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November 8, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Up-front, a couple of corrections that have been heavy on my mind.

  • I was wrong in having written that French attorney Delcroix's fine imposed by a French court was not a heavy one, and that it was only 5,000F. It was actually more than 20,000F, an amount which translates into more than $5,000. The fax I received was of poor quality; hence the error.
  • The Delcroix sentence was severe, according to our correspondent:
  • ". . . 20,000F fine, 1,500F to each of the 5 associations for their attorney fees and 600F for the lawsuit fees; no damages, this time, except the symbolic Franc for each association. Total: 28,305F (5,300 US $).  Since the court of appeals always renders aggravated sentences, it is highly probable that Delcroix will not lodge an appeal. The Tribunal accepted the charge of "contestation de crime contre l'humanité" but made it quite clear that it was not so much because of his book but because Delcroix claimed he was a revisionist that he had to get such a sentence."
  • Defence lawyer for Dr. Robert Faurisson, Eric Delcroix, 52, was convicted in Paris on October 22, 1996 for his book "La police de la pensee contre le revisionisme ("The Thought Police Against Revisionism").
  • To quote:
  • "The court, presided over by Martine Ract-Madoux, blamed Maitre Delcroix for having labelled "a myth" or "a belief of a less and less scientific and more and more religious kind" the extermination of the Jews in gas chambers, such words "giving the reader the impression that a doubt exists about the reality of such an extermination".
  • My apologies to Mr. Delcroix. It was not my intention to belittle the sacrifice he made for our cause.
  • Secondly, the Nizkor (updated) URL is http://www.nizkor.org/ I gave you the old one, http://www.almanac.bc.ca/ I tried it after Jamie McCarthy complained, and it still works fine, but it is important to Jamie that I correct this so you can find his new site to check what is posted.
  •   Also, the Cracow (I called it Krakow) Report is available at Nizkor at http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/orgs/polish/institute-for-forensic-research/ It is a refutation of the Leuchter Report. It basically agrees with the Leuchter findings, but draws from these findings a different conclusion.
  • For its part, it has been refuted by the German scientist, Germar Rudolf, whose full text, "Das Rudolf Gutachten" is now up on the Zundelsite, but not yet with full tables. It is brilliant. Unfortunately, we don't yet have it in English.
  • And speaking of Nizkor, there is an interesting article in German and English in Der Spiegel summarizing the Nizkor work in trying to obliterate Revisionism. The original interview is available on http://www.spiegel.de/
  • It is absolutely politically correct - trust me! It is also useful to us in that the Nizkorites are asking precisely what we have been asking all along - to have ALL the concentration camp documents in the German archives released:
  • "McVay (of Nizkor): If the German government really wanted to do some good, they would quit wasting time chasing their tails on the net, and start digitizing their National Archives - the government has tons of incredibly valuable documentation, sitting in warehouses, going to waste. If they would take a positive role in making that material available to the world, Holocaust denial would be dealt a fatal blow.
  • I would be happy to do this, if the German government would rather not - all they have to do is provide Nizkor with all the microfilmed material they have - we'll digitize it and store it on the net."
  • Methinks that the good folks at the helm of the Holocaust Promotion Lobby, SWC et al, will have another "tantrum or colic," (as Dr. Faurisson once said, referring to the heads the Holocaust Memorial Museum, as I remember it) and clamp down on Nizkor for being eager-beaverish!
  • Third, many people have written to me alerting me to a website to be found at http://www.flinet.com/~politics/ Apparently, it is a gruesome website.
  • One of my readers wrote:
  • "I have just spent several hours reading part of what is on this website. . . It is more than you ever wanted to know about Israel."
  • This is supposed to be a very graphic website of Israeli atrocities, including a video of a Palestinian teenager shot in the mouth. (". . . having his teeth rearranged") I haven't seen this video myself, but many people are upset. Would someone give me a full review of this website?
  • From Japan came an interesting note:
  • "There has been a concentrated effort by SWC and the gang over the last 3 years to educate the Japanese in the error of their ways."
  • That is definitely something worth watching. I doubt the Japanese will be as doleful as the Germans seem to be - and as willing to empty their pockets.
  • Then there is Canada where Quebec Lieutenant Governor Jean-Louis Roux resigned three days ago (11/5/96)
  • ". . . after it was disclosed that he wore a swastika as a student over 50 years ago. Roux said that he had drawn a swastika on his lab coat while a pre-medical student in Montreal in 1942 and that he marched in a World War II anti-draft protest."
  • The Swiss as well! A Reuter release of Nov 3 coming out of Zurich states, in part, that
  • "Swiss bankers and Jewish groups searching for Holocaust victims' unclaimed wealth in Switzerland could be heading for a showdown if - as many bankers expect - the latest hunt for lost riches turns up only paltry sums.
  • Several Swiss bankers say privately that they believe Switzerland was not the big magnet for Jewish wealth before World War Two that groups like the World Jewish Congress (WJC) have made it out to be.
  • Much of the money that made it here has already been quietly withdrawn by victims' relatives unwilling to share it with family members, or by friends equipped with power of attorney that gave them control over the funds, they say. . . .
  • As uproar mounts, many bankers see these attacks on Switzerland - made with persistent regularity - as part of a campaign orchestrated by jealous rivals to undermine Swiss banks' successful expansion in Europe and the United States.
  • Some are even waiting for the anonymous people believed to be pulling the strings from behind the scenes to come forward and offer to call off the attacks - for a price."
  • From the Ukraine where, now that Communism is ostensibly no more, it is reported that
  • ". . . nationalists are so angered by the unveiling of a new bust of Vladimir Lenin they have threatened to retaliate by erecting a bust of Hitler." (ANA Report)

Who was it that said: "Drive away what springs from nature - it returns at a gallop . . . "? Ingrid

Thought for the Day: "Ever been swept off your feet by a herd of stampeding lambs?" (Jean Raspail in "The Camp of the Saints")

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