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September 12, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

In an Open Letter to U.S. President Clinton, (September 3, 1997, Interfax) Russian Nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovskiy warned Clinton that "a wave of anti-Americanism is rising in Europe."

Zhirinovskiy stated that he believes that "these are the consequences of U.S. policy and an increasing number of peoples and governments are fearful of becoming its hostages."

I wonder why. Could it be that word is out that, according to the Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion, the New World Order is soon going to be locked in place, with Israel the hub of power and the United States its dedicated slave?

People always say to me: "Let the Holocaust be. It's been more than half a century. The Jews like to wail, but no one else cares."

To understand the Holocaust as a hoax is crucial far beyond Freedom of Speech issues - which is one of the reasons why the Zundel struggle will be taken to the United Nations level, where preliminary papers have already been filed.

"There are many ways to skin a cat," as an American proverb has it aptly, and to have the platform of the UN for our message is surely one of them. In the excerpts below, broken up into segments and interspersed with comments so as not to infringe on copyright, you will glimpse why.

These excerpts are taken from an article titled "Could Europe Produce Middle East Peace?" ( John W. Whitbeck, p 15-16. WRMEA, Oct/ Nov. 97). In it, the author states the following:

"Repeatedly over the past three decades (most recently on four occasions this spring) the United States has found itself on the short end of 14-1 votes in the Security Council and 150-2 votes in the General Assembly, standing alone in support of behavior which the rest of the world recognizes as constituting gross and unequivocal violations of the Geneva Conventions and international law generally.

"While most Americans may not notice or care, those who make American government policy can, on the psychological and intellectual levels, have only two possible reactions to America's choice consistently to oppose the rest of mankind on fundamental issues of international law and human rights. First, they can accept that America has become an "outlaw" state - or, perhaps a "rogue" state, to use the splendidly subjective epithet which America now pins on those countries it doesn't like. Second, Americans can tell themselves that international law is simply not to be taken seriously in the real world, at least by those sufficiently powerful to ignore it. The second alternative must be the psychologically more acceptable one. In any event, it is the one which seems to have been adopted."

Ostensibly, the Zundel anti-censorship struggle is still restricted to Canada and Germany. In reality, it is already global and has been for some time. In an informal conversation a few days ago, I learned that in Canada alone, 19 departments at the state level are involved in trying to stop so-called "hate pages" on the Net. In the recent symposium on "Hate on the Internet" put on by B'nai Brith, it was openly admitted that, and I summarize, ". . . we can't do it alone; this has to be an international effort."

What effort? To stop information from freely being exchanged across borders and regardless of frontiers, as the UN Declaration on Freedom of Speech has promised? Freedom of Speech is international law!

With that in mind, read on:

"Europeans . . . still tend to view international law as having an important role to play in making the world a better place. When they join the rest of the world in opposing Israel and the United States at the United Nations, it is not because they dislike Israelis and Americans (quite the contrary), but because they believe it is important to affirm and support basic principles of international law and human rights and to take a clear position for right against wrong and for justice against injustice.

"Yet, at least until now, they have seen their role as ending there. When, in effect, Israel and America spit in their faces and do as they please, the Europeans turn the other cheek, returning on the next occasion to steadfastly affirm what international law requires and to be rebuffed again. It is a process which ultimately diminishes respect for the very principles of international law which the Europeans seek to affirm. (...)

"Europe's problem is political will, but, in the new post-Cold War world, European subservience to American dictates should no longer be viewed as a perpetual infirmity."

So what will the Zundel case show up on a global stage, with many countries pricking up their ears? For one, naturally that Freedom of Speech has been violated and needs to be dealt with. But the Zundel case will go far, far beyond that - for it will show the world, via the Holocaust, just how controlled the Western world has become while people have been snoozing.

It will show who runs America, and other Western countries - and the WHY of that control will become crystal clear. It will show where the levers of power are, and precisely what holds them in place.

The excerpt below says as much:

"American politicians, like most human beings, are motivated principally by the desire to remain employed, which requires (or is at least perceived as requiring) not offending any rich and powerful special interest groups. (...)

"The US government continues to give unstinting support to apartheid and ethnic cleansing in Israel and Palestine because the most powerful of all domestic constituencies support them, and virtually no Americans dare to speak out against them."

The article quoted in this ZGram is not about Freedom of Speech per se, but the principles apply. Whitbeck then goes on to say, with the obligatory bow toward the Holocaust:

"By forcing Israel "to do the right thing" and thereby liberating Israelis from the role (so tragic in light of Jewish history) of oppressors and enforcers of injustice, European governments would be showing more genuine concern for the long-term welfare of Israelis than the unthinkingly and abjectly subservient American government. They would also revive respect for international law generally and for Europe as an independent force in world affairs."

Now mind you - this article was written by a highly knowledgeable journalist. He firmly believes in the Holocaust. He assumes it is true that the Holocaust existed precisely as it has been peddled.

He is only one of many whose eyes will be opened. Big time.

I keep on thinking what Ernst said quite some time ago: that when the truth about the full deception is revealed, ". . . the planet is going to shudder."


Thought for the Day:

If one of us becomes tired,
The other watches for him-

If one of us has doubts,
The other laughs reassuringly-

If one of us should fall,
The other takes the place of two-

For God gives every warrior
A Comrade!

(Sent to the Zundelsite from a Scandinavian ZGram reader)

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