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January 4, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I blew it yesterday. I gave a heartfelt plug for the "Belgian Revisionist Site" and forgot to give you the URL. It is http://www.vho.org/ Sorry!

I have been entertaining visitors this holiday season and have been otherwise engaged in a protracted holiday mood that distracted me a bit from my usual routine. But now I am back, and before me lies the year (. . . remember: 666 x 3 = 1998! ) I believe will see an expansion and solidification of the Revisionist purpose, which just this morning was defined for me as "Moral Re-Armament".

And don't you love that one!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to help the Revisionist movement to tighten up its focus and do what in marketing parlance is known as identifying and zeroing in on your markets to claim your market share.

Revisionists being an amazingly intellectually joyous, individualistic sort - much more a collection of independent spirits, genuine free thinkers and libertarians than the uniform "Neo-Nazi Apologists" our opposition tries frantically to make us out to be! - have basically sown the seeds of truth much like some teenagers in the first throes of love, all over the globe, in a haphazard, carefree way, without plowing the field and hoeing the weeds. And, boy, have some of the seeds taken root, often right in the midst of the weeds!

My mail is now running 14:1 in our favor, and already some of the mainstream media are beginning to hum the much more somber Wedding March. (Watch out for a Coming Attraction, a Calgary Sun Herald article by Catherine Ford, as soon as I can get the copyright waived . . . )

Already we are joined by people who only a few short months ago were self-proclaimed Enemies of Revisionism and staunch Defenders of the Kneefall Before the Mighty H. Now they have left the turkey flock and have started to soar with the eagles. :)

It is some thrill to read their writings! Some of these mainstream writers discover to their own astonishment that they are in a position to disarm the enemy because only yesterday they were the enemy and, therefore, privy to the thought processes and mindset of the enemy they now face nose to nose.

With this in mind, I would like to re-submit to my friends the idea I have previously floated to only limited success - to ferret out target groups and potential markets for Revisionist ideas and products and let go of the "mano-a-mano" combat. One-to-one convincing and persuading is utterly passé. It is simply too labor-intensive. You don't win intellectual terrain by recruiting three more fogies out of the boondocks and convincing them that you are right and they are wrong. You merely fritter away your strength and enthusiasm. If you have energy and vigor, you now have better things to do.

The Revisionist argument is now on the Net. It is available to anyone who cares to look and read. We no longer need to dissect it and make it palatable. We simply need to point them to the smorgasbord. We have at least ten high caliber Revisionist sites with tens of thousands of documents and essays, and hundreds of auxiliary sites. There, everyone can pick and choose according to individual tastes and stomachs.

We need to introduce our basic arguments and evidence to various professional organizations, Departments of Chemistry and Engineering at major universities, High School history teachers, Political Science majors, the various law societies etc.

We need to confront them with the findings of Leuchter, Luftl and Rudolf just long enough to whet their appetite and challenge them that their untested assumptions they have hitherto accepted at face value no longer hold water. We need to do this in a courteous, systematic way, institution by institution, region by region, state by state, and eventually country by country.

We do not need to argue out the finest points; we only need to rouse their curiosity and take them by their intellectual pride. We ask that they use their scientific training to check the claims made by the falsifiers. We need to stay clear of flailing insults and emotions. If we do that, and do our struggle proud, our victory is guaranteed. It is embedded in the scientific arguments, since ***science cannot be suspended** - not for the "Nazis" or the Jews.

Our opposition will immediately weigh in with variations of quasi-religious clap-trap. They will shrilly insist on the Papal Knee-fall, heave guilt at us, cart in their bouncers by the truckload, attack our character, do the talmudic hairsplits and gyrations we know so well as they defend their market share the "Schindler's List" and "Elie-Wiesel" way.

I guarantee they will extort the timid with ADL-type dirt files and Weaselthal Censorship Schemes. All sorts of things will happen - just realize they are now in a bind. The pioneering research has already been done. We are talking fraud - deliberate deception, forgeries, flimflam and trickery by our enemies, at the expense of our good name. The evidence is there - and in a thousand hands.

These news groups and professional forums exist. They have been lying fallow by default. Our enemies cannot have it both ways: the liberal free-wheeling free-for-all spin-doctoring while strong-arming the dissidents into a mental straight jacket right out of the Dark Middle Ages. As far as we now know, the Internet cannot be technically controlled and censored. So what is left? Just bullying.

You may be sure we will be bullied as we wedge truth into deceptions - deceptions of a scale and magnitude that will turn people's stomachs once they grasp what has happened to the Western way of life - and why. All we need to do is to resolve to get our act together, to stop the dilly-dallying and to get serious on the Net. There is work to be done. The rest will happen by itself, and normalcy and decency will once again return.

A relative newcomer sent me my Thought for the Day this morning: "More men are hanged by their tongues than by ropes."

Let those who hanged good men by ropes in Nuremberg now hang themselves by their own tongues right on the Internet. I guarantee it won't take all that long - if men remember they are men and not just jellyfish.


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