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February 9, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This is ZGram #4 on the "David Cole Defection" series.

In the previous three ZGrams I described how David Cole, a young gifted Jew, became introduced to and involved with Revisionism by touring Auschwitz with Ernst Zundel and doing subsequent video and lectures on behalf of Revisionism.

Part of that work included an innovative video David had made with Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director of the Holocaust tourist complex, during which Dr. Piper admitted that the so-called "gas chambers" were a tourist attraction constructed ***after the war***.

The advertising campaign across American campuses, put on by CODOH, attracted the ire of the Jewish Defense League, who put out a vicious call for the whereabouts of David Cole, with a not-so-subtle threat that he ought to be "eliminated." This happened sometime in the late fall of last year.

An article by one Martin Henry, titled "Silence Too is an Answer" was posted on the CODOH webpage, apparently shortly thereafter. It reads:

  THERE'S A THREAT on the Internet. "We must get
rid of this monster" the internet page reads, who
is a "cancerous sore" and "must be eliminated
altogether." He is "an abominable psychopath" who,
if stopped will "remove a dangerous parasitic,
disease-ridden bacteria from infecting society."
Just so no one misses the point, the article ends
with the offer of a monetary award for this
person's home address.

  What do we have here? The ravings of a white
racist bigot? Or the rant of an unreconstructed
Nazi? Neither one. The above is from an article on
the homepage of the Jewish Defense League at
http://www.jdl.org/Traitor_amer.html. And, while
the target of the attack is a member of a minority
group, his identity might surprise you.

  His name is David Cole. An American Jew, he
made a video a few years ago taking apart the
legend of the gas chamber at Auschwitz, and showing
that the gas chamber in the main camp was a
post-war reconstruction.

  The reason David Cole is being targeted is
pretty obvious. For the past several months the
Committee for the Open Discussion of the Holocaust
Story (CODOH) has published several ads in college
newspapers all over the country, and most of these
have featured a $50,000 reward for the person who
facilitates the showing of David Cole's Auschwitz
video on a major network. Surely it is due to the
desire to intimidate David Cole into silence or
recantation that the JDL has begun their campaign
of threats.

  It is just as obvious that the JDL is
conducting this campaign of veiled death threats
because they think they can get away with it. At
minimum, the page constitutes a hate crime
according to US law, because Cole is being targeted
specifically because of his Jewishness: according
to the page, he is "more evil" "because he is a

  Naturally, CODOH is curious to see how the
usual Jewish watchdog agencies would handle this
threat, so we have notified the Anti-Defamation
League as well as the Simon Wiesenthal Center. So
far, no response.

  And that lack of response is the key to why the
JDL thinks they can act with impunity. For over
twenty years, the self-appointed human rights
organizations in this country and Europe have
turned up their noses as a number of revisionists
have been beaten, firebombed, blown up in their
cars, terrorized, arrested, fined, and imprisoned.
They have been silent.

  And the reason these organizations won't speak
up is because the intellectual elites in America
and Europe, in our colleges and universities, have
chosen political correctness over civic courage,
and the cozy comfort of tenure and platitudes about
moral superiority over the uncertainties of
integrity and honor, and have allowed the questions
the revisionists have raised to be buried,
marginalized, and turned into a taboo. They too
have been silent.

  Make no mistake: every historian who out of
incompetence, ignorance, or cowardice refuses to
engage revisionism in a rational and cogent way
leaves the field to the crazy threats of the
lunatic fringe. And this goes on because no one in
a position of authority has the gumption, not even
the sense of responsibility or decency, to stand up
and say that whether you agree with revisionists or
not, they have a right to speak their piece, and
they have a right to do so unmolested. But so far,
only silence.

  This is a serious problem. If David Cole can be
threatened because he is a Jew, then we are not far
away from the time when someone else will be
threatened: maybe someone like you. And threats
always end up in noisy violence and tragedy.

  There are two things that people can do who are
concerned about the total breakdown of tolerance
and reasoned debate that the JDL article
represents. One is to champion a hearing for the
revisionist position, right or wrong, but just
because we, as Americans, won't stand for
intimidating anyone. The other thing we can do is
stand up, dig in our heels, and say, that if
someone wants to know when this campaign of silence
and veiled death threats should stop, then they
should know, that it should stop where it is."


"David Cole caves in and recants"
Thought for the Day, often repeated but seldom followed:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

(Edmund Burke, 1729 - 1797)

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