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February 4, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I recently lost a financial supporter because he became angry with me over a certain strategy he wanted me to follow: mounting a furious letter blitz against a specific political villain he had identified to be the cause of our troubles.

Had I had the luxury of scattering myself and just giving vent to my feelings, I might have considered doing just that. There are many times when feelings of anger just flood me, but I know that I have to stay focused on what I am doing in my specific Revisionist trench.

My efforts at the present time have to do with 1) identifying, clarifying and focusing the NATURE of our struggle, and 2) presenting an image of NORMALCY. We are good people fighting an honorable fight in the intellectual realm - it is as simple and clear-cut as that. We are not goose-stepping maniacs ready and waiting to spring new "gas chambers" on Jews.

In hunting through my hard disk for today's ZGram, I came across a back-and-forth from two readers that was sent to me this past summer, which I would like to share with you. In this ZGram, I have borrowed from both, for I found that they spoke to the topic:

"I have been giving a great deal of thought to our plight and the awesome responsibility that has befallen us.

Some tend to think persistence is enough. Though this is admirable, if progress can't be measured from what we do, we need to reappraise our methods replacing those that do not work with ones that do. It is a constant cycle of checking and planning and improving our methods.

With (our opposition) and its agents in full charge of the federal government and the means of mass communication, we cannot afford to waste our time fighting in their arena under their rules of battle. By doing so, (they have) us right where (they) want us.

What needs to be done is to take the blocks apart and see how they work. We must change tack. We must cease being REACTIVE and become PROACTIVE. We must cease thinking short-term and begin thinking long-term. I t is hard to take that step which will make one a target. Our own fears are as great an obstacle as any before us.

Whenever we enter into public fora and rant and rave about the Jewish-dominated Occupation Government or the Zionist-controlled media, we only hold ourselves up for a beating. Since ZOG and its minions control the means of mass communications, they naturally dictate the terms of any debate that takes place. Let's wise up.

One of the things that I see as a problem is there is very little promise of success or success in fighting the status quo out in the open. There are those that rant. There always will be, but this is not the paradigm that should be followed by those who recognize this as a dead end.

Foremost is (that) no positive alternative is presented to replace what we want eliminated. We must promote more than "hate"; we must promote a positive agenda that will attract the masses, and we must do so at the grassroots level. We must remove our fight from arenas in which we cannot win, and pitch battle on our own turf where we set the rules.

Attracting the masses takes too long, and from my reading of history, the masses have never accomplished anything. The masses did not put those in power now where they are. One oligarchy replaces another. Many times, nobody notices when it happens.

The key is the set of values the oligarchy holds. This is what sets the political agenda. The masses are told what to believe and simply follow. So this "convert the masses" approach is what comes after power is taken. It is not the path to power even in a "democracy."

We should NEVER stop promoting our rights and interests, but we must be smarter as to how we go about it. The first step in attracting new members to our Cause is not by lambasting the Black or the Jew, but by exalting the Aryan - his heritage, history, culture, and accomplishments.

The idea of a society geared to produce intelligent, attractive, and productive people, or whatever values or goal we are discussing here must include an aspect which will be seen to benefit either those in power or those striving to replace them. If we are only purveyors of "hate", we shall get nowhere, but if we are bearers of the mantle of Aryan history and glory we can win the hearts and minds of millions.

History makes most people yawn. People do not work for the past - they work for the present and future. Bearing the mantle of history is like putting on a double knit polyester leisure suit. Nostalgia motivates people to collect (trash) other people have thrown away. It doesn't inspire people to do great things that last.

I am not denigrating our history here, but people always ask "Where is the promise of a better tomorrow? How does it address the problems we face today?"

Are we looking to bands of marauding warriors as our vision for the future? How attractive is that? A promise must be there. This is what ex-president Bush derisively called "the vision thing."

The average White person already knows the situation, but when he sees an Aryan brother or sister carrying on like a maniac and then being held up for public ridicule, it only scares him away from the Cause.

We must work smarter and harder.

