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January 30, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I am sorry about the missing ZGram yesterday. My computer is still bucking like a recalcitrant horse and I can barely keep it going. Relief will not come until the weekend.

My most popular ZGrams are always those that show that we are making headway in this struggle to free ourselves from the clutches of intellectual control. People are thirsting to know.

A self-help Rx is in order. I believe that, above all else, we need to find, support and praise those writers who can find the words to express what, precisely, ***is happening***. This means that we must spend our time and money in finding and studying publications that serve as vehicles for thought. We must forego that movie or that dinner and buckle down to reading.

I recently came across what looks to me like a rather new publication. It is called the Nationalist Times and comes out monthly, sometimes biweekly. It is mostly editorial content, and almost all of it is good. For my own protection, I want to stress that recommendation to read this or any other publication does not mean endorsement of content.

I will give you a smattering of quotes to give you a feel for that paper:

Attorney Don Wassall in a lead editorial:
"We are in an era when most Americans are alienated from government and the other institutions of control and leadership in our society. The old labels of 'liberal and conservative' and 'Democrat and Republican' are increasingly meaningless and indistinguishable. The real battle today going on in America is between internationalists and nationalists."

Paul Richard in "Trouble in Paradise: Internationalists Lament the Growing Problems of the One World Dream":
"While the internationalist ruling regime likes to present itself to the serfs as impregnable and its ultimate triumph inevitable, cracks continue to appear in the once-solid globalist front."

"Seems the "world community" is becoming just like those intractable peasants here at home - afraid of and angry at Washington, instead of kneeling in gratitude at the beneficence and enlightenment of the ruling elites.

"(P)ressure is continuing to build, both at home and abroad, against the fanatical empire builders of Washington, New York and Hollywood. Like the Soviet Union before it, Washington is becoming more and more unable to find the resources to enforce its desires."

H. Millard in "Does President Clinton Hate White People?"
"(B)y way of contract and by example, when we read, as we frequently do, of rabbis bemoaning the demise of Jews in the world through assimilation and intermarriage, we hear no one saying that the rabbis are guilty of 'hate speech'."

John Bell in "Drawing the Line":
"Perhaps it is time to define what is intolerably harmful to us and what is helpful to our Cause."

Let us define by example. Clearly those who risk all to defend our people are on our side of the line . . . self-proclaimed "conservatives" who sanctimoniously attack us as "racists" must be exposed for the despicable cowards and hypocrites they are.

"By far, the most telling aspect of this diatribe is the fact that hysterical shrieks about hatred and genocide just happen to be the most venomous weapons in the left's arsenal of vituperation . . . The charge is a lie. White nationalism, like any other, is based on love for one's own people, not hatred of others."

"Rarely does a month go by without some self-anointed know-it-all declaring a blood feud over differences that must make the left howl with derisive laughter. But as bad as this problem is, there is a worse one: the tendency of the weak-willed to desert into the camp of the enemy - and then to piously proclaim that they did it on moral ground."

Bat Buchanan in "Are Elites' Days of Wine and Roses Near an End?"
"Something is horribly amiss with a Global Economy created by and for the transnational elites; there is not enough money left to cover all the disasters and blunders the elites have wrought; the world needs a new vision."

From a Book Review of a title called "Death and Rebirth":
"Until redemption is won, let us keep always in mind the identity of those who orchestrated the crisis: the aliens who rule over us from Washington and Wall Street and Hollywood and the collaborators among our people who have betrayed us for ideology and for profit."

Samuel Francis in "Nationalism, True and False":
"The reliance of the American managerial class on manipulation rather than force explains why dissidents are not simply rounded up and imprisoned or shot as they were in the sister regimes in Europe, as well as why the victory of the new elite in the middle of the century was so peaceful and virtually invisible to all but keen observers like James Burnham, C. Wright Mills, and Garet Garrett and a few others. Instead of being repressed, opponents of the revolution were either ignored and marginalized, or, in some cases, rewarded and thereby digested within the belly of the beast."

"Law enforcement branches of the regime never paid as much attention to the Weathermen, the Black Panthers, or the various Maoists, Guevarists, and Trotzkyites as they are paying today to perfectly law-abiding and patriotic militia and grassroots activists of the right."

"(T)he emerging federal police state, with the help of semiprivate intelligence gathering arms like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, can be expected to use coercion at least as thoroughly as the secret police of the European dictators."

Subscription address is: Nationalist Times, P.O. Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101. Annual subscription $25.00.

Thought for the Day:

In the meantime, let us study things which are no more.
It is necessary to know them, if only for the purpose of
avoiding them. The counterfeits of the past assume false
names, and gladly call themselves the future.

--Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

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