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June 18, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

* Hot from the Zundel-Haus come several pieces of good cheer, among them the more-than-welcome news that the Toronto Police have caught a telephone terrorist who has tormented Ernst and his loved ones for over 9 years with threats of arson, bombing, rape, mayhem, murder and assassination.

This worm escaped all previous traces. This time he called from his cell telephone. He has confessed!

* There is also a major, major story breaking we are still keeping under wraps but which will shake not a few of our not-so-friendly friends who thought - not all that long ago, either! - they could just keep on "dining out on the Holocaust", as Doug Collins put it so tersely.

I can reveal today that Canada's "Mounties" recently seized computers, cracked encoded material, and are poised to put handcuffs on some of the tormentors of Ernst Zundel and other victims of the left. Simply amazing information!

* Here in the USA, I haven't heard one peep about President Clinton's speech on Saturday at which he was expected, in Talmud fashion, to tie one evil to the other - in hopes that people will not notice. Specifically, he was expected to tie "hate crimes" with largely non-existent ". . . spread of racism".

Not a few Californians started smelling an enormous rat, and one of them, State Sen. Quentin Kopp, I-San Francisco, said thereupon it would be

". . . intellectually dishonest for the president to discuss the move to eliminate affirmative action within the context of a hate-crimes speech."

And, furthermore, he said:

"The president's effort, which is transparent - which is to render the abolition of racial and gender preferences as an aspect of hate crimes in the United States - is an indignity in terms of his office."

Of course there is a big push on in the United States for "Hate Crimes" legislation. More and more people are calling it "Goy Control" legislation. At the grassroot level, Clinton is so hated that his very advocacy will be a boomerang - regardless of the merits or demerits of such legislation.

* On June 11, 1997, the NY Times ran an article by Ian Simpson that Swiss banks

". . . recently found hundreds of accounts that might belong to Holocaust victims, but the head of an investigative panel and a Swiss bank group denied the report.

A spokesman for the Swiss Bankers Association said the story of recently discovered accounts of Holocaust victims had been 'taken from thin air.'

Volcker said Swiss banks did not present evidence at the Jerusalem and Bern hearings. 'This idea that they whispered in our ear in Bern or Jerusalem that they had made some new discoveries is not right,' he said.

* Meanwhile, in Switzerland the atmosphere gets curiouser and curiouser in the Alice-in-Wonderland mode.

One Swiss theatre, for instance, is helping the good Swiss to "face up to anti-Semitism."

A Reuter article by Alice Ratcliffe describing how it's done (June 10, 1997) starts out predictably:

"Crowds packed a theatre in Zurich to see an unusual show tackling the sensitive issue of Swiss anti-Semitism, something particularly painful in a country still struggling to come to terms with its wartime relations with Nazi Germany.

Opening in Zurich on Monday night, the work entitled 'I Don't Have Anything Against Jews, But. . . ' will continue in other Swiss cities, putting the Holocaust centre stage by holding up an anti-Semitic mirror to Swiss society."

This show, apparently, uses ethnic jokes in poorest taste and ends with a chorus: "We are back! Heil Hitler!''

The last line in that show is lifted from a French author, Edmund Jabes, quoted as:

"If you cannot accept people different than you, there can be
no real dialogue.''

Does that not sound as though he might have borrowed it from us? We're different - and we want a dialogue! And not any old dialogue, either.

We want a proper dialogue in a global court in front of the eyes of the world - and we want to be judged not by extortionists who yell, scream, spit, beat, burn, bomb, imprison critics of the Holocaust and sometimes even murder them, BUT BY A JURY OF OUR PEERS!


Thought for the Day:

"People will no longer let themselves be called anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic for saying that a Jew is singing out of tune!"

(A recent quote by Abbe Pierre, the old French liberal priest who found himself to his distress jumping from the fire into to the frying pan and back in last year's "Roger Garaudy Affair" pertaining to a former communist discovering Revisionism.)

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