Up to now, our efforts at educating the people have been little short of fanatical ravings. We must adopt the "reasonable" tone of our enemies and studiously avoid any speech or behavior that will allow the label of "hater" to be pinned on us.

After all, our purpose is not to hate others but to promote ourselves. "They" will label us no matter what. "They" will even make things up if they have to. The problem at root is not our tone, it is relentless pounding of the global media. Our only current avenue of response is the Internet which will increase in influence, but our enemies are there too.

Our information must use the tactics of the enemy: those who challenge or denigrate our race and culture must politely - but sternly- be publicly labeled as hate-mongering. When challenged, we must subtly hold our accusers up for ridicule and approbation. It is amazing what a slight tone of patronizing condescension in the voice will do when responding to a detractor!

(Moreover), holding our enemies up to ridicule is not enough. In order to win, their views and behavior must become risky and financially costly. It must become a career killer just as our enemies have worked so hard to make life difficult for us.

Next, we have all seen the television talk shows featuring "neo-Nazis" and "skinheads". Have you ever seen any of these shows in which our point of view is presented respectfully or where we are represented by normal people? No!

These TV and radio shows are simply set-ups designed to denigrate our Cause. Producers always find the most bizarre individuals to present the Aryan viewpoint, making us all look like fools. They are the modern equivalent of circus side shows with their bearded ladies and geeks.

Virtually all the mass media are controlled by views, non-whites, and white liberal race-traitors. They are out to destroy us and we must never take their bait.

In short, we must NEVER fight in the arena controlled by the enemy, and our literature and information services must always come across as sane and reasonable. Our impact on society will continue to be minimal unless we carefully and methodically spread ourselves throughout every segment and socio-political institution in the nation.

White Nationalists are already in just about every walk of life anyway, so why not coordinate this penetration for maximum effect? We need Loyal Kindred in the sciences, industry, the media, the medical profession, as teachers, and especially in law enforcement and the military. The last two institutions are ripe grounds for spreading our message and bringing in new members to The Cause. No one in our society has to face barbarians on a day-to-day basis more than police officers. The climate is right here for spreading our message.

What message is that? One has to remember that the police are paid with tax money and are controlled by politicians who write the cheques. If our message, whatever it is, causes careers to be damaged, it will be rejected by law enforcement leaders.

The climate is also right in the military, where traditional American values are honored among our men and where a conservative political outlook is the norm. Again, however, we are not trying to create ranting, raving lunatics who will go on a rampage. Rather, we are trying to place Loyal Kindred in the institutions of ultimate social control so that when ZOG does try to break the back of our growing movement, it will have no one to carry out its aggression.

Unions and professional groups are another good, fertile planting ground for The Movement. Who has faced more immediate threat to livelihood than the working men and women who have seen their jobs exported overseas? Who has seen more unqualified candidates hired and promoted because of affirmative action than the average worker? Who has seen ZOG steal more of its precious money than the blue collar, pink collar, and middle management workers? These are our people and they need our help! We can make our influence felt where it will have the most impact and, if necessary, we will eventually be able to bring real economic pressure to bear - if push comes to shove in our struggle with ZOG!

We must build an Aryan economy outside the Occupation economy. We must learn to think as a Kindred! and contribute our share to building economic Justice for the White Nation. In Occupied America every other group - Jew, Asian, feminist, homosexual, Black, and Hispanic - is allowed and even encouraged to build a strong internal economy - one designed to promote that group to the exclusion of others. The only group strictly forbidden by law from doing this is the White Population!

Think about it and let it sink in: Under American Apartheid, we are the only group with no recognized economic rights. How can White families grow and flourish under these circumstances? We must build our economy quietly and without attracting attention. We will humbly build our wealth and our families, and in so doing build our strength as a People and a Nation!"

Thought for the Day:

"For me what is most important is to have a Jewish state in which at least 80 percent of its population is Jewish."

(Yitzak Rabin, former Israeli Prime Minister, as quoted in Time, November 13, 1995)

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