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November 4, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Thanks to the recent Harvard Law Library's "HateWatch", a web page to be found at http://hatewatch.org/ it appears that we now have a number of law students on our ZGram list who are keenly watching what Dr. Faurisson has called ". . . the great intellectual adventure at the end of the twentieth century". Our hope, of course, is that eventually a class will be taught at Harvard and other law schools planet-wide to examine every nook and cranny of Revisionism with fairness and impartiality. Revisionism will not go away, for it is, after all, a prime manifestation of what the Board of Review as part of the Canada Post Corporation Act has recognized in 1982 as:

". . . a much larger problem or struggle between two peoples i.e. the Germans and the Jews. . . "

As I reported before, Ernst has received a letter of the Canadian Human Rights Commission dated October 14, 1996 in which it is stated that an investigator has recommended that the complaints laid against him by Ms. Sabina Citron, a Jewess, and the Mayor's Committee on Community and Race Relations, apparently her tool, be referred to a human rights tribunal. This latest is only one of several new legal maneuvers by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby to silence the Ernst Zundel voice in every arena possible, including on the Net. Ernst Zundel's full reply to this new charge can be found at http://www.webcom.com/ezundel/english/ZTU/rooke1.html Here I just want to give you a part of his reasoning - again, in words largely written for the record and for the sake of future generations - why the charge should be dismissed:

"Mr. Zundel, despite 16 years of complaints by Sabina Citron and Jewish organizations and the resulting almost continuous monitoring and investigation of his writings by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Ontario Provincial Police Hate Crimes Unit, Crown specialists in hate literature and Metro Toronto Police and two lengthy trials, has never been charged with promoting hatred. . . . Mr. Zundel is an individual of German ethnic origin who speaks his viewpoint as he sees it on the tragic events between the German and Jewish peoples during World War II. Germans are the third largest ethnic group in Canada and are also entitled to the benefits of the Canadian Government policy of multiculturalism and the constitutional guarantee of equality before the law. Germans are entitled to hold their own views of their own people's history. The diversity which the Canadian Multiculturalism Act recognizes does not exclude Germans. The Zundelsite deals almost exclusively with German-Jewish history during World War II, a topic which deeply concerns both Jews and Germans. The viewpoints of Germans such as Mr. Zundel are as worthy of consideration as those of Jews such as Sabina Citron. Members of the German ethnic group are not second class citizens. . . . Mr. Zundel is as much a part of the multicultural mosaic as are members of the Jewish, Italian, Chinese or other ethnic groups. The diversity celebrated by the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, a statute by which the Canadian Human Rights Commission is bound, includes Germans also. It is time this is recognized and that the Canadian Human Rights Commission give a clear message to Canadian society that the human rights of Germans in Canada will be safe-guarded and will not be abused any longer by official persecution. The Canadian Human Rights Commission will agree that Mr. Zundel's opinions on the topics complained of by Sabina Citron and the Mayor's Committee have now been investigated for over 16 years by Canada Post, various police hate crimes units, and senior Crown counsel specialists in hate literature and that no charges have ever been laid against him under section 319 of the Criminal Code. Charges under the criminal false news law resulted in acquittal at trial on one count and acquittal by the Supreme Court of Canada on the second count on the grounds that Mr. Zundel's constitutional rights to freedom of expression had been violated. In all cases, Mr. Zundel's opinions as a German on matters of concern to Germans were found to be completely legal although no doubt unpopular to some segments of this multicultural society. The complaints are beyond the jurisdiction of the Canadian Human Rights Commission involving as they do the Internet, a new global communications medium not contemplated by section 13 of the Act. The Zundelsite is located in the United States, is operated by U.S. citizens, controlled by U.S. law. and legal under U.S. law. The Canadian Human Rights Commission should reject these complaints under section 41 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. They are clearly vexatious and made in bad faith by those seeking to silence Mr. Zundel, whom they perceive as a threat to their political, ethnic and ideological objectives. The complaints amount to an abuse of process by special interest groups who, unsuccessful in using the criminal hate and false news law and ancillary postal laws against Mr. Zundel for two decades, now attempt to silence him by using human rights laws and the Canadian Human Rights Commission as the pliant tool to get what they could not in the courts of justice. The Canadian Human Rights Commission was instituted to protect human rights, not to abuse human rights. As a member of the German ethnic minority, Mr. Zundel has the same right to give his view of his own people's history as Ms. Citron does of hers. In a multicultural society, it is debate and not coercion by human rights tribunals that will bring about true inter-ethnic harmony and understanding. Mr. Zundel submits the following: 1. That pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, the Canadian Human Rights Commission issue a statement recognizing the right of the German ethnic community in Canada and individual members thereof to debate and discuss the history of World War II without fear of persecution; 2. That the complaints herein be rejected on the grounds that they are an abuse of process, vexatious and made in bad faith and have been dealt with more appropriately under other Acts of Parliament for the past 16 years pursuant to section 41((b) and (d) of the Canadian Human Rights Act; 3. That the complaints herein be rejected on the basis that the Canadian Human Rights Commission itself has raised a reasonable apprehension of bias against Mr. Zundel by its own prejudgment of his Website and opinions as "hate"; 4. That the complaints herein be rejected as beyond the jurisdiction of the Canadian Human Rights Commission pursuant to section 41(c) of the Canadian Human Rights Act in that the Zundelsite is located in the United States and its content controlled by U.S. law."

This entire document, some ten pages long, is an important addition to the body of Revisionist documents now part of the public domain. It is part of what now sweeps the globe. I have used this Emerson quote before to finish off a ZGram, but it fits here so perfectly that I shall use it twice, for it describes Ernst Zundel:

"I shall not hide my tastes or aversions . . . if you are true but not in the same truth with me, cleave to your own companions; I will seek my own. I do this not selfishly but humbly and truly It is alike your interest and mine and all men's, however long we have dwelt in lies, to live in truth . . if we follow the truth, it will bring us out safe at last. But so you may give these friends pain. Yes, but I cannot sell my liberty and my power to save their sensibility."

Let that be your Thought for the Day. Ingrid

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