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February 11, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Continuing with the "David Cole Defection" series - here is Part VI:

There was no way around it: The David Cole Defection was a disturbing and hurtful development for the Revisionist cause. Blatant terror was used to short-circuit a successful information outreach campaign. It seriously damaged the Bradley Smith work on U.S. college campuses that was going so well for a while.

When I talked to Ernst shortly thereafter and asked for his input and advice on how to handle this volatile situation, he suggested that I simply put the two letters - the JDL threat and David Cole's response - side by side and let intelligent people draw their own conclusions.

We do not know what was said or maybe even done to David Cole to cause his incredibly groveling letter. Even people ambivalent about David's role and intentions within the Revisionist movement admit that it doesn't sound like David and is not in line with the courageous Revisionist work he has done. Whatever else might be said of David Cole - and many people did express reservations about his being in our camp from the beginning and resented that many leading Revisionists had trusted him and backed him - here was a highly sensitive and articulate young writer who knew better than to snivel all over the place. The David Cole we knew was a proud young man in superb control of his language. We believe on his own he would have found very different words to express that he had had a change of heart - if that was indeed what it was!

I did not comment on the David Cole matter at the time. I decided to wait and let CODOH have the first word. Meanwhile, Ernst asked that I send the following to our "inner circle" friends to let his friends know where he stood:
"Jewish Revisionist David Cole has been under severe threats and repeated acts of terror and persecution from organizations and individuals inside his own Jewish community. He used to have to ask his local Negro friends to act as his body guards when he made appearances.

"David has not been well lately, and his mother is apparently gravely ill, which might have been contributing factors in his abject rejection and apology to the leader of the JDL, Irv Rubin. David acts and talks like one of the accused at one of Stalin's famous "Purge Trials" in the late 1930s - self-accusatory, groveling, profusely apologizing etc. A hallmark of Stalin's victims!

"There is too much at stake for Revisionism for us to make a few off-the-cuff remarks about this matter and state smugly, as some have already stated to me, ". . . you see, I told you, you simply cannot trust a Jew!"

"In my opinion, and as all of my friends know, I am no stranger to defections and recanting of associates - even my own wife, so very recently! The David Cole matter deserves careful analysis of all the facts, not just hunches or falling back on our own prejudices and ethnic stereotypes.

"We would do a fundamental injustice to the man David Cole and the cause of Revisionism - and we would, out of a knee-jerk reaction, misread one of the most dangerous developments to the Revisionist movement. Make no mistake about it!

"As Revisionist leaders, we here in North America are increasingly experiencing individual targeting of top echelon writers and activists in our Revisionist camp by people who employ the "animal squads" - such as the Jewish Defense League, Betar Tagar, Leftist street thugs like the ARA, arsonists, bombers etc., to terrorize their targets, based obviously on personality profiles, life circumstance information, financial and family situation information, psychiatric and health profiles etc.

"I have observed that with increasing alarm over the last two years and alluded to it in my German and English newsletters. My wife's behavior and how the Toronto Intelligence cops and Jewish sources as well as lawyers of the Human Rights Commission handled the situation and Irene's testimony, confirms this pattern. Believe me!

"We're facing a new and more dangerous situation. I am asking for input and a thoughtful, measured response."

Ernst Zündel

CODOH, too, wrote in a similar vein:
"David Cole renounced Holocaust revisionism and all of the work that he had done for the cause of historical truth. Many people are wondering what happened. What brought on this change of heart? From all appearances it was a result of threats made against him by the Jewish Defense League (JDL).

"In response to his public comments that there are serious flaws in the popularly accepted quasi-historical accounts of the Holocaust, they launched a campaign of hate against him that produced an old-fashioned signed statement of recantation. This campaign included a vicious and threatening diatribe, "Monstrous Traitor," that offered a reward for his home address and was posted on the JDL Website for some weeks or months. When Cole offered them a statement of reversal of the offending opinions, they took down the page aimed at inciting violence toward him and replaced it with the statement of acceptable thought. The JDL used terror tactics openly, and it worked.

"Intolerance, threats and force are not typically a good atmosphere in which to find truth. Irrespective of this encounter with intellectual muggers, his work will stand or fall on its own merits in the long term. The film "David Cole interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper" is every bit as valid now as it was prior to the strong-arm intimidation of the man who made it.

"The conclusions of David Cole's film have been confirmed recently in Robert Jan Van Pelt and Deborah Dwork's, "Auschwitz: 1270 to the Present." According to Van Pelt and Dwork:

"Visitors [to Auschwitz] are not told that the crematorium they see is largely a postwar reconstruction." (p.363)

CODOH awaits Van Pelt and Dwork's retraction, but will not be holding its breath in the meantime."

CODOH also wrote:
"Meanwhile, the two Jewish agencies who make it their business to defend Jewish people, the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, were silent throughout this episode and continue to be silent. Apparently from a desire to protect their favorite martyrology, these two Jewish groups have allowed a Jewish man to be intimidated, even humiliated, for his past words and deeds. This sets a remarkable precedent. These agencies have just indicated that if you are a Jew they will only protect you if they like what you say about the Holocaust. No more unconditional support for Jews."

Tomorrow: "The Other Shoe Dropped"

Thought for the Day:

"Did you ever see the lamb attack the wolf and gobble it down?"

(Jean Raspail in "The Camp of the Saints")

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