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June 3, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Two more items worth recording, as per the Zündel Power Letter (May 1997).

First, Canada Customs seized $3,000 worth of Irving books. Typical for censorship-happy Canadian officials, Irving's latest books, including his less-than-neutral or flattering Dr. Goebbels book, widely reviewed in the mainstream press in England and America, were held for two months by the "experts", until they finally must have concluded that these books were "politically correct" enough to be permitted to be released.

The interesting part of this seizure is that these books were cleared already when the names Irving and Zündel popped up in the computer to pay the Canadian sales tax. At that point, clearance was reversed and the confiscation took place.

"So Canada does have a blacklist after all of authors and also citizens whose names are 'flagged' in the computer!" writes Ernst. "Canadian customs and immigration officials have hypocritically and repeatedly denied such a practice or policy whenever I was detained, searched and grilled for up to three hours upon returning to Canada, and when I protested that unlawful practice. Here is one more proof of their discriminatory practice and lack of impartiality! It is very clear to many that official Canada has an institutionalized bias stemming from the incessant hate mongering by Canadian politicians and the media."

Secondly, it is telling of the mood of the country that the Canadian public massively rejected a ghoulish government Holocaust Promotion stamp.

According to an article in the Canadian Jewish News, May 29, 1997, Canada Post printed some 15 million Holocaust stamps, 10 million of which remain unsold and have to be destroyed.

The 45 cent issue was introduced in November 1995 to "commemorate" the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II and the 57th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Literally, the people ". . . didn't buy it."

"The Canadian Post Office has a major embarrassment on its hands," writes Ernst. "It seems the Canadian public, when given a choice to exercise discretion, flatly refused to purchase even postage stamps displaying Holocaust whining . . . The courage it must have taken by tens of thousands of people-simple, regular run-of-the-mill people-to say, "No! I refuse to take or use these stamps!" and ask the postal clerk for another stamp with a non-Jewish theme speaks volumes.

And these Holocaust promoters proclaim we have no impact in Canada with the ordinary public?"

It turns out that there is such a thing as compassion fatigue, after all-an apt phrase coined by an observant Zündel-Watcher.


Thought for the Day:

The French historian, J. Baynac, stated: "There is no proof (of the gassings at Auschwitz) but I believe."

The French Revisionist pioneer, Dr. Robert Faurisson, stated: "There is no proof (of the gassings at Auschwitz), therefore I refuse to believe."

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