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January 1, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

With the New Year only a few hours old, it is time to look back - and ahead.

It has been a remarkable year. Without a doubt, the Zundelsite is now a global concept. Hundreds of media sources have commented on our work, and in a recent article in the Toronto Star, the Zundelsite was sourly proclaimed as THE one website ". . . most likely to be censored."

That's our badge of honor!

There are a lot of websites out there that speak much more bluntly than we do. The difference is that we say things responsibly. With impact. Where it hurts.

Another writer grudgingly conceded our Revisionist march in a similar vein, adding that " . . . (i)n the U.S., Mr. Zundel is an anonymous crank. In Canada, he's a celebrity."

The gent has that one backwards!

Here is more of his commentary, as taken from a December 2 Globe and Mail write-up:

"Many high profile attempts to regulate speech on the Net are ultimately self-defeating. When German officials tried to block the Ernst Zundel website, which originates in the US, it was picked up and "mirrored" in other places. Quarry outside a country's borders can be elusive. But in cases where national laws accord - kiddie porn is almost universally illegal - prosecution and shut-down could be swifter.

Neo-Nazis and other racists are a more challenging case, because the United States does not consider hate speech a crime. Maybe the Americans are onto something.

And Canada's favorite neo-Nazi is about to get even more free publicity. The Canadian Human Rights Commission wants its crack at the California-based Zundel web site. Good luck. All these attempts to prosecute Mr. Zundel only make things worse. How many readers would even have heard of the guy if Canadian governments hadn't gone to the trouble of offering him a decade's worth of courtroom soapboxes?

New technology, same old mistakes . . . "

Now all this pundit needs to do is to convince Sabina - and members of her tribe!

It has been hard, hard work - but what a pay-off! What a pay-off!

In terms of quantitative data, as of December 31, we have logged a total of 143,811 visitors with858,385 documents accessed. As I have mentioned previously, we did not start tallying from the beginning. Had we done that, and had we not had several technical shutdowns and other interferences through censorship, chances are we would have topped the 1 million document milestone as of last night, December 31.

My goal is to make it 6 million - hard-hitting, solid Revisionist documents downloaded planet-wide by December 31, 1997 - a goal which should be reachable if all our friends help spreading the Zundelsite story (the name alone will pull it up through the search engines) to editors, newsgroups etc. Just practice saying it! It will turn into Revisionist gold!

Our e-mail now runs as high as 300 letters a day. A slow day has about 100 letters. I can barely keep up, and it is worrisome to me because I have had to start deleting so as not to clog my computer and personally drown in e-mail, and much of what I throw into the trash is probably of documentary value to future generations.

I have also learned invaluable lessons about the tactics employed against us. By far, the most frequently employed weapon - and what a shabby one at that! - is personal demonization, character assassination and vilification. Subtract the shrieks, and very little else is left of a substantive nature or content to counter our views. And once you realize that, the battle is more than half-won. The antidote is one I learned a long, long time ago. Back on the farm some cattle taught me well - just don't step into it! Ignore it. It will dry. Fresh air and plenty of exposure to the light of day is going to make it stop smelling!

Looking ahead, here's what I wish for most: That more good, honest people came forward, saying simply: "Count me in." It's mostly attitude. Commitment doesn't have to come in big, dramatic ways, nor does it have to be grounded in an ideology that many still find hard to grasp in its entire scope. We aren't ushering the Brownshirts in; we are about correcting history and ushering in Truth in History so that mankind be liberated from half a century of lies! With truthful information, the rest will just slide into place.

In one of our documents where we ask for our readers' help, we say the following:

"People associated with, and sympathetic to, Ernst Zundel's struggle to rehabilitate the falsely accused and politically victimized German nation are not a political party and not strict followers of any ideology. We don't have or require formal membership. We don't require a racialist, Christian or national-socialist mindset or a specific political orientation.

We simply ask that you respect our right to think, say and do what we like, to let us be who we are and what we represent, and to let us have our rightful place in the community of nations.

We ask that you assist us systematically if you are so inclined. If you give us your support, we promise that we will enrich your lives in ways you could not ever have imagined. There's nothing as rewarding for the soul as following the "Search for Truth," wherever it may lead.

We now live in the "Age of Lies" of which past seers and great thinkers, such as the Pan-Aryan thinker, Savitri Devi, spoke in her trail-blazing treatise, "The Lightning and the Sun."

We want to usher in the "Age of Truth" - not with a New World Order, but with a True World Order."

And though many of us are of German background, our struggle is no longer national. It is, however, ethnic. We are determined to stop the relentless and vicious abuse directed at Western Civilization in general, no longer just the German nation. That is the reason why now so many members of other nationalities - Americans, Poles, French, Belgian, Spaniards, Brazilians, even Mexicans and Turks - have joined us in our struggle.

We promise you that your respect for us will grow. You will get to know us better and understand what we are all about - not people who hate other races but people who dearly love their own.


WILL WE BE SLAVES - OR FREE? That is the bottom line.

Yesterday, my friend Anita called me up to wish me a happy New Year. In conversation with Anita, I mentioned the "black struggle."

That's when Anita said: "Do me a favor, please. Don't call me black. I'm colored. I'm a Negro. I bitterly resent these PC labels that were forced on me, back in the Sixties when all this mischief hit the colleges. I prefer to use the term my family always used. The same people who have made the Germans out to be barbarians have made us out to be stupid. We know we aren't stupid. You know you're not barbarian. Just like you said - we have a common enemy. I would just like to get into the ring and put myself right next to the Germans, roll up my sleeves and start swinging!"

If she, an American Nego, can feel like that, what about you out there - you who have children with blue eyes and blond hair and freckles? You owe them.

I have thought long and hard about a summarizing construct to give to you as guidepost for this coming year on which to train yourself, and I have come up, naturally, with Racial Athlete. No one is going to strengthen your muscles for you. It takes self-motivation. Discipline. A willingness to sacrifice. Rigorous, uncompromising training - day after day, and schedule by scheduile. Deep inner knowledge that, no matter what it takes, the outcome makes it worthwhile.

Get ready now for 1997. Don't expect anyone to babysit your grievances and tell you what to do. Just follow your instincts; follow your drummer. Do what you feel in your gut to be RIGHT. The rest will take care of itself.


Thought for the Day:

"He is not free who can do what he will, but who can become what he should."

(Paul de Lagarde in "Deutsche Schriften")

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