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July 14, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This is the last of the "Zundelgate" series - a condensed version of the Zundel Power Letter, June-July 1997, Ernst speaking:

"Of all this detailed stuff unearthed by the RCMP, I had no idea. For two years, nothing seemed to have moved within law enforcement agencies. I was told only that it was an ongoing, active investigation. CSIS, in the meantime, sent its agents to supporters and members of the Heritage Front, to supporters of mine and Paul Fromm's, trying to recruit "snitches", offering money and other incentives!

Then came the big surprise! A friendly Canadian journalist contacted my office on June 4, 1997. I was in the United States at the time, when my car phone rang just as I was filling up my tank. A reporter of the Vancouver Province, who knew me from interviews we had done together in previous years in Toronto, told me that he had just received information from a tip that the Mounties had found the bombers!

He gave me astonishingly detailed information. I immediately called my attorney in British Columbia, told him about the break and asked him to contact the reporter, hoping that we could delay the revelation of the bomber's name, in order not to jeopardize the case. Incredibly, the Mounties had obtained permission for and executed one of the most detailed electronic surveillance operations and search warrants to raid a suspect's home that I have ever seen-but astonishingly, had NOT arrested the suspected bombers, despite all they knew about their activities! They had merely raided them to search and seize more material evidence-such as bomb making equipment, computers, data bases etc.

I was afraid that premature publication would make the bombers and their friends run, hide and destroy vital evidence! I was too late! On June 5, 1997, Canada awoke to the news that the Zundel bombers had been found, the premises searched etc. Shortly after I obtained a copy of the entire 63 page Search Warrant, again through confidential media contacts.

I was astonished at what I read! A slight chill came over me when I realized this document revealed a trail of terror against people not only on the Right but average citizens who were outfitters and tourist guides, intellectuals who wrote analytical texts of terrorists and terrorism, and even a company dedicated to the genetic improvement of milk cows! All these people, most of whom are probably not political, were accused by the bombers of being involved in ". . . Nazi-like or Fascist activities", ". . . even those merely wanting to improve dairy cattle." They were in fact, it was said, raising "Nazi cattle"-after all, was Hitler not involved in genetically improving the Master Race?

What can you say to such crazed leftist logic?

Make no mistake about it-these terrorist acts are not the work of two lone amateurs or nuts!

The police, the politicians, or future prosecutors and lapdog media might be eager to paint them as lone crazies. However, if one looks closer at these individuals, comprehends their mindset, and looks at their national and international connections, one can see clearly that they are nothing but local "bit players" in a global network of Marxist-anarchist terrorists who engage in bombings of politicians' homes, bombings of public facilities like prisons, or businesses. (...)

It is against this background one must look at the Mounties' reluctance to arrest these people on the spot, once the physical evidence like bomb making equipment, manuals, the computer hard drives, the data banks etc. had been captured during the search. The reluctance to arrest these bombers MUST be questioned when one considers that the list of targets was on the Toronto ARA website! (10 mousetraps sent to 10 addresses found on the ARA was culled from the Toronto ARA Website, and 3 addresses out of 4 bombs sent were found on this same website!)

One also should consider that there are still high profile names of organizations on that as-yet-not victimized list of targets, such as the Reform Party of Canada. Two Reform members of Parliament are mentioned in person, along with the names of organizations who have "Right wing websites"-at least in the minds of the bombers. There is Doug Christie's Canadian Free Speech League, History Buff, The Heritage Front, Paul Fromm, Eileen Pressler-all of whom have Websites on Marc Lemire's Freedom site!

All of these people are potential targets because they are in one way or another considered "Right Wing" and therefore on the "incompleted list" of the bombers-who were quite possibly interrupted by the RCMP's sudden, unexpected search of their premises! (...)

More yet, the police, who have access to approximately 13,000-and possibly many more thousands-of bugged and intercepted telephone and fax transmissions, have even cracked encoded and double-encrypted e-mail messages. They have bugged incriminating conversations in the living quarters and even in the pick-up truck of one of the bombers. They have seized speaker wire, batteries, tapes and other bomb making paraphernalia and all kinds of threatening letters used in the terror campaign. Yet these thugs are still allowed to remain free! Why?


The question needs to be asked: what would make these unwashed, unstable, violence-prone Marxist misfits attractive partners to these allegedly mainstream Jewish organizations and their largely university-educated leaders and spokespeople? Could it be that all those lofty goals and well-chosen phrases, the politically self-serving, self-promoting Annual Reports on "racism" and "bigotry" are merely outward facades, behind which hide thugs-of-the-mind?

(T)here is apparently a political wing and a terrorist underground which sets off the bombs and does the knee-capping. Any serious student of Marxist-Leninist tactics knows that this is the classic method employed by Marxism, described even by Winston Churchill in an article way back in the Illustrated Sunday Herald of February 8, 1920. The Reds and their adherents have followed that tactic for generations in each country they have infiltrated and taken over! Are Canadian government official or even police ignorance of these age-old Marxist tactics the reasons why investigations are floundering at the crucial moments? Or do the "higher-ups" in the police and judicial realms get frightened by the vast political implications the tough, professional lower rank police officers have uncovered?

How much do B'nai Brith and the CHRC know about the illegal activities of the ARA? Would they continue such open support if they knew of attempts to murder by ARA members? Or are the real financial and political backers of the ARA silent partners who have stayed out of the fray and do not openly support the ARA?

Are such possible silent partners CSIS-or are they private individuals or organizations?

Are B'nai Brith, Sabina Citron and her organization, and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre under police or CSIS surveillance? If you can be put under such surveillance, and one can-Paul Fromm is; the Heritage Front was, and is-so why not they?

