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April 18, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I watched an hour's worth of television commentary last night, something that I seldom do, and was amazed at what is building for this coming weekend - an artificially hyped hate-and vilification campaign against the entire American Right.

Our enemies are seemingly in a state of frenzied alert. These days, at least among the Identity Christians, the phrase "aliens in our midst" has taken on foreshadowing Biblical meaning - as in ". . . Thou shalt not tolerate a Stranger in your midst". And "aliens" are NOT Mexicans.

There are all kinds of reasons advanced for that feeding-frenzy-like state of the liberal media sharks - could it be that the upcoming birthday of Adolf Hitler on the 20th of April has the members of the Tribe so spooked?

They know and hate the idea that millions of people around the world will celebrate Hitler's birthday not only in beer halls and pubs but more and more often with holy masses celebrated solemnly in humble churches as well as ornate, magnificent cathedrals - or under a star-studded sky.

These are good, decent people doing so. Most but not all of them are Aryans. Ernst says he knows of Japanese, Hindus, Muslims and even Chinese and Blacks who will celebrate the birth of this man, Adolf Hitler. Many fear that the "alien" who has infiltrated Western civilization like some cancerous growth will whip up a frenzy of media hype of news reports of burning crosses by the Ku Klux Klan, as we have experienced in past years. And they will worry that they will be blamed, for they are the new Lepers of Society, ostracized and vilified.

You can count on a rash of reports of "synagogues being vandalized," of "gravestones overturned", of "foreigners being beaten up" by "drunken skin heads" who are supposedly celebrating the Führer's birthday by such criminal and stupid behavior.

These stories will appear on the Front Page. Reading these reports, the Jewish community will be outraged, of course, and harvest all the sympathy of decent, non-violent people who have never been taught to see the design and who may live and die and never understand that they have been misled in all their best intentions.

In the weeks and months to come, some of these actions labeled "anti-Semitism" will turn out to have been hoaxes, perpetrated by "alien" activists themselves. That notice will appear, if at all, on page 48, in small print, buried deeply in ads for pet foods and the like.

If these vandals are caught - and many are never apprehended - the media will quickly refer to them as "mentally imbalanced" or "disturbed youth". As a matter of fact, I heard of one case, right here in Southern California, where a Jewish lad had himself a psychiatric session as an insurance policy, just to establish a "counseling record", before he went and set a little fire.

As a rule, the Right wing - the "Neo-Nazis", the "Racists", the "White Supremacists", "Fascists" and, of course, those nasty "Holocaust Deniers" will nonetheless be dutifully hated by the unthinking populace, and the Jews as a group will have their victimhood enhanced for yet another year. The "Nazi" stereotype of stupid, brainless, moronic killers and brutes will once more have been reinforced in the public's mindless minds.

This year, with the Oklahoma City bombing trial about to start tomorrow, you better be prepared for even worse scenarios, as those who want to take out the American patriotic movement will employ any means, fair and foul if not criminal, to neutralize the people's discontent by smearing their intent to clean this world of vice with evil insinuations. The "Nazi" label, which almost everybody fears, will come in very handy.

Therefore, no matter how angry you are, do not play into our enemy's hands. This weekend ought to be a time for quiet reflection and more hard work by honest means to spread the truth about the man and his astounding movement, both of which will be vilified and crucified with shrieks and yet more shrieks, although both have been dead for half a century. The Germans have a word for it - "Leichenfledderer", meaning robbing a corpse of its boots, possessions and even clothing - and that pertains not just to people but ideals.

This weekend ought to be a time of re-dedication to right an historical wrong against Hitler and his generation by all fair and thoughtful people. My advice is for all of us who know the truth in our bones to prevail on especially the younger, more temperamental crowd not to dishonor the man, the movement, and the race by being stupid, acting stupid, or doing something seriously stupid.

Ernst has advised some of his friends to grab their video cameras and catch themselves an agent provocateur red-handed - no pun intended! - if at all possible. Consider doing that. Who knows - you might just come back with a "Rodney King" tape of a staged, faked crime of "anti-Semitism" to slander a perfectly legitimate and heroic time - a time we know was a RESPONSE to the "aliens" in order to check the destruction that happened to Europe so many years ago - and hasn't stopped as yet.

Now wouldn't that be a nice birthday present to honor the man and his time?


Thought for the Day:

"In America to this day, strangely,
anti-Stalinism is still unfashionable among the

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