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February 13, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Three points still need to be made: 1) What does the David Cole defection really mean? 2) How do we mop up? and 3) Where do we go from here?

It's been a couple of weeks since I sketched out these ZGrams, and I must say that the fall-out from this development has been far more subdued, for less dramatic than I had actually expected. I expected our friends to be furious with Ernst and critical of him for having backed David for so long against the many expressions of caution that must have come his way.

I expected our enemies to dance the hora in the streets when David finally recanted, as they did on the sidewalk outside the Zundel-Haus after the arson almost three years ago. There were a handful of people in our camp who intensely disliked David and said so - and many, I among them, who viewed him with a rather jaundiced eye. A few of our senior leaders, however, backed David to the end, and Ernst was one of them.

Yet very little response from friend or foe has been forthcoming. A few people wrote in and said "I told you so!". I know the JDL posted a gloating follow-up, but other than that, very little reaction from ***any** quarters, so far.

Nonetheless, a post-mortem is in order, and so I will run by you another part of the February Power letter where Ernst explained this matter to his supporters:
"Some of (David Cole's) critics now say, of course, that he was only a star because he was one of the few Jewish Revisionists. That's only partly true, for I have known all kinds of Jewish Revisionists-Joseph Ginzburg, Haviv Shiever, Benjamin Friedman, Dr. Dommergue, Jack Bernstein-all of whom dealt with some Revisionist aspects, topics, or specialty. But there will always be only one David Cole. Of course he had studied the greats of Revisionism from Rassinier to Butz, from Walendy to Weber to Dr. Faurisson, and he built on what they had found. But there was something about (David's) approach and his personality that made people sit up and listen.

In time David began to realize the immense hatred and backlash he was causing in his own community, and I began to detect signs of withdrawal, of pulling inward, of isolation even. I felt helpless, for he was obviously trying to come to terms with his own life, work, and future.

On several occasions I was told that he was less than complimentary about me in public and private, but I certainly understood that survival for David meant that he had to distance himself from me. That had happened before with others-John Ball publicly dissociated himself from me when the media confronted him with his Zündel-association during an election campaign, and many others, from David Irving to Dr. Butz, have done the same over the years to some degree. Sometimes I have felt a little like "Christ in the Olive Grove" when even his closest disciples denied knowing him!

When Mike Wallace triumphantly heaved David's disavowal of me in my face during the infamous "60 Minutes" interview, I told Wallace that if I had been a young Jew in David's shoes, looking at the forces arrayed against me, I myself might have been tempted to deny myself. That took Wallace aback. Needless to say, my statement in defense of David did not get broadcast. But I still had to say it, for I understood, maybe better than any living person on earth, what pressure these Holocaust terrorists can bring to bear on a person-and I was only a goy! I know that hell has no fury like the hate unleashed by Jewish activists against a Jew who dares to step out of line.

I know what happened to Max Lipson, my Jewish friend, how he was literally driven to a mental breakdown and had himself voluntarily checked into a hospital, just to stop the terror and pain. Recently I had to sit by and watch the self-destruction of a fragile personality, again powerless to intervene, for there are no laws one can invoke to help someone who has reached the breaking point and finds himself or herself beyond the point of return. ... Each case of "going over the deep end"-or whatever imperfect label we want to put on such aberrations, breakdowns, meltdowns, recantations, betrayals, tactical moves borne out of family, financial or emotional considerations-will always be imperfect and flawed explanations, for no one can really ever fathom every impulse, feeling, thought or anxiety of another person.

There are no sure-fire ways and explanations when it comes to human emotions, actions and reactions. Frequently, more often than not, the affected individual does not even comprehend his or her own behavior at the time or later. In Germany, even codified law makes allowance for such conditions and calls them "Affekthandlung"-a word that describes an often illogical, unreasonable act undertaken during a short-circuit, sometimes, it is thought, caused by a malfunctioning of brain chemistry.

I am not a shrink. I have only seen it happen. I am not going to guess what went on in David's mind and soul as he groped his way towards that fateful day when he must have picked up the phone or faxed to Irv Rubin, who had tormented and stalked him, until David broke down and notarized that statement to Rubin. I do not know what transpired in the months, weeks or days before. Therefore, I cannot judge. The two documents (the JDL death threat followed by David's recanting) speak for themselves. Any normal, streetwise, or historically knowledgeable person can, and I am sure will, draw his own conclusions.

One observation and warning I must give to people, and it is simply this: The terror unleashed against a target will not stop by the act of recantation or retraction by the victim. That is only the beginning of the process, it is definitely not the end. After the confession or retraction has been extracted or leveraged out of the victim by the tormentors, there will come at first gentle and then ever more brazen and forcefully delivered requests and demands for other information-names of friends, collaborators, mailing lists, financial information, health status of former collaborators, sexual habits, drug or alcohol habits.

By then, the "recantee" is totally isolated, totally vulnerable, totally in the hands of the people he has recanted to - he has not a real friend left in the world, for his whole former network of colleagues, friends, co-workers and emotional support and infrastructure have disappeared, severed by his own action. Recanting might be considered by the individual a "brave act" at first, but it is nothing compared to what follows like a comet's tail after that first fateful step. (...)

I have appealed to the Revisionist community around the world to remain calm and take this new development in stride. David Cole's revisionist writings and videos speak for themselves. So do the documents which led to his recantation. He now says he has changed his mind-so be it. I changed my mind when I was his age - from a firm believer in the Holocaust to a firm disbeliever. The world did not come to an end.

Revisionism never was, and is not now, dependent on David Cole's findings. The body of evidence which Revisionists of many nationalities and ethnic backgrounds have unearthed over the decades is overwhelming and convincing and reveals the "Holocaust" claims to be fraudulent, unscientific, emotional WWII hate propaganda against the Germans, meant to inflame the basest, most animalistic passions against the German foe in war time. The bringing of David Cole, the Jewish Revisionist, to his knees will not go down in history as a great victory for the Jewish cause. Decent people, Jews and Gentiles, the world over will see the historical parallels to the confessions and recantations obtained from victims during the Stalin Purge Trials, and the testimony of German leaders, soldiers and civilians in the post-war show trials conducted at the behest of the victorious Allies! They will draw their own conclusions.

I still feel empathy for David Cole and wish him well...Many letters from Revisionists around the world in response to this development have shown me that they, too, treasure the memory of a brave young Jew who stood up to his own establishment-for as long as he had the strength to do it.

(Ernst Zundel in Power, February 1998)
Thought for the Day:

"None goes his way alone.
All that we send
into the lives of others,
comes back into our own."

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