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May 17, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Today you are treated to a short-order food-for-thought, courtesy of Shanti Communications as part of a brief submission entitled "God Talks" by A Abuesnienah Jr.

Abuesnienah wrote as follows:

"In response to an ad in the NY Times that Jerusalem was mentioned more than 600 times in the Torah and none in the Quran, (Koran) I have volunteered to do some interesting work on my father's computer.

"Thanks to the age of computer and CDs that makes the search process so easy, (here are) some interesting findings based on The Old Testament [American Standard Version 1901] and the Quran (Koran):

Frequency in:

Word (*Derivative) Torah (as compared to) Quran (Koran)

Torah: 280
Koran: 14

Torah: 271
Koran: 75

Fire*/ Hell*
Torah: 426
Koran: 201

Torah: 358
Koran: 1

Torah: 65
Koran: 13

Torah: 246
Koran: 89

Torah: 60
Koran: 41

Torah: 3
Koran: 268

Torah: 7
Koran: 62

Justice*/ Right*
Torah: 379
Koran: 424

Torah: 22
Koran: 288

Torah: 30
Koran: 56

and Compassion*
Torah: 160
Koran: 209

Torah: 74
Koran: 19

. . . "

As I remember "Principles of Statistics 101" from my own college days, the frequencies above would be called "raw scores" - that is, not adjusted to other factors such as length of publication, time period in which these documents were written etc. etc.

Nonetheless, these frequencies are interesting because each word, in and of itself, has a certain impact on the mind.

It would also be highly instructive to know how the Bible would stack up compared to these two dogma documents - or even the Old Testament compared to the New Testament, particularly on such words/social condemnations which many people would consider smut.


Thought for the Day:

"Rather perish than hate and fear, and twice rather perish than make oneself hated and feared - this must some day become the highest maxim for every single commonwealth."

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

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