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September 14, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Three items of interest, to be perused and pondered duly with your morning coffee:

  • For the second time this year in its attempts to stifle the Net at the behest of the Dark Forces, the German government has taken it on the nose, if I may say so euphemistically.

  • Exactly as already happened in January of this year when website mirrors sprung up all over the place as heavy German censorship guns moved into cyberspace to silence the Zundelsite Tale of the Holocaust Hoax, the Censorship Busters similarly simply started mirroring an equally besieged website in Holland (albeit for ideologically opposite reasons) and presto! The siege was over before it had really begun.

  • Here is what drifted in via the e-mail river yesterday:

  • "The German Internet Content Taskforce has changed its position regarding censorship on the Net. This was published in a still secret press-release, that can be requested - but obviously shouldn't be published yet - on the Net. De (sic) document was discovered, by chance, by the editor of the Daily Planet. In this document, that still has to be released officially, the ICTF observes that censorship of the site XS4ALL is useless. The censored Radikal pages can be found on many different places on the Net. The ICTF recommends the German Prosecutor to only prosecute the people that actually break the law, the user, and requests not to prosecute the providers. The ICTF started the censorship of XS4ALL, because they feared prosecution by the German prosecutor. Typical of the behavior of ICTF, a group of large providers and publishers, is the following statement: "WARNING: This statement, and its appendixes may not be published on WWW-pages or quoted until the final version is ready."

  • It almost sounds like an invitation. It shows the inexperience of ICTF with Internet. The document is accessible to anyone that requests the directory of their server. That's not even comparable to opening your doors to secret meetings, but is more similar to dropping all your documents on the streets, and tell people: "Please keep this secret!".

  • Of equal interest is this item:

  • Every August, a group calling itself the "Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression" releases an annual list of heroes and villains. This year's villains are Senators Feinstein and Hatch, Bob Dole and Bill Clinton, Bruce Taylor, and Donna Rice-Hughes and, of no great surprise to us, The Simon Wiesenthal Center.

  • The BCFE has placed the Wiesenthalers on their villains' list for this:

  • "The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), for its three-pronged attack on Internet content, seeking to censor postings and Web sites that "promote racism. anti-Semitism, mayhem and violence." Targeted are independent service providers, who are being pressured to exclude customers guilty of "hate speech;" college and university administrations, who are being pressured to drop questionable student Web sites and monitor communications; and foreign governments, which are being pressured to pass laws regulating speech on the Internet. The SWC's agenda has met with particular success in Canada.

  • Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal himself advocated censorship in a November 1995 speech at the United Nations. The SWC believes the exposure of bigotry and lies through refutation and rebuttal is ineffective, promoting instead a fascistic authoritarian approach to fighting fascistic authoritarianism. This approach is increasingly seductive to well-meaning people who ought to know better."

  • Finally, there is one brand new book I definitely want to read. It sheds light on just how the US Government employs the tried and trusted tactics of the KGB - tactics of interest to conspiracy aficionados:

"Defending 'Ivan the Terrible': The Conspiracy to Convict John Demjanjuk" by Yoram Sheftel, Regnery Publishing, Washington, D.C. 1996 445 pages, hardbound, $27.50 was reviewed by Katherine Notley of the Executive Intelligence Review, an organization that has investigated and published a lot of latter-day political and social scandals - Satanism in the United States, the fraud web surrounding AIDS research, the New World Order conspiracy entitled "Global 2000" and others. Writes Notley:

"There are two major facets of this book, written by John Demjanjuk's Israeli defense attorney: First, and most prominent in Sheftel's book itself, is the corruption within the Israeli justice system that led it to conduct a show-trial with the sole purpose of convicting Demjanjuk as the Nazi war criminal "Ivan the Terrible."

Second, but more important, is that the book reveals the depravity deep within the U.S. Justice Department permanent bureaucracy, in which a U.S. citizen, known to be innocent, was accused of being Ivan the Terrible, stripped of his citizenship and extradited to Israel to stand trial, on the only charges for which Israel invokes the death penalty: Nazi crimes of genocide.

EIR has consistently exposed this Justice Department permanent bureaucracy, since it was given a sort of formal existence with the creation of the "Nazi-hunting" agency, the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), going back to its beginnings in 1978. This outfit was established under the patronage of Henry Kissinger in the late 1970's, as part of his geopolitical "condominium" with the Soviet regime.

Under the arrangements between the OSI and the Soviet Procurator General's office, evidence targeting U.S. citizens from eastern Europe as Nazi war criminals could be accepted into U.S. courts, undisputed. The brazenness with which the OSI collaborated with the KGB - as in the cases of Tscherim Soobzokov and Karl Linnas - were beginning to tarnish its "Nazi-hunting" image: In the former, the OSI shopped out KGB-manufactured evidence to the New York Times, which pilloried Soobzokov, who was able to prove his innocence in a suit against the Times.

Hence, the OSI turned to Israel, a U.S. ally, offering it a "really big Nazi" to try, in an effort to bolster the OSI's flagging credibility: With the usual contribution of forged documents from the Soviet KGB, the OSI sought to have retired Cleveland auto worker John Demjanjuk denaturalized and deported to Israel to stand trial as "Ivan the Terrible."

As I behold the ever-more revealing evidence of just how seedy and dilapidated is the infrastructure of our opposition, a Dutch proverb comes to mind: "When a mouse falls into a meal sack, he thinks he is the miller."

Let that be your Thought for the Day.


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