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May 24, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

In March of 1993, Ernst Zundel wrote his supporters in his newsletter that a letter-writing campaign must be started to protest the dismal state of freedom and justice in Germany:

"We have to start a letter writing campaign to these international bodies, to put pressure on the German government to stop persecuting and harassing people just because they have a different viewpoint on history when it concerns the Holocaust.

"We also have to ask that the UN Human Rights Organizations force Germany to allow civilized trials, where experts can be heard (such as) Leuchter, Faurisson, and Irving - and not just some Kangaroo Court proceedings in which the accused basically gets called to the bar to be convicted, and has no chance to present his viewpoints buttressed by expert witnesses and documents.

"In my own case in Munich, Fred Leuchter, the gas chamber expert, was not allowed to testify because he was considered not qualified - (yet) a Canadian judge allowed him to testify for two days.

"Dr. Faurisson was not allowed to testify - not qualified.

"I had asked Germar Rudolf, a qualified, university trained 'Diplom Chemist' to testify - he, too, was disqualified.

"Thus, not a single witness was allowed to testify in my defence, to make clear my reasons for saying that no six million people were gassed in places like Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek.

"This situation must be changed. I believe that if all of us work together, we can make the necessary changes inside the courts and in the media in Germany . . . Thousands of letters should flood their offices. We must act, not just talk."

Why must we act and not talk?

Because word has just come that Udo Walendy, a German expert whose work involves revealing fraudulent and tampered photographs allegedly documenting World War II German atrocities - when, as a matter of fact, many of these documents are evidence of atrocities committed by the Allies! - has just been sentenced as a felon.

". . . On Monday, May 5th, Udo Walendy was sentenced to 14 month in jail for: 'You were NOT sentenced for what you wrote or said, but for what you did NOT say, and SHOULD have said...'


No kidding! Truly George Orwell's "1984"!


Thought for the Day:

"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves."

(Bertrand de Jouvenel)

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