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October 21, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Speaking not of us, thank God, but of another set of villains on the cyberscene, the Arabs, one of the censorship busters observed:

"When Parade, that ever-so-offline Sunday magazine, announces that Iranian terrorists use the Internet and unbreakable encryption to plan bombings, you know that anti-Net fearmongering has outgrown the Beltway and is gunning for Middle America."

This certainly fits in with much of what we see - the constant hue and cry about the rampant so-called "terrorism" on the Net. Along those lines, I found this interesting essay, "The Coming White Middle Class Revolt" by H. Millard, published by the Nationalist Times, excerpts of which are your treat for today:

"Let us be honest and direct and let's discuss things that make Milquetoasts get the vapors: race, society, politics and bigotry. Not any bigotry but anti-white bigotry. A form of bigotry that is practiced not only by non-whites against whites but also by certain whites against their own people. . . .

This world is the United States today. This is a place where the old myths - those pithy truisms from our past - are often no longer true, but few understand this fact. This is a world where we have a myth of freedom of speech but in fact must constantly curtail free speech to be politically correct.

This world is a place where whites are routinely Mau Maued into silence and are sent to an intellectual prison ringed all about not with fences and razor wire but with bogey man words such as "racist," bigot," "insensitive," "prejudiced," etc. Call a white one of these terms and you'll usually find him or her turn to mush and give up the argument. . . .

Perhaps we can start laughing at those who would call us names. "You're a racist," comes the slander, and the Ward and June white starts muttering in the most cowardly and fawning fashion "But, but, but, I am not. . . why, some of my best friends are. . ."

Perhaps you and I will reply, instead: "Shove it, slimeball," and not be cowed into abandoning the pursuit of truth.

What is the source of this white anger? There are many causes and many things fueling it, but have no doubt about this, there is a revolutionary white fire aborning in this nation. . . .

What is growing in the United States now is taking on a life of its own just as in France and just as in most other revolutions of the past. It has almost always been the case that revolutions have been started and maintained by the middle class. It was so in France. It was so in England. It was so in Germany. It was so in early America. It is so today. . . "

(Reprinted from the Nationalist Times, P.O. Box 426, Allison Park, PA, 15101, $25/yr.)

There is one important point to remember - there are provocations leading to revolutions that are of different content and springing from different sources. If you analyze different revolutions, you will find the anarchist/Marxist/Leninist destructive type of revolution led by cosmopolitan, shiftless, rootless, often racially mixed or alien types, and then there are the true people's revolutions such as the American Revolution or Adolf Hitler's revolution.

These revolutions are conservative in goals and nature. The people involved in these revolutions usually want their freedoms or living conditions or borders restored. They want to reclaim a way of life, restoring it to what it once was.

That was true for America in 1776 and for the Germans in 1933. Likewise, the Fijians rose up against the Indian descendants of coolies the British had brought to Fiji at the turn of the century as cheap labor. These people-driven revolutions are far less bloody and far less violent, and they are usually preceded by long, arduous struggles for power within the existing system.

That is the mood in vast sections of the majority population of America today - Americans want to take back what was theirs: the security, the safety, the confidence in their industry they and their fathers and forefathers once enjoyed and which many still remember. That is what is happening here.

Sometimes I wonder mightily about our opposition - that they would even dare to push and goad and egg the people on with words that hurt and laws that choke. It would be ever so much cheaper to say: "Let put all our cards out the table - your cards, our cards - and let the world decide."

Tomorrow I will send you another Open Letter Ernst Zundel shipped to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Let's see if they'll respond.


Thought for the Day:

"The literature of the 'free West', celebrated and praised by the reviewers and critics of today's newspapers, would probably be regarded . . . as literature of freemen for freemen.

In particular, it is just those authors who are most praised today who promote with boring repetition nothing less than the further decomposition of the spiritual and moral values of the Indo-European."

(Hans F.K. Guenther)

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