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June 12, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

President Clinton, expected in San Diego shortly to do a commencement speech at one of our universities, is also expected to cheer on the New World Order by calling for "assault on hate crimes."

Now I ask you: when have you seen your last "hate crime" in the United States? And even if you have, who is to say it wasn't engineered by somebody who is ogling a job in what promises to be a brand new, highly lucrative and government-protected industry - the kind of industry they have in countries such as Canada, Germany etc. where the police have "Hate Crimes Units", Customs has a list of "hate literature" mixed with pornography etc.?

The concept was unheard of in the vernacular a mere few years ago. Certainly there were assaults of Blacks on Whites, and vice versa, and there were crimes committed both ways - sometimes in the name of race and often not - but there was not an INDUSTRY behind those acts of violence, an industry that BENEFITS from acts of violence, because such acts keep them in business. The more cases of "hate crimes", the fatter the grants! Ask Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center - the callous fund-raiser in the name of fighting "hate crimes" - he has his own formula pat.

And who gets to define "hate crimes"? He who defines, usually also controls.

Not only does President Clinton call for an "assault on hate crimes," he calls for "swift and severe" punishment for those who commit them. I thought that in the USA you were presumed innocent until found otherwise, but that will be a thing of the past if we get New World Order style "Tribunals" in the wake of "Hate Crimes" legislation - such as I have described to you just yesterday.

Now we learn, in addition, that President Clinton will convene a White House conference on the problem of "hate crimes" on November 10, so ". . . America can confront the dark forces of division that still exist." Cynics will claim that he wants to muzzle and silence his critics because he hates what they say.

"It is time for us to mount an all-out assault on hate crimes," he counsels, "to punish them swiftly and severely, and to do more to prevent them from happening in the first place." Clinton said that in his weekly radio address, speaking of what he called ". . . one of America's greatest challenges."

As proof of what he means, Clinton pointed to a recent incident in a white suburb of Atlanta in which a black couple faced racial epithets when they moved into their new home. I point to many recent incidents where I faced racial epithets from Nizkorites because I moved onto the Internet.

"Such hate crimes," claims Mr. Clinton, are committed solely because the victims ". . . have a different faith. (Hate crimes) leave deep scars - not only on the victims, but on our larger community."

He is not speaking about the hatred spewed unchecked against the Germans for the past fifty-plus years. That kind of hatred, presumably, does not leave any scars.

"They tear us apart when we should be moving closer together," Clinton says. "They are acts of violence against America itself."

Somebody sent me a video on the Oklahoma City bombing, documenting that 75% of Americans don't trust the government. As per a separate source, 73.1 percent of the present American population is classified as "non-Hispanic white'' by the U.S. Census Bureau. I wonder about just how much overlaps there is between the "non-Hispanic whites" and those who do not trust the government.

According to the latest figures compiled by the FBI, there were 7,947 hate crimes committed in the United States during 1995, involving 10,469 victims. These crimes, which took place in 45 states and the District of Columbia, involved racial bias in 61 percent of the cases and religious persecution in 16 percent. Bias because of sexual preference was blamed in 13 percent of the cases.

My calculator says that, even assuming these are bona fide "hate crimes", that makes on the average almost 177 "hate crimes" per state per year! Truly a staggering statistic!

Broken down even further, that makes roughly 108 "racially motivated crimes" per state per year, 28 "religious persecution crimes", and 17 "sexual preference hate crimes."

A national emergency - especially when you consider that "hate crimes" can and do cut both ways, and can and do involve such acts as swastikas spray-painted on synagogues by Jewish kids, as documented by Laird Wilcox in a report I believe is called "Hoaxers"!

"To truly move forward as one community, it is just not enough to prevent acts of violence to our bodies, we must prevent acts of violence to our spirits," Mr. Clinton sermonized. He has already asked Attorney General Janet Reno to review laws involving hate crimes before the conference to deal with such a national emergency.

He has promised the conference will ask law enforcement experts and Justice Department and congressional officials to ". . . take a serious look at the existing laws against hate crimes and consider ways to improve enforcement and strengthen them."

This was applauded by Elan Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress, who welcomed the announcement, calling it "a forceful and decisive step." He said his organization "pledges its full support" to the effort.

You betcha!

Now I will give you an example of a real hate crime and an expression of hate that followed that hate crime.

Rabbi Perin, in his eulogy at the funeral of mass murderer Dr. Baruch Goldstein, who killed 29 Arab people in a machine-gun attack at prayer in a mosque, is quoted as having said, according to a February 28, 1994 article by Clyde Haberman in the New York Times:

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."


Thought for the Day:

"We have to simply say, day in and day out with Israel: 'We are behind you. We support you. We are with you because it is right . . . Never allow a wedge to be driven between the US and Israel.'"

(Newt Gingrich, as quoted in "Congress Launches Fawning Frenzy", The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, June/July 1997, p. 14)

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