had been a stunning 95%, as documented by the station manager. Frequently, this manager had offered Ernst additional air time because "Another Voice of Freedom" was so popular.

New owner. New mind-set. New orders.

The program was pulled; Ernst was not even notified. Calls, letters and faxes had no effect whatsoever. It became quickly clear what had happened; somebody had been moved into management and had been handed a club.

This morning I found out that "Dissident Voices", another very popular Politically Incorrect program, has been axed similarly.

Are patriots slinking away? No, not the ones I know.

Why not call in to KXEL, ask for Mr. Morehead, swallow every harsh word that's crowding on your tongue and let your feelings known politely? I know. It isn't always easy. But it's strategically smart to let our opposition know that we are men and women of breeding, substance, strength and principles and spine - and that as customers of products advertised on radio programs we don't like it one bit when we are told what we can listen to or not.

The phone number is 319-233-3371 and fax is 319-233-7430.

* The Renaissance Kids, up North, who have just finished a Student Revisionist Site they lovingly fussed over and perfected all summer, have sent me a flurry of happy e-mail, telling me that now they have a tape of David Irving on their website.

Their URL is http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~lpauling and if you have a sound card, pay them a visit, download the Irving voice and tell them what you think.

This is the tape I mentioned to you previously. It starts a bit "traditional" - that is, politically correct - but it's just like my grandma said when handing me her apfelstrudel: "Take the middle! Take the middle! That's where the jam collects!" The good stuff starts mid-tape and really lays it on the line toward the end. When I was finished listening, there was a big smile on my face that lasted for quite a long time.

* Something incredibly exciting and ironic is happening in Germany that has the entire world laughing at the Bonn Bozos - which is the following: An enormous controversy has been unleashed in Cyberspace, this time over a Leftist magazine called Radikal 154 that had a website deemed "offensive" by the ever-watchful plutocrats.

Now, as per threats out of our "democratic" Germany, Radical 154 is to be censored or barred in Holland (!) , and the Leftists don't like it one bit!

I don't know all the details yet and have just followed Holland News to understand what it is all about, but here is what I gleaned: It seems that the Radical home page has overstepped its mark and dared to be politically incorrect, and as a consequence, some 3100 websites, so it seems, have now been blocked on "orders from above" thanks to some threats from German prosecutors - NOT court orders, mind you! Mere THREATS!

Remember January when something similar was happening to us on our US website? The Censorship Busters who rallied around us - "holding our noses," as one of them said - had the good fortune, like it or not, to cut their teeth on us and on the Zundelsite. And now they are practiced, and swinging!

Remember Garaudy and France? Remember Britain and its Cabinet? Now it is Germany - and are the Bonn minions ever getting blasted, this time from their own "useful idiots" - the very Leftists who were nursed on the fake "freedom" of the Sixties and helped destroy our values to begin with!

Is that a twist, or what? These are the very people, to begin with, who unleashed smut and violence and perversion that made a sewer of our planet - now their own freedom is at stake, being curtailed by the Dark Forces who used them all along. And now the merchant princes, who sowed the wind among the gullible, will have a chance to reap the whirlwind! That's what it has come down to - so-called "Humanistic Revolution" is cannibalizing its own children.

I am quite sure there will be more to be reported in days to come - for now, let me just say that it is fun to watch the monsters' offspring turn on their own intellectual parentage while screaming bloody murder. Your cyberspace is charged with howls of fury now that the "electronic book burning" has begun - and lightning bolts are raining down from everywhere on Bonn's decrepit moral cripples.

Which goes to show, yet one more time, that nature is at work.


Thought for the Day:

"The will of the pure runs down from them into other natures, as water runs down from a higher into a lower vessel. This natural force is no more to be withstood than any other natural force."

(Emerson - again!)

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