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February 24, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

A few accumulated news items:


  • Here is a really thought-provoking item shining a brand new angle on our struggle. You may have heard of CyberPatrol, which is a blocking software program that keeps people from the dangers of stretching their minds.

Apparently it blocks not only us but Nizkor. This means, in practice, that censorship software not only blocks access to our work, it will stop access to those sites that SABOTAGE our work!

Wrote one outraged librarian from the Boston Library computers:
"Minors access Holocaust Web pages all the time for school research. Minors should be able to find Holocaust information from the Boston Public Library computers.

The point here is that 1. this is a shocking violation of the library's responsibility to its users and 2. Microsystems (publishers of CyberPatrol) is *not qualified* to make decisions as to what library users can and can't see."

  • A so-called "study guide", produced by Lifetime Learning Systems, includes a set of questions and a word game testing students' knowledge of the Holocaust. It has been sent out to 24,800 public private and parochial schools.

It uses role-playing ". . . to illustrate the group dynamics of prejudice and to suggests ways to fight it."

I often wonder when we will see the first class action suit against brainwashing vulnerable children.


  • The French take a different approach. It turns out there is a Macintosh game which represents opponents of racism as ". . . enemies of France on the prowl."

The players are invited to thwart opponents of racism and lead the National Front chief Jean-Marie Le Pen to power, to the music of Wagner's Valkyrie.

A French court quickly banned it - and no wonder! Some people might get an idea.

Great Britain

  • From England came several letters stating that the Labour Party - who most pundits think will win the coming General Election in the UK - have vowed to outlaw holohoax denial.

"That means," writes one correspondent, "we could see some very interesting show trials in the UK a la Zundel. Do the Socialists really know what they're letting themselves in for?"

  • An Independent UK consultant company, Smith System Engineering, has won a contract from the European Parliament to study the technical feasibility of jamming or censoring pornography and racism on the Internet and related systems. The outline of his duties reads rather ominous:

". . . Smith's six-month project will examine all aspects of the current situation, including the methods by which offensive material is currently distributed. It will also study technical methods currently available, or in development, which may assist in blocking the flow of pornographic or racist information. In addition, those who manage the Internet, including content, service and access providers, telcos and users, will be under scrutiny. The report will assess the feasibility of defining new duties for these groups that might be implemented, either voluntarily or by means of legislation, in order to prevent misuse of the service. . . "

(from a fight-censorship post)


  • Mr. Siegfried Ellwanger Castan, one of the most efficient activists of the Revisionist cause in South America, has been tried and convicted of spreading the truth.

Mr. Castan's best known work is "Holocaust, Jewish or German?". A rich Brazilian of German ancestry, Mr. Castan is also known for having offered a reward in the amount of 6 million cruzeiros for anyone who can prove the mythical six million. So far, no takers yet.

More about this gentleman tomorrow since he deserves a ZGram by himself.


  • From ANA Reports came this:

"Today (2/21/97) a German group put forward plans for a German Holocaust museum. There are currently two such museums in the world, one in Washington and one in Jerusalem, but journalist Lea Rosh said "We also need a museum in Germany."

The group, which consists of politicians, writers and journalists, wants to begin constructing the museum in Berlin by the year 2000. They suggested that the museum be funded by the German state, regional authorities, German industry and private donations.

This museum
". . . would focus in particular on support for the Nazis from elite groups such as doctors and judges, and would examine what led to Adolf Hitler's rise.

The planned museum would also contain a international research centre on Germany's fascist history and the development of neo-Nazi movements after the war and would be the country's first dedicated purely to Holocaust issues."

  • There is also a letter campaign building against the mayor of Dresden. This is the sycophant who refused to let German veterans - all holders of the Knight's Cross, Germany's highest decoration for bravery comparable to America's Medal of Honor - lay a wreath at a memorial in a cemetery to honor their fallen war dead.

It seems Herr Wagner thought that these 90 year old men laying a wreath would have been a "danger to the state". He refused to meet with them and generally disgraced them during their recent 42nd annual veterans get-together. Police were held off so that over 100 teenage left wing radicals could blockade the cemetery, physically attack the elderly veterans, knock them to the ground and spit on them, as they screamed "murderers!" at their own war heroes.

If you feel like giving this spaniel of a bureaucrat a piece of your mind so he can use it in the execution of his public duties next time he is in need of some, write to:
Herbert Wagner
D-01067 Dresden

Thought for the Day:

``Our grandfathers were no criminals -- and we're proud of them!''

(Title of planned protest in Munich on March 1, 1997)

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