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February 6, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

On January 16 of this year, I did a couple of ZGrams on a young Revisionist, David Cole, who had annonced his defection from the Revisionist camp two weeks ago, the notice of which only reached me January 14.

I put these ZGrams in the hopper for two reasons: 1) I felt that the "First Shot" belonged to CODOH because of an important CODOH outreach campaign into the American colleges and universities, and 2) because the story proved much larger and more serious than I had, at first, assessed it to be.

The Cole defection is well-known in Revisionist circles, but it is, for the most part, unknown in the Nationalist community at large. Therefore, it deserves major treatment. Today's ZGram will be the introduction to a 10-part ZGram series to put this defection in its proper context for people who are new to Revisionism specifically and the Nationalist movement generally and might wonder what was ***really*** going on.

The David Cole repudiation of years of substantial Revisionist work is a story that is highly dramatic, ironic, sad, and also frightening because it shows that the Enemies of Truth have been backed into a corner and are willing to threaten to use very serious violence - even against one of their own, who happens to agree with the findings of Revisionism and the need to take a serious look at what is going on in this global Shoah business.

Here is what I originally wrote, in part excerpted from the then-in-progress "Power" letter, which was mailed in early February to supporters of the Zundel-Haus work. This segment, written by Ernst Zundel, which I edited, was subtitled:
David Cole, a brave young man and a Jew, succumbs to unbearable pressure from Jewish terrorists:

"I have some sad news to report. There has been another defection out of the Revisionist community. David Cole, a young Jew who in the past has done some remarkable Revisionist video recording and on-the-ground work, has crossed over and written a retraction.

"I was not in touch with David, for he had pulled back from Revisionism for years, and I respected his space and wishes to be left alone. I watched helplessly while this was happening to the young man I had quickly learned to appreciate when I met him on the weedy fields of Auschwitz and Birkenau, in today's Poland, so many years ago.

I had heard of David from my friend, advisor and fellow revisionist activist, David McCalden, who soon thereafter passed away at a young age. David told me about this "Jewish kid" he had befriended, about his quick mind and razor-sharp intelligence. He also told me about David's courage. If memory serves me right, David Cole had been there in a synagogue when David McCalden was thrown through a plate glass window during a fracas which ensued with some local JDL (Jewish Defense League) types, and he gave a statement to police backing up David McCalden's story. This was a brave act under the circumstances.

I liked David Cole, once I met him. We met for the first time over a lengthy dinner at Auschwitz. I was impressed by his genuine interest in Revisionism, his grasp of the historical context, and his courage to do something I knew his community would not approve of-strike up a genuine Revisionist friendship with Ernst Zundel.

David and I video-toured Auschwitz and Birkenau together, and it was an eery feeling for me at the time to have a young American Jew, half my age, explain on camera to me, the German, what he found was wrong with Auschwitz and the Holocaust mass gassing claims in that horror theme park.

This film is David's best-known work. It secures David Cole his place in Revisionist history, no matter what happens to him, what (our enemies) do to him, or what he feels he now has to say to survive.

David also appeared in Germany on the same platform with me and spoke with courage and conviction about the many inconsistencies of Auschwitz, while German police were present in the hall. He did not flinch or shirk the issues. Truth was Truth to him, and he defended it, regardless of the costs. (...)

I was, by then, a battle-scarred Revisionist veteran, possibly showing the first signs of battle fatigue after going flat out for years in Holocaust trial after Holocaust trial. I remember feeling possibly a little shamed but in any case re-invigorated by the dynamism of this young man.

David wrote to the Attorney General of Ontario to speak up for me at a time when I was once again under threat of being charged criminally for my "Holocaust skepticism". This young Jewish individual took a lot of heat and abuse from his peers and his relatives because of his most uncompromising stand.

His high point undoubtedly came when he gave a series of speeches in Kitchener and Toronto, Canada, and shared the platform with David Irving. It was David Cole who brought the house down and people to their feet in a standing ovation in what was undoubtedly his most ringing defense of me and my right to speak and think. I can say without fear of overstating the case that no one in my entire struggle-spanning decades, soon to be half a century-has ever moved me and my friends as David Cole did on that day in the Primrose Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

We did several subsequent video- and radio interviews for broadcasts, during which I marveled at David's quick wit and almost instant recall, thanks to a near-photographic memory, for facts, dates and details. Those interviews were like tours de force through the minutia of Revisionism. David had become a Revisionist workhorse-just like the rest of us."

The above-mentioned Cole video tape with the Director of Auschwitz, Dr. FranciszekPiper, was, and is, one of the items which has really annoyed the Holocaust promoters. It simply unnerves them - after all, no matter all the forensic evidence, when you hear from a high Auschwitz official himself that the so-called gas chambers were fake "reconstructions" done for political purposes ***after*** the war, that Piper statement has a powerful emotional impact - because ot was given to a Jew.

In coming ZGrams I will explain how this video was used in a major outreach campaign across American university campuses, and why it is perceived as so threatening that the Holocaust Promotion Lobby went into high gear. After all, what David Cole said wasn't really new - Dr. Faurisson had said the same thing 15 years before!

Stay tuned for this story to unfold in the coming ZGrams.

Thought for the Day:

"No Jew is free as long as telling the truth is eo ipso to become an informer to the goyim."

(John Murray Cuddihy in "The Ordeal of Civility")

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