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January 24, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

One of these days, I keep thinking, our enemies are going to realize that hauling Revisionists into court is as counterproductive for them as it could possibly be - because every single court case, bar none, has advanced the cause of Revisionism, and often in dramatic and unexpected ways.

There's one right now that many eyes are focused on - in England. Two rather young and, I have been told, extremely verbal, combative and high-spirited young men, known as the Carlisle Two, will have Revisionist center stage next.

The situation, in a nutshell, is this:

The Holocaust Promotion Lobby wanted England to bow to worldwide pressure to adopt the grotesque Hate Laws so spinelessly adopted by every country on the continent of Europe - from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France to Span and beyond.

Surprisingly, the conservative British government under John Majors, with the vocal assistance of its Jewish cabinet ministers (!) ***resisted*** the pressure and refused the adoption of the Hate Laws because, they said correctly, these laws would curtail Freedom of Speech.

The Lobby immediately threw its weight behind Tony Blair of the Labour Party who was willing to trample on British traditions to get elected.

For whatever reason, the forces behind the scenes could not wait till new legislation was drafted and decided that they would go after two high profile British Nationalists. They came up with a complaint about Viking maidens and burials in a magazine called "Rune".

The two accused immediately went on the offensive and announced that they would conduct a Zundel-like Holocaust trial in Britain. They contacted Ernst for his advice, for documents, potential witnesses etc.

Dr. Faurisson was the first to respond and actually went to England at their first court appearance. Well, that was like letting the fox into the hen house! Suddenly the prosecution and its behind-the scenes backers were no longer so eager and pulled the emergency brakes!

There now seems to be a Mexican stand-off. Stay tuned.

Our favorite correspondent in France sent us this little note, just to share her exuberance. Enjoy!
"My heart is so full of hope when I see how Nick is behaving in England that, despite the fact that I'm overworked, I feel I must give you the last update.

Actually, Nick is behaving exactly the same way as Dr Faurisson did twenty years ago and has never stopped behaving, i.e. hounding our opponents into a corner by taking the offensive all the time. It is surely very much nerve-racking - and I hope Nick will have Dr Faurisson's strength - but I'm sure the progress of revisionism throughout the world owes a lot to people like that.

So, here is the latest development (see my Jan. 21 email): Nick wrote to "J.B. Longden Esq.", of the "CPS" (Crown Prosecution Service), the following letter:


Re: PR1/BL/2673/96 - R.v. Griffin

Dear Mr. Longden,

I note with surprise the fact that I have not to date even received an acknowledgment of my 5th January challenge to the CPS in relation to the above case.

The text of the challenge has now been widely disseminated, both in print and on the internet, in Britain and in a number of other countries. As a result, there are now many thousands of revisionists, supporters of free speech, members of the public and journalists waiting to learn whether the British state has the confidence and courage to prosecute a Race Law case - and particularly the question of "Holocaust" Denial - by addressing the facts and the actual circumstances involved, or whether the prosecution will take refuge in vague conjecture and in the hope that a multi-racial jury can have its natural prejudices and concerns manipulated so as to bring a "guilty" verdict without examining the real issues.

I enclose a copy of my original challenge. Please note that this letter has been sent via Recorded Delivery, and that copies of both documents have been distributed to the media.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin


So here you have a Revisionist actually pushing for a trial! That ought to give 'em food for thought.

We keep on saying: no longer case by case - now we are winning the hearts and minds of people, country by country by country. The Arab countries are so abuzz with Revisionism its hard to keep up with the crowd.

More, hopefully, tomorrow. My modem is giving me trouble, so if there is no ZGram tomorrow, it's not that the Dark Forces have won!

Thought for the Day - savor this one as well:

"As time goes by, there are fewer and fewer survivors to tell the story. Canada's history of inaction can only lead people who look back years from now to question how serious the Holocaust really was and lead to increasing support to Holocaust deniers."

(The Canadian Jewish News, May 15, 1997)

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