A B'nai Brith laywer advised ARA that some of their stuff on the website was offensive, according to Dr. Karen Mock-and ARA removed the offending material within 24 hours. Does that not indicate a form of influence bordering on control? What else can B'nai Brith or other so-called "Human Rights" outfits get the ARA to do?

Does the ARA not mount nasty harassment campaigns against its opponents, trashing the homes of political opponents by smashing every window in their homes, vandalizing whole neighborhoods with spray-painted death threats, throwing "shit bombs" where they defecate into paper or plastic bags, which they then throw into people's faces into their apartments and houses?

Was it not the ARA who was advocating the arson of my house - in full view of the police? Were not huge B'nai Brith placards present during ARA-attended anti-Zundel demonstrations of 2000 or 3000 people just before my house was burned and I received the bomb? Did they not agitate relentlessly against me, vilify and character-assassinate me at every opportunity for years?


I don't think it is too much of a leap of the imagination if I come to the conclusion that all the above-mentioned people are not only interconnected, they meet and cooperate together, talk and plan together-and even act in concert, as proven by the "grant endorsement" campaign and the subsequent ARA hate fest. Obviously they support one another and champion each other's causes. We have the evidence!

All I can say is: Try to reverse the roles!

If Right-wing organizations worked as closely together as these Leftist-Marxist-Anarchists and Jewish organizations evidently do-in meetings, conferences, lectures etc-and we made data banks on Jewish leaders available to or from bombers, and real live bombs are sent, and houses are torched after arson was advocated in posters and during demonstrations. . . WOW! All hell would break loose! You know it and I know it! There would not only be prompt arrests-the media and politicians would howl for speedy trials and harsh sentences!

Is it because CSIS or rogue elements within CSIS had an interest in creating domestic instability and terrorism so they could run to Parliament to justify their cushy jobs and perks, exorbitant budgets, their White Elephant headquarters in Ottawa that covers a city block and reportedly cost $600 million to build-and at the same time wreak havoc with the lives and reputations of people on the right of the political spectrum?

Could it be that CSIS created not only the Right Wing Heritage Front through its agent provocateur, Grant Bristow-but also created, financed and even directed, as they did with the Heritage Front, a counterpart or THE counterpart to the Right Wing Heritage Front on the Left?

Could it be that CSIS has at least infiltrated, in order to direct or control, if not create, organizations like the ARA or similar outfits-to create and maintain domestic friction to guarantee their White Elephant survival in a post-Cold War world?

Ask yourself this: Why would CSIS not do to organizations on the left of the political spectrum what they clearly and unabashedly did not shy away from doing to the Right?

Or is it that there are private individuals and organizations known to the Mounties-who, it may well be revealed if the bombers are tried-are financing and employing "mad bombers" to rub out political opponents? Is that the reason why the bombers were merely raided-but not arrested? These two hate-filled bombers are virtual Teflon-men!

Can you imagine anywhere in Canada anyone enjoying such protection for criminal activities-powerful protection, behind the scenes? Who in Canada can get so many serious charges dropped, withdrawn, or merely get suspended sentences-especially with such information in the police computers and records with the judicial system!

This is as serious a case as it can get! Those records show not just befuddled ultra-liberal prosecutors or judges giving a break to some errant teenager. These thugs are obviously grown-up men and seasoned criminals with a violent past of bomb-making and actual arsons-and they walk away, time and again, like magic in a succession of cases spread over many jurisdictions!

No! In my opinion, someone was able to convince Crown attorneys to withdraw or convince judges to dismiss, over and over again, very serious charges-all over the country for reasons not yet known to us! Do these criminals enjoy the protection of someone or some powerful organizations which could help them in jurisdictions from Toronto all the way to Vancouver?

Think! Who could have such a national reach, such influence-and who would have the hate in their belly or the motive for such an effort-and get away with it?

Is this special status these two bombers enjoy the REAL reason why the RCMP brass has not yet delivered a report to the Attorney General's office in B.C. recommending charges and arrests? Is that why they have not arrested the suspects, even though they represent a clear and present danger to society while they are on the loose? Did the lower echelon police men and women of Metro Toronto Police and the Mounties across the country do a thorough and professional job in tracking down and identifying these Marxist terrrorists-ONLY TO BE THWARTED BY POLITICAL INTERFERENCE AT THE TOP? AND WILL THIS LESSON BE LOST ON HONEST POLICEMEN AND WOMEN?

We do not know the answers to these questions-yet! That's why we are reduced to speculating and educated guessing. Are the handlers and/or protectors of these criminals afraid that, once arrested and facing life time imprisonment, these two bombers will start "singing" and will reveal for whom they really worked? Who paid them? Who got them to try to murder me? WHY? (...)

I would not want to be in these thugs' shoes. These two men are aware that the Mounties have over 13,000 taped phone calls, faxes and e-mail, and so are the Mounties, for they most likely know the answers to the above and many other questions. (...)

Or are these two bombers only the tip of the iceberg?

If they are brought to trial, and competent prosecutors cross-examine them, will they reveal a corruption and involvement reaching into the highest levels of the Canadian educational, political and social establishment-which could tear this country asunder and have the power to end lucrative, sterling careers and even topple governments?

If these two bombers don't get arrested soon and kept safely behind bars, I would not be at all surprised if they vanished without a trace either with new identities and lifelong pensions, courtesy of the Canadian taxpayers - or wearing cement shoes."

Ernst Zundel

Thought for the Day:

"It would indeed be a tragedy if the human race proved to be nothing more than the story of an ape playing with a box of matches on a petrol dump."

(David Ormsby Gore)